What is useful walking


If running is contraindicated for you, there are heart problems, hypertension, problems with joints or ligaments, but you so want to feel like a full-fledged person and have the opportunity to improve your health, but you don’t know where to start, then walking is the very first activity , which you can do without compromising your health.

Walking does not require your ideal state of health, a lot of time, special clothes, venue, weather and great efforts. This is the most democratic form of sports and is available to each of us. When you walk slowly, walking and enjoying the world around you, the processes of rejuvenation and healing of the body take place in your body. Your body becomes stronger and stronger. The body is better able to withstand stress and various diseases. Walking is a great way to combat insufficient physical activity..

Walking instead of drugs

To achieve the benefits of hiking, you should follow a few simple guidelines.

  • Be sure to keep the head and spine in a position where the top point of the head stretches upwards.
  • The chin is lowered and the back of the neck is stretched.
  • Your body is collected and tightened.
  • On the chest in the middle we have to define a point and forward and pull it up.
  • Use actively when walking foot. Be sure to rely on them, push off, evenly distributing the load on the body.

By following these recommendations, you will achieve that walking will begin to further strengthen your health. The effectiveness of hiking, each of you will feel fairly quickly, each will be different. Your body will determine where to start the recovery, and where it will start in the first place. If during walking you concentrate on your feet for a few minutes, then you will feel better.

Proper walking

Walking will easily cope with fatigue and pain in the spine. To do this, you need to take the correct position, which is written above, then start a warm-up stop.

This is done as follows, first you need to straighten one foot, from heel to toe to roll it, trying to feel all its points. Then we straighten the second foot, and repeat the exercises. Then we do rolls first along the main arch of the foot, then along the outer arch of the foot, and finally along the inner surface of the foot. The same is repeated with the second foot. We do everything evenly, gradually, without sudden movements. Try not to allow big breaks between exercises. After 20 minutes, you will feel how your feet warmed up, the spine is stretched automatically, and fatigue and discomfort gradually disappear.

Thanks to walking, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is improved, the overall body tone improves, and the state of health improves. Hiking helps reduce the risk of such terrible diseases as cardiovascular, arthritis and many others.

One of the best and most natural antidepressants are walking. They help get rid of stress, muscle tension. When walking, the mood improves, the body is charged with energy, which it lacks so much in everyday life.

Walking and losing weight

  • If you want to do the process of losing weight, most effectively solve the problem of excess weight, it is with the help of hiking, you need to walk at a fast pace. Remember, you don't have to go so fast to sweat, just walk a little faster than usual when you just walk. The head is proudly raised, with a toe we push off and fall on the heel to strengthen the calf muscles and lower leg. The shape of the legs gets better, and the calories are burned much more.
  • When choosing an area for hiking, stop your choice on a hilly one. Walk through the hilly terrain and your body will work harder, burning extra kilocalories. Thanks to walking walks, the tone of the hips and buttocks, the most problematic areas with excess weight, increases. You can alternate an easy walk with a walking race. Take a moderate step for 15 minutes to warm up your muscles, then move faster for a minute. Reduce the step again by a few minutes, and then increase the step again. This rate of movement must be maintained for 30 minutes.

  • Do not forget about the hands. If the arms and legs move in time with each other, the body will work most efficiently. This will allow you not only to lose those extra pounds, but also to strengthen the stamina of your body. Do not strain your shoulders too much and do not clench your fists, they should be relaxed.
  • To lose weight as quickly and optimally as possible, go in active mode. In this case, walking can be carried out not only in the park or forest, as well as on the beach or in the city center. It is with such activity that up to 89% of all muscles are involved during the walk. To achieve the best effect, take a walk daily. If there is no such possibility, especially it concerns active pedestrian walks, you can limit yourself to walks 3-4 times a week. For the process of losing weight and training the whole body, this will be enough.

Walking does not require serious efforts from you, financial investments and do not have contraindications. They are the safest, cheapest and most affordable way to lose weight and improve health. It remains very little to take its place among healthy people. We dress, shoe comfortable shoes and open the front door. The first step has already been taken, everything else depends on you. Read about the many other benefits that walking provides in the article The Benefits of Hiking.

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