The ingestion of the simplest microorganisms (Protozoa), for example, Giardia, Trichomonas, causes the development of serious diseases. In order to successfully deal with such infections, special preparations have been developed, including trichopolum. What does this drug treat? In what cases is shown its reception, what you need to know, taking the medicine, will be discussed further.

Why is Trichopol prescribed?

What is appointed trichopol

Trichopolum, the active core of which is the substance metronidazole, affects the protozoa and has an antimicrobial effect. Metronidazole is able to directly interact with the genome of microbial cells, inhibiting the synthesis of foreign proteins and causing their death. The spectrum of bacteria against which Trichopolis is fighting is quite wide, and therefore the drug is sufficiently demanded in medicine.

The drug is effectively absorbed in the intestines, it is characterized by high bioavailability. Food residues in the gastrointestinal tract or gastric hydrochloric acid reduce the biological activity of Trichopol and its concentration in the blood plasma.

The active substance is easily absorbed through the cell membrane, penetrating into organs and tissues. It should be noted that the placenta does not become an obstacle for metronidazole, it easily penetrates into breast milk.

The maximum content of the active substance in the blood plasma is observed 2-3 hours after taking the medicine. The main part of Trichopolum is excreted by the kidneys, a small percentage - by the intestines.

Trichopolis for men

So, the doctor prescribes Trichopolum: what does it treat? In men, such therapy may be caused by the presence of the following infections:

  • Diseases whose pathogens are amoebas (amebiasis, ameba abscess, etc.);
  • Diseases caused by Giardia;
  • Periodontal disease;
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcer (as part of complex therapy);
  • All diseases that are caused by anaerobic pathological microflora;

Metronidazole for women

Similar diseases in women are also treated with trihopol. What is it prescribed for?

  • Inflammatory processes occurring in the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs;
  • Bacterial vaginitis.

And that, and the other Trichopolum is recommended for trichomoniasis, but both partners must undergo treatment, even if the infection was detected in one of them. Otherwise, the partner, who may be the carrier of the disease in the latent phase, will again infect the second.

It is not advisable to treat thrush and gonorrhea with this drug, since uncontrolled treatment can lead to the development of a chronic form of the disease.

In what form produce drug?

In what form appoint trichopol

Forms of prescription drugs may be as follows:

  • Oral (tablets, 250 mg each)
  • Vaginal (suppositories 500 mg)

Take the pill with food or after eating, entirely, without grinding, drinking water. What are the Trichopol pills for, what do they treat?

Trichomoniasis treatment

Treatment is prescribed to both partners. Both men and women take pills orally: either 1 thrice a day, or 2 in the morning and in the evening. Women additionally need to lay suppositories in the vagina. They can be moistened with warm boiled water. Menstruation is not an indication to interrupt treatment.

After a weekly course of treatment has been completed, a break is taken and tests are taken after 3-4 weeks. If, by their results, the partners were cured, then the need for further examinations disappears by itself. If pathological microorganisms are sown at least in one partner, the treatment will need to be repeated.

Bacterial Vaginosis - A Female Problem

Treatment with metronidazole is prescribed only for adult women, vaginal suppositories are laid during the week.

In cases of treatment of amebiasis, amebic hepatitis, giardiasis, the dosage and duration of treatment depend on the age of the patient. Children under 3 years old, as a rule, do not prescribe trichopolum.

Despite the fact that there are in the package Trichopol instructions for use, the doctor should prescribe the tablets and suppositories. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment can cause serious harm to health, to translate the disease into a chronic form, which will be much more difficult to cope with. Often, treatment with metronidazole is combined with the prescription of other drugs, antibiotics that affect aerobic microorganisms. In addition, the drug has a number of contraindications and side effects.

Who should take Metronidazole with caution?

Patients at risk of complications, it is better to refuse treatment with trichopol. These include:

  • Hypersensitivity or individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • Blood disorders (leukopenia);
  • CNS lesions (encephalopathy, epilepsy, etc.);
  • Diseases of the liver, liver failure;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Children's age up to 3 years;

It is strictly forbidden to combine treatment with trichopol with the use of alcoholic beverages. The reaction in the body can cause a sharp deterioration in health, fever, dizziness.

Side effects

Who needs to take metronidazole with caution

  • Dyspepsia, dry mouth, metallic taste on the tongue, stomatitis, mucosal candidiasis;
  • Anemia;
  • Headaches, loss of consciousness;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder, urinary incontinence, its staining in a brown color.

What do the doctor's say?

Anna Konstantinovna, venereologist: "Trichopolum is assigned quite often to both women and men. The scourge of modernity is a free, unregulated sex life, casual relationships are not only fun, but pay for it in the form of unpleasant diseases. Trichomonases are not something rare, unique. Increasingly, young girls who come across a disease turn to us. We need to understand that the drug is really strong, it helps to conquer the disease, but at the same time strikes a blow to the internal organs. I want to appeal to everyone: even if you are treated Trichopolum and again noticed at the unpleasant symptoms do not start self-treatment, see your doctor, hand over analyzes Proper scheme -. that's the key to successful healing "

Leopold Aristarkhovich, surgeon: "My practice is very extensive, I have been doing operations for many years, and Trichopol is not a newfangled pharmacy, this drug has been known for a long time and has proven itself in surgery in the best possible way. We prescribe Trichopol as a prevention of complications before complex operations; in the case of complex abdominal and pelvic abdominal operations. Thus, we manage to minimize the percentage of complications, infection of wounds and suppuration "

Maria Semyonovna, pediatrician: "In pediatric practice, trichopolum is used in extreme cases, each of them weighs the intended benefits and possible harm from the medication. Parents are afraid of prescribing such drugs because they have too many contraindications and side effects. However, there are situations when trichopol saves the child not only health, but also life "

Agnia Lvovna, obstetrician-gynecologist: "The annotation to the drug clearly states that the drug Trichopol is not recommended for pregnant women, it easily overcomes the placental barrier and gets to the fetus. In each particular case, I estimate the perceived harm to the fetus and the risk for the entire pregnancy. If possible, the treatment is prescribed second trimester, when the baby eats at the expense of the placenta, if there is no such possibility, then most often, the pregnancy has to be interrupted. I would like women to have a more responsible attitude to their health, as planned Pregnancy and unborn child. Trichomoniasis, vaginosis, giardiasis and other unpleasant diseases, it is desirable to treat before pregnancy "

Patient Reviews

Trichopol tablets, reviews

Elena, Moscow: "Trichomonads were found in the smear, the doctor prescribed Trichopolum among other drugs. I read the annotation - it became scary, so many side effects! But the doctor reassured me: if the instructions contain many contraindications, side effects, then this indicates that the drug was honestly tested and well studied. I didn’t have any side effects. I took the course, after 3 weeks I took another test - clean! "

Vlad, Minsk: "I drank Trichopol" for the company "with my wife. Gathered to give birth to a child, went for a full examination, the doctor discovered the infection. We live with my wife a long time, trust each other, so there was no relationship, just bought pills and drink according to the regimen. After the retest "

Trichopol tablets, reviews of which are very numerous, are indeed very effective, although not always well tolerated by patients. For women, the vaginal shape is convenient. The most important thing is to stick to the regimen prescribed by the doctor, do not skip medication and do not self-medicate Acceptance of a single dose of a large amount of tempting treatment, but very unfavorable for the liver, kidneys, stomach. It is worth discussing the possible treatment options with your doctor and find the best one. Do not forget that the neglected diseases can be cured much worse than the treatment "hot on the heels".