What is prescribed actovegin

The most prescribed remedy for disorders of cerebral circulation - Actovegin. What is it prescribed for and is it a good medicine? These questions concern all patients, especially the expectant mothers and parents of the children who were recommended to him. The drug is used for serious diseases, so it does not hurt to learn more about its properties.

Origin, purpose, action

for violations of cerebral circulation - Actovegin

Actovegin - a drug that affects metabolic processes. It is produced by the Austrian company Nycomed. It is made on the basis of drawing blood of calves. Since the drug has a natural component in its composition, it is safe for both adults and children and does not have a serious negative effect on the body. It is well tolerated by adults and young patients.

What exactly is the effect of taking this medication? It activates the intracellular and general metabolism (due to the fact that it accelerates the transfer of oxygen and glucose), normalizes anabolism (the process of absorption of substances) and increases blood circulation.

This pharmacological agent has a decent experience of use. It is widely used in ophthalmology, neuropathology, cardiology. It helps pregnant women have a healthy baby. Available in the following versions:

  • 5% ointment in a tube of 20 g;
  • gel 20% in a tube (20 g);
  • cream 5% in a 20-gram tube;
  • oval tablets of 100 pcs. in a jar;
  • composition for injection - ampoules of 2.5 and 10 ml;
  • solution for infusion use 10 and 20% with saline (250 ml vial).

Thus, this drug can be used orally, externally and vukolah.

Why do adults prescribe Actovegin?

There are many pathologies for which Actovegin is indicated. Why is this medicine prescribed for adults? It is on the list of drugs prescribed for the following diseases:

  • any metabolic and vascular pathologies in the GM (brain hypertension) and TBI;
  • hypertension;
  • ischemic stroke;
  • increased intraocular pressure;
  • senile dementia;
  • weeping and trophic ulcers with varicose veins;
  • thermal, solar, chemical burns;
  • injuries and radiation damage to the skin; mucosal inflammation;
  • damage to the organs of vision;
  • bedsores (and to prevent them).


What do adults prescribe Actovegin

Depending on the form, the medicine is used in such dosages:

  • tablets: 1-2 capsules in 3 doses before meals. They should be taken whole and washed down with a small amount of liquid;
  • injections. Depending on the patient's condition, the initial dose is 10 to 20 ml, then it is reduced to 5 ml. Injections are made once a day, intravenously or intramuscularly (the drug must be administered slowly);
  • dropper. They put 1 p. per day or 2-3 times a week. A single dose is 250 ml. To drip the solution should be with a speed of 2 to 3 ml per minute. The treatment course includes 10-20 procedures. It is allowed to do them only in the hospital, because there is a danger of severe allergic reaction, even anaphylactic shock. Be sure to control water-electrolyte balance;
  • gel. It helps heal ulcers and wounds. If a person has suffered from radiation or thermal burn, then the agent is applied on the skin surface with a thin layer. For the treatment of ulcers, the gel is applied more densely, after which a compress with Actovegin ointment is applied to the affected area;
  • ointment. It promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues and shortens their healing time. To do this, it is enough to apply a small portion of the wound, pressure sores or ulcers;
  • eye gel. It is used as follows: a drop of a product is squeezed out of a tube, gently applying it on the eyelid 2-3 p. per day.

Why is pregnant Actovegin?

If you drink medicine, when something hurts or bothers, then no questions arise. But then the future mother feels good, and Actovegin is prescribed to her during pregnancy. Why is this remedy prescribed, if it seems that nothing extraordinary happened? A woman begins to doubt the feasibility of its use.

No doubt, the doctor did everything right! There are many indications (related precisely to the particular position of the woman) to the use of the drug Actovegin. What is this medicine prescribed for pregnant women? It will help with such problems with carrying a child:

  • with placental insufficiency (if more simply, it is oxygen starvation);
  • if a pregnant woman has diabetes, asthma, varicose veins, then Actovegin is necessary for her to avoid dangerous complications;
  • if the future mother had already had miscarriages or gestation had a poor outcome;
  • if fragmentary detachment of the ovum or placenta occurs;
  • with gestosis in the second half of pregnancy.

