Useful properties of viburnum red and how to use it


Almost any disease can be eliminated by resorting not to traditional medicines and pharmaceutical preparations, but to what grows in the garden. This applies equally to viral infections and to the field of cosmetology: herbs, flowers and berries can replace a number of chemicals. For example, viburnum red deserves a separate discussion, because from it you can extract as much benefit as it does not give any of the most expensive artificial drug.

Viburnum juice: useful properties and methods of use

Viburnum juice: useful properties and method of use

A sprawling bush of viburnum has no useless plots: for the treatment of various diseases, both its leaves and berries, roots and even bark can be used. However, the most often attention is paid to berries, as the most familiar food product. Unlike other parts, they can be eaten without any treatment - just to pluck from the twigs and immediately put in food. In addition, the effect of them is often less pronounced, thus avoiding a number of unpleasant consequences of overdose.

Regardless of the ripeness of the berries, they have a pronounced acidity and a slight bitterness, which lies in the peel. Those who do not like the latter, squeeze the juice out of the berries, throwing off the skin to leave only pure acidity, and occasionally flavor it with sugar or honey. From the point of view of traditional medicine, this, though, reduces the usefulness of viburnum red, but not so much as to talk about the misuse of the product. The juice of viburnum, as well as in their primitive - berries - contains a huge amount of ascorbic acid, a beneficial effect on the immune system. Kalina is the main assistant in the fight against viral infections and the most common cold: only tea based on it can significantly strengthen the body and turn on its defenses. Moreover, it does not matter whether berries are filled with boiling water for such a drink, or 1-2 spoons of juice that is not diluted with sugar fall into the water. Moreover, if you look at the dry figures, then in any citrus vitamin C is significantly less than in the juice of viburnum.

Also in the berries there are many such important vitamins as A and E, which play a role in improving the elasticity of the skin, hair and nails. The fact of the presence of vitamin P, minerals in the face of potassium, vital to the heart, phosphorus - for bones and teeth, copper - for blood elements, magnesium, iodine, iron, etc. is important. Separate mentioning deserve tannins, sugars and pectins, leveling chemical poisoning and reduce the side effects of allergic reactions. As a result, such a rich set of nutrients in the juice of viburnum leads to the fact that it can boast a choleretic and wound-healing (for internal organs) effect. In addition, his merit is great in the process of creating new blood cells, stimulating the appetite, stopping internal bleeding and calming the inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, ulcers, etc. As part of a whole medical complex, viburnum juice can also help with hepatitis, as well as liver problems.

As a prophylaxis and for the purpose of general strengthening, the juice from the berries of viburnum is diluted with water, adding only 4 tbsp to 200 ml of water. juice. The resulting drink can be consumed as ordinary tea, but you can increase the concentration by taking 8 tbsp. juice, and then these 200 ml are divided into 4 parts, which are drunk for 10-15 minutes. before meals. If you wish, you can add sugar or honey.

What are the bones of viburnum?

The benefits of viburnum seeds are much less often said, which is completely unfair: in this seemingly suitable only for recycling some important substances for the body no less than in the pulp of the berries or even the bark from the bush. In particular, viburnum bones have a positive effect on the digestive process: it is almost the only means by which one can restore the digestive tract work even to small children, without fear of negative consequences. To this end, 1 tbsp. 200 ml of boiling water are poured into dried, but not ground, seeds and put them in a warm place - best of all, in an oven for 45-60 minutes. The dosage of broth depends on the age of the baby. Moreover, in addition to the main chain of the stomach and intestines, viburnum bones improve the functionality of the liver and pancreas, and when used in its pure form (10-15 pieces / day) can even remove kidney stones.

Those who try to cheer up in the morning are advised to try natural “coffee” from viburnum seeds: unlike traditional coffee, such a drink will not overload the cardiovascular system, but, on the contrary, will strengthen it. At the same time, oven-dried and ground viburnum seeds have a tonic effect, and therefore contribute to the awakening and energy supply no worse than the more usual caffeine.

The healing power of viburnum with honey

Kalina with honey: useful properties of the product

Not everyone is happy with the bitter-bitter taste of the berries, so they are combined with sweeteners. The most natural and useful, of course, honey. Besides the fact that it changes the taste of the product, it turns out shock tandem, especially for the immune system. The beneficial properties of viburnum with sugar will be much less, so it is used only in the preparation of jam from berries.

Kalina with honey is actively used in the season of infectious diseases for the purpose of prophylaxis, and in the case of activation of infection, as a diaphoretic and diuretic. Also, such a drink perfectly reduces the likelihood of complications of the type of bronchitis and pneumonia. In some cases, the infusion can even relieve asthma attacks.

In addition, if you remember the beneficial properties of honey, we can say that viburnum with honey has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, having a sedative effect. But it is celebrated only in the case when for the infusion used juice from berries, devoid of seeds. After all, as previously mentioned, the latter, on the contrary, tone up. In addition, viburnum with honey can relieve vascular spasm, lower blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscle. To this end, 1 tbsp. the berries are steamed in 250 ml of boiling water and left overnight, wrapped in a towel or other warm cloth. Liquid decanted, filled with 2 tbsp. honey, and drink consumed 3 p / day before meals. Before this, it must be heated.

How to apply cosmetology berries?

If the practical application of viburnum in food for all is already commonplace, then very few people know about the beneficial properties of this berry in the field of cosmetology. Meanwhile, viburnum - a great fighter for the beautiful skin of the face, if you are tormented by increased activity of the sebaceous glands and constant rashes up to acne. For this, viburnum juice is also used, pressed without removing the seeds from the berries: it is not required to be diluted with water - a thick mass should be applied to the zones of inflammation and eruptions and left for the maximum allowable period. If you are at home all day - perfect: you can process the necessary zones with juice in the morning and wash off what remains before bedtime.

To regulate sebum excretion, traditional medicine recommends a mask of viburnum: the fruit crumpled in a mortar is mixed with sour cream in a 1: 1 ratio, the resulting mass is distributed over the face in a dense layer and removed with warm water after 20 minutes.

Dry skin will enjoy a combination of viburnum berries and honey in a ratio of 3: 1 - such a mask should be done 2-3 p / week, completing the course of 15 procedures. Each time they should be completed with a tonic rubbing of the face with an ice cube and your favorite day cream. In addition to nutrition, the mask improves the complexion.

Caution: contraindications!

Contraindications to the use of red viburnum

But even with such an impressive list of useful properties, viburnum, like other natural and chemical products, has some contraindications. However, their list is not as extensive as that of most pharmaceutical preparations.

It is not recommended to use the fruits of viburnum without heat treatment to people with low blood pressure, as well as to those whose blood is prone to fast clotting, and with leukemia. In addition, due to the ability of berries to increase the acidity of gastric juice, people with acidity above the average are prohibited. Despite the positive impact that viburnum has on kidney stones, for other chronic diseases, this berry is also prohibited. But the most serious ban applies to pregnant women: for them viburnum is unacceptable, because it affects the hormones and can lead to premature birth or the appearance of pathologies in the baby.

Otherwise, viburnum - an indispensable tool for your beauty and health, accessible to everyone. A few berries a day will strengthen the cardiovascular system, the bones will improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and the bark of viburnum will regulate the bleeding during menstruation. Be sure to "make friends" with this miracle berry, to forget about the lion's share of health problems!