Vladimir fructorian


Vladimir's family fully supports his lifestyle. Thanks to fruitorialism, Vladimir found new friends, recovered from his illness, and even found a new hobby - carving (curly tenderloin of vegetables and fruits).



How did you find out about the new food?

Vladimir:When in 2008 I realized that death is a completely non-mandatory program for the human body, I really wanted to share it with everyone. I found a suitable forum and started talking about it there. In the process of this communication, I met with raw foodists, who gave all the information they had about raw food, dispelled the myths about a balanced diet. As a result, I received answers to all the questions of physiology that I had from the time I received medical education until that moment.

What made you decide to move?

Vladimir:First of all, he switched to raw foods out of curiosity and the thirst for freedom. The disease was, but did not play a decisive role, although, of course, it was pleasant when the doctor on the re-examination of the abdominal ultrasound, (after 3 months of syromonoedeniya) asked me: "What did you come for?". I was confused and answered: "And you look at the card." After the doctor read the notes from the previous examination made by her own hand, she asked hopefully in her voice: “Well, have you been treated?”, I replied: “Of course!”. Then she said with obvious relief: "Well, you see how it helped you!" I agreed, but did not say that I had been treated for 15 years, but 3 months of syromonoedy helped.

How did you make the transition?

Vladimir:In the afternoon I ate borscht, and in the evening I had only apples and bananas. Please do not repeat this. In my experience, I realized that it is better to make the transition gradually.

How long have you been on a new kind of food?

Vladimir:I switched to raw foods on 29.08.2008.

Were there any "breakdowns" when you returned to your previous steps or did you allow yourself one time to eat something that you refused?

Vladimir:“Disruption” is rather a psychological term than a physiological one. I did not have any disruptions, since I didn’t use willpower at all to switch to a new diet. When, instead of one result, I got another, I began to change tactics, to conduct my personal experiments, which gave me a more complete picture of my body, its condition at the moment, and food in general. Perhaps because I didn’t go on gradually, but immediately, to return to the same level, physiologically, is not possible. Although, I tried to eat vegan or vegetarian food, it does not work, the body’s resistance is too strong.

Were there any side effects?

Vladimir:To date, according to my information, the biggest drop in weight, relative to height, among raw foodists, has happened to me. With an increase in 190cm my weight was 52kg. If you take the common formula of the norm: Height-100 = Weight, it turns out to be 38kg less.

What good things have happened in your life in connection with the transition?

Vladimir:I felt freer and saw the road to even greater freedom. The rest, of course, is also good, but I will not enumerate everything now; you can open any raw food forum and read what happens to the body during raw food eating. I can only say that I live without an operation, without which I could not live to see the end of 2008.

How did you fight public opinion?

Vladimir:With public opinion did not fight. One friend supported, he said: "This is great and right, but for now I will not eat like this." All the others were against it, many are still against it and are considered crazy. I found real support only among new friends I met thanks to our project GIFT EDEMA.

How much more do you plan to eat like this?

Vladimir:Now I'm a fruitarian, 75-80% of the diet is fruit and greens. I can't eat anymore, the body does not take dead food. In a small amount, it will still digest, but if it begins to repeat, a categorical refusal follows. So, either I will eat raw plant foods, or I will not eat. In addition, my wife is a raw food eater, a son with her mother’s milk, the eldest daughter eats what she wants, periodically syroedit. She appeared in the period when I was on a traditional diet, and she accordingly also switched to it after the chest. I think she will decide herself what to eat, my task is to transfer my experience.

What advise the most important in your opinion, those who want to become a fruitian?

Vladimir:It must be remembered that when deciding on the transition to alternative food, you take responsibility for everything that happens to you.

As long as you are on a regular diet, you assign this responsibility to doctors, you are not to blame for anything. It is their fault that you are sick, it is their fault that you have not recovered and they are guilty that you died.

After switching to natural food, you will be responsible for everything for this. And you need it?

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