But even if such problems are not found, anyway Actovegin may be needed during pregnancy. Why is it prescribed to future mothers in the absence of a pathological course of gestation? Usually, the appointment indicates that the woman has problems with blood circulation. But this drug is not for nothing called "vitamin." It supports the body of a woman who is forced to work for two, and has the most beneficial effect on the development of the infant. It is prescribed for the purpose of prophylaxis in order to help the baby to adapt to childbirth, or in the early stages of pregnancy to improve arterial and venous blood flow.

Why is pregnant Actovegin

Pregnant women have another question: if there is an actovegin pill, then why are injections given? Although the drug is natural, yet delivering it to the body through injections, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, minimizes the load on the digestive system and insures against side effects from these organs. The injection method allows to achieve a more rapid effect from the action of the drug. This is necessary, for example, if there is a threat of spontaneous abortion.

The use of Actovegin for those who are in a happy expectation of a baby is that it stimulates the metabolism, increases the concentration of oxygen and glucose in the tissues, improves the blood supply to the placenta. That is, the baby, who grows up in my mother's tummy, will get more nutrition and oxygen.

Dosage for pregnant women

If Actovegin is prescribed in pills for a woman in the position, then the daily dose is 1 trick of 1–3 p. per day for several weeks. Very often it is used as an intravenous or intramuscular injection. The optimal dose is selected by an obstetrician-gynecologist.

In critical situations, treatment begins with 10-20 ml, gradually reduce the amount of the drug to 5 ml, and then proceed to taking the pills.

Standard therapy and rescue techniques: Actovegin for young patients

It would seem that children need such an "adult" drug as Actovegin? However, this medicine is often used to treat them. As a rule, it is written by a neurologist. Indications for appointment are: the child’s lag in neuropsychic development, problems with mastering the school curriculum. In addition, with the help of this medication, the symptoms of PNS (perinatal damage of the nervous system in newborns) are eliminated. This drug is used in pediatrics and to eliminate the effects of TBI (and head injuries are far from uncommon for children).

Since Actovegin's shots are quite painful, the tablet form is more suitable for children. Usually the neurologist recommends taking 1 tab. per day. But if this drug is used for treating children with regurgitation and vomiting, then it is necessary to inject it parenterally - by intramuscular or intravenous infusion.

If the patient is a newborn, the dosage will be as follows: 0.4-0.5 ml per kg of body weight, one injection per day (intramuscular or intravenous). For children from one year to three years - 0.4-0.5 ml / kg once a day; from 3 to 6 years - 0, 25-0.4 ml / kg; from 6 to 12 years old - from 5 to 10 ml per day and for children whose age is more than 12 years - 10-15 ml per day.

Since Actovegin's injection is very painful, children combine it with Novocain. Pre-done skin test to exclude an allergic reaction.

Who will not appoint Actovegin and what harm can it cause?

Who will not appoint Actovegin and what harm can it cause

Despite the fact that the drug is made on the basis of the natural component, it can cause adverse reactions. In the treatment of possible such troubles:

  • excessive sweating;
  • allergic manifestations;
  • feeling of blood rushing to the head;
  • temperature rise;
  • in children, redness of the sclera and tearing;
  • itchiness

To reduce the likelihood (or avoid altogether) of such problems, before using the medication, especially in the injections, one should check the sensitivity to its active ingredients.

It is forbidden to use Actovegin for the treatment of patients suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, pulmonary edema and diabetes mellitus. Breastfeeding is also a contraindication. You can not make injections Actovegin those who have detected fluid retention in the body or high content of chlorine and sodium in the blood.

Actovegin has long earned a reputation as a highly effective and reliable tool. Neither the doctors nor the patients make any claims to him. To many, he helped literally stand up. Nevertheless, it can not be drunk without the appointment and knowledge of the doctor: it is far from a harmless drug, which is drunk as a "vitamin".

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