To increase hemoglobin tablets

Our blood contains many different and useful substances, but hemoglobin makes it really red. It is produced by red blood cells and is part of the red blood balls. And hemoglobin contains proteins - globins, as well as iron-containing elements - hemes, hence its name. Hemoglobin is responsible for saturating the blood with oxygen. Lowering its level in the first place disrupts the immune system, and then even a mild cold can be a source of serious complications.

In this case, use special diets, as well as take to increase hemoglobin tablets.

Norm of hemoglobin and typical signs of its decline

Hemoglobin rate

A clear indicator that determines the level of hemoglobin in the blood, no. It depends on the person's age, gender, the presence of chronic diseases and other individual characteristics. The unit of hemoglobin is grams per liter (g / l). On average, they are guided by the following indicators:

  • men - 130-170 g / l;
  • women - 120-155 g / l.

In pregnant women, given that their body uses iron more actively, the rate is reduced to 110-140 g / l.

A person's condition with low hemoglobin is called anemia or anemia. Such a health problem has external signs:

  • rapid fatigue, drowsiness, shortness of breath and general weakness;
  • headaches and dizziness are possible, sometimes fainting occurs;
  • disturbance of a rhythm of heartbeat, low arterial pressure;
  • lips dry and crack;
  • hair loss, their increased fragility;
  • stratification of the nail plate;
  • tooth decay;
  • insomnia and tinnitus;
  • tongue red, brilliant;
  • in pregnant women, a violation of olfactory function and taste disorder.

If you have such symptoms or you are pregnant and you want to, for example, chew chalk, eat raw minced meat or dough, smell gasoline or acetone, then it’s time for you to change your diet and visit a doctor. This should be done also because anemia can often be a symptom of latent blood loss in diseases such as gastric ulcer, ovarian cyst, uterine myoma.

Pills to increase hemoglobin

Pills to increase hemoglobin

You know that self-treatment is a harm, nevertheless it will be useful to remind: only your doctor can prescribe drugs to increase hemoglobin level in the blood!

As you know, the root cause of anemia is a lack of iron in the blood. Therefore, the basis of treatment is foods with a high iron content and the intake of appropriate drugs.

Preparations containing iron

For drugs that contain iron, include:

  • bivalent iron (II);
  • ferric iron (III);
  • iron protein succinylate;
  • iron (III) polymaltose complex.

After taking these drugs for anemia in the next 5-8 weeks, there is a surge in the reproduction of red blood cells.

From the variety of drugs can be distinguished the most commonly used in medical practice tablets with a prolonged action:

  • Sorbifer Durules;
  • Fenulas;
  • Actiferrin;
  • Irovit;
  • Tardiferon;
  • Heferol;
  • Maltofer;
  • Totem;
  • Ferrograddumet;
  • Hemochelper.

Iron preparations

Also, to increase hemoglobin levels, short-acting tablets are prescribed:

  • Ferrous sulfate;
  • Hematogen (for children);
  • Iron gluconate;
  • Iron Fumarate.

So, the drug Tardiferon reviews mostly has positive. These tablets are indicated for use not only for adults, but also for children over 6 years old, as well as for pregnant women. Most reviews indicate a rapid recovery of hemoglobin levels after the start of taking pills. There is not a word about their side effects.

What can you take pregnant?

The above list of drugs containing iron, you can still continue. In order not to waste your time, let's stop on the most demanded medicine for hemoglobin - Totem. It is completely harmless to pregnant women.

The composition of the drug in addition to iron contains manganese and copper. Iron itself will not fulfill its function in treatment, since both copper and manganese are involved in blood formation. This Totem compares favorably with other iron preparations and is considered one of the most effective, including for the prevention of anemia during pregnancy.

How to increase hemoglobin medication: general rules

How to increase hemoglobin medication

When using drugs to increase hemoglobin levels, consider the following:

  • when choosing a drug, preference should be given to drugs with a high content of iron (as recommended by a doctor);
  • do not take iron-containing pills without medical supervision, as you risk ruining your stomach;
  • with very low hemoglobin, herbal therapy will not help - only drugs;
  • the effect of the drug is successful if hemoglobin increases by 1 g / l per day, and when it is less, the drug requires replacement.

In order to cure the disease, it needs to be diagnosed on time and properly diagnosed, so if you feel any serious deviations from the norm in your body, do not delay the visit to the doctor. However, the best doctor can not cope with the disease, if it is extremely running. Remember: your health is in your hands. Try to undergo a regular physical examination, donate blood for analysis, and then the risk of missing timely treatment is minimized.

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