Tibetan charging


Tibetan exercises consist of 6 Tibetan exercