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Any deterioration - from headaches to severe nausea and pain - causes concern to the person, especially if there is no accurate understanding of the prerequisites for this. And if the minute weakness can go unnoticed, the long-term symptoms of an unknown disease make life very difficult. What are the reasons why girls feel sick and dizzy, and what can cause such a condition in a child? How dangerous are these symptoms?

The main prerequisites for nausea and dizziness

prerequisites for nausea and dizziness

Any of these symptoms, either alone or in tandem, may accompany more than 10 diseases, so it is simply impossible to diagnose based on them only. For a true understanding of the exact cause of the words "dizzy and weakness" is not enough: you should be able to tell how long this condition lasts, which still bothers (or does not bother). Only taking into account these moments, as well as answers to additional questions, can we try to determine what was to blame.

  • The most frequent and in some way harmless cause of weakness and dizziness is overwork, often caused by high mental stress during lack of sleep and rest. At the same time, there may be a loss of concentration, the inability to solve simple tasks, as well as nausea, light tremor of the limbs, chills.
  • The same symptoms are characteristic of a drop in blood pressure, but there are already more prerequisites for it: overwork before magnetic storms (in individuals with meteorological dependence). It is possible to make such a diagnosis only with the help of a tonometer. Often, a decrease in pressure is accompanied by heaviness in the limbs, as if forces for movement are lost, as well as drowsiness.
  • Hypoglycemia - or a sudden burning (zeroing) of blood sugar levels can provoke not only nausea and dizziness, but also loss of consciousness, a tremor, an irrational sense of panic.

These causes of nausea and dizziness are often situational and are eliminated without medical intervention: sometimes it is enough to drink a mug of hot tea with a large amount (2-3 tsp per 200 ml of liquid) sugar, eat a serving of chocolate or any carbohydrate (fast) product, to greatly alleviate the condition. But to prevent a repetition of the situation, you should adjust your daily routine and nutrition.

  • A sudden change in body position sometimes leads to darkening in the eyes, loss of orientation in space, and dizziness. The reason for this - a violation of blood circulation, weakness of blood vessels, not having time to relax or shrink.
  • Sunstroke is also able to cause a deterioration of health, in which a headache often appears, and vomiting may occur.

Separately, it should be said that these symptoms manifest themselves during emotional overload and during strong excitement, which is accompanied by a vegetative reaction: sweating, poor circulation in the limbs, panic attack. Moreover, doctors attribute to this category of causes even a positive emotional outburst.

What causes a prolonged deterioration of the condition?

causes of nausea and vertigo

All of the above prerequisites for nausea and dizziness are situational, mostly not having a serious continuation and resolving within a few hours or days. They should not cause much concern for health, although they can signal some internal disturbances at the initial stage. But what if you are very dizzy and sick for a few hours or even days?

  • Violations of blood flow due to problems with the spine (including the cervical region) - the most common prerequisite. One of the main diseases of our time - osteochondrosis - occurring not only in adults but also in adolescents, among the most pronounced symptoms has headache, loss of orientation, nausea, rolling waves.
  • Pregnancy, especially trimester 1, is often accompanied by toxemia, and dizziness may be present due to the lack of a number of trace elements or the usual loss of strength. The reason is not the most common, but perhaps the most innocuous, if we talk about a long-term problem.
  • Brain diseases caused by tumors and encephalitis, already at the initial stage can manifest themselves in this way. Suspicion of them usually appears when the condition does not stabilize during the week and is complicated by vomiting, constant headache, impaired consciousness.
  • Heart failure, coronary heart disease and other problems of the cardiovascular system have among their symptoms dizziness, which is accompanied by the inability to make full breaths and exhalations, pain sensations in the left side of the chest.
  • Intoxication of any etiology, as well as hepatitis, is most often manifested as severe nausea, but it can also be complicated by poor coordination, pale skin, sweating, and pain in the epigastric region.

Often, young parents are interested in whether there is a difference - is it dizzy and sick of a child, or does it happen to an adult? The reasons for any age category are often almost identical if we exclude the possibility of pregnancy, since even the diseases listed in the last block do not make discounts on age.