What is useful corn porridge


Cornmeal has always been a special honor. Whole cultures in the history of mankind have been nourished by this cereal! To this day, corn is loved by fans, not only for its pleasant golden color, but also for its valuable taste. What is useful corn porridge and how to cook it?

Composition and useful properties

Corn and corn grits

Corn came to us from Mexico, where this grass was called "maize." The Indians made porridge, bread, soups. Today corn appears in salads and even in bread. However, the most common dish of sweet grains remains porridge.

The beneficial properties of corn porridge, which have long been known, are largely determined by its chemical composition:

  • vitamins of group B, A, E, PP, H;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • magnesium;
  • sulfur;
  • boron;
  • copper;
  • vegetable proteins;
  • unsaturated fatty acids;
  • silicon;
  • beta carotene.

Corn grits can not be called low-calorie: 100 g of ready-made porridge contains 330 kcal. However, this does not prevent some people from including it in a weight loss program - due to the positive effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

The grass participates in the therapeutic nutrition of people with celiac disease (bowel disease, in which there is no production of certain enzymes). Unlike many cereals, corn does not contain gliadin, gluing the villi of the intestines and making it difficult to digest food.

corn porridge with cheese

Due to the unique composition of chemicals, corn porridge is effective in preventing and treating disorders in the work of many internal organs:

  • B vitamins have a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system;
  • Vitamin E is useful for the growth of children, in adults it improves the quality of hair, nails, gives the skin freshness and youth;
  • vitamin A stimulates the immune system, improves eyesight;
  • silicon puts in order the work of the digestive tract, strengthens the teeth and bones;
  • phosphorus has a good effect on the work of the nervous system;
  • fiber helps to rid the body of toxins;
  • cleans the intestines;
  • removes fats;
  • normalizes the work of the heart and blood vessels.

Is corn porridge good for babies? This question can be answered positively. Cornmeal is recommended to enter into the diet of children from 9 months. It lacks gluten (gluten), which causes allergies, so you can safely give porridge even to the youngest people with allergies.

Is there any harm to corn porridge?

harm from corn porridge

Despite the beneficial properties of corn porridge, do not abuse it. In large quantities, it can adversely affect the body:

  • washes calcium. Phosphorus in the croup in large quantities promotes the leaching of calcium from the bones, as a result of which they become brittle;
  • violates the acidity of the stomach. Due to the sodium content in the cereal there is a danger of increasing acidity. In this regard, corn porridge is not recommended for people with a stomach ulcer and babies up to 9 months;
  • contributes to obesity. Although corn cleans the intestines, porridge from it is very nutritious. It may be useful to people suffering from exhaustion, but patients with obesity do not need to get involved in it.

Separately, it is worth mentioning such a tasty and beloved product by children as cornflakes. In them, the sodium content is increased several times and reaches 600 mg, which adversely affects the state of the stomach.

Corn porridge: how to cook?

The unique property of corn is its ability to retain its beneficial properties even after heat treatment. To porridge brought maximum benefit, you need to properly cook it.

Traditional recipe

corn porridge benefit


  • 1 incomplete Art. corn grits;
  • 2 tbsp. water and milk;
  • 3 tbsp. l Sahara;
  • 1 tsp. salts;
  • 50 g butter.


  1. Grout pour water into the pan and put on fire.
  2. Milk can be heated in a separate container to make sure it is fresh, and then add to the porridge.
  3. Add sugar, salt.
  4. When the porridge boils, cook for another half hour.
  5. Let it stand for 30-40 minutes.
  6. Put a piece of butter.

There is another way of cooking. It is more labor-intensive, but the porridge is crumbly, without lumps.

  1. Water and milk pour into the bowl.
  2. Boil and add cereal.
  3. Boil for a quarter of an hour, stirring constantly.
  4. Put the porridge in a pot without a lid and bake in the oven at a temperature of 90-100 degrees for an hour.

Porridge in a multivariate

corn porridge with tomatoes


  • 1 dimensional Art. corn grits;
  • 2.5 Art. water;
  • salt, sugar;
  • 60-80 grams of butter.


  1. Pour the cereal into the multicooker bowl.
  2. Cover with cool water.
  3. Put on the mode "Krupa" and cook for half an hour.
  4. If the croup turns out to be not crumbly enough for you, you can put it for another 10 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees.
  5. Add butter.

Few secrets

Cornmeal with shrimps

To make porridge really tasty and healthy, let's open a few secrets.

  • Before placing the cereal into the dishes, rinse thoroughly.
  • In the process of cooking, so that the porridge does not burn, you need to stir it regularly.
  • For cooking it is better to take a pot with a thick bottom or a cast-iron cauldron.
  • Too thick a dish can be diluted with yogurt, dried fruit.
  • Goes well with cereal cheese, sweet peppers, tomatoes, fried vegetables, mushrooms.

Now that you know what corn porridge is good for and how to cook it properly, it will surely become a regular guest at your table. A nutritious dish, pleasing the view, will give you not only a storehouse of vitamins, but also aesthetic enjoyment with its golden, cheerful color.