What is useful peas


Peas are one of the foods that almost everyone eats. It can be eaten fresh, canned and boiled. It contains a lot of nutrients. Peas can improve brain function, prevent the development of many diseases and help in the process of losing weight.

The healing composition of peas

  • Pea contains in its composition natural sugar, which helps improve brain activity and memory.
  • It contains essential amino acids, starch, vegetable fat and enzymes.
  • Peas are rich in carbohydrates, saturated fatty acids and dietary fiber.
  • Of the vitamins, peas contain the following vitamins: A, E, H, group B, beta-carotene and PP.
  • It is rich in magnesium and sodium, potassium and calcium, phosphorus and sulfur, contains zinc and manganese, iodine and iron, selenium and fluorine, nickel and silicon, aluminum and titanium.

The benefits of peas for the body

  • Peas are able to normalize the work of the digestive organs and get rid of intestinal problems.
  • Frequent consumption of peas will help reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Peas have a stimulating effect on the increase in regeneration in organs and tissues.
  • Peas will be useful for the treatment of skin diseases. To do this, it makes gruel, which you need to add egg white and stir thoroughly. The resulting mixture must be applied externally to purulent wounds, boils, acne, erysipelas and eczema. For this may come pea flour.

Who is good for peas?

Peasuseful to all. It is especially important for people engaged in physical labor and leading an active lifestyle. It will help to transfer loads easier, increase efficiency and provide the body with energy. During Christian fasting, peas are able to provide the body with all the necessary micronutrients.

Cooking peas

Porridge and soups, kissels and pies, noodles and mashed potatoes are made from peas. It is used as a filling for pancakes and pies, as well as germinated. Try to make Pea Puree - a dish of beauty and health. If you need to cook peas in a hurry, you will help article How to quickly cook peas.

Types of peas

Peas are of several types: shelling, sugar and brain.

  • Sugar grade is eaten fresh, frozen and canned.
  • Shelling peas are used only for cooking soups and porridges. But then it turns out very tasty, thick and fragrant soups.
  • But the brain varieties are used for canning. They are the most delicious.

The use of peas in traditional medicine

  • Peas contain nicotinic acid, which helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.In order to provide the body with the daily norm of nicotinic acid, you need to eat only 0.5 cups of fresh peas. Together with niacin and vitamin PP, it can prevent atherosclerosis, asthma and cancer.
  • Daily use of peas will improve heart function, reduce the likelihood of hypertension and heart attack. It will not allow the accumulation of bile and prevent the formation of blood clots.
  • In diabetes, tuberculosis, you must include peas in your diet.
  • In the treatment of diseases associated with immune and nervous disorders, peas will also be useful.
  • Peas have a mild diuretic effect, activating fat metabolism, so that it will be useful for the process of losing weight. Developed and a special pea diet.

  • If you suffer from heartburn, it is enough to eat 4 fresh peas, to reduce negative symptoms. If desired, you can soak dry peas.
  • If you take 1 teaspoon of flour from the peas, drinking water, you can alleviate the condition of diabetes, prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis and reduce headache.
  • Peas can improve brain nutrition and metabolism.
  • For the treatment of urolithiasis a decoction of beans, peas and its leaves is prepared. Such a decoction will have a strong diuretic effect, help crush the stones and remove them with urine. To make it, peas need to be harvested when it starts to bloom. After that, add beans to it, and pour everything with cold water. Boil for 10 minutes, then leave for 30 minutes, strain and cool. Broth take 3 weeks to 2 tbsp. spoons 4 times a day.

Pea in cosmetology

Women who often eat peas stay fresh and beautiful longer.

You can make green peas mask for the neck and face of normal and dry skin. To prepare it, take 1 tbsp. a spoon of flour from dry peas, 1 tsp of egg yolk and vegetable oil. Stir all the ingredients and apply on the neck and face area. After 30 minutes, wash with warm water. For oily skin in the preparation of the mask used protein, rather than the yolk.

How to cook and eat peas?

Peas practically no contraindications. If there is an upset stomach in the form of bloating or flatulence, you can neutralize the negative effects of peas, eating it with dill and fennel. So you can cope with excessive gas.

For proper cooking peas, it should be soaked. If water boils away, add warm water to make the peas tasty. If you cook under a closed lid over low heat, the peas will retain a lot of useful substances. Salt the peas a few minutes until done. To make mashed potatoes without lumps, peas need to knead as soon as it is cooked.

Peas contain a large amount of antioxidants. All substances in its composition have healing properties.. To be healthy and always look spectacular, include peas in your diet.

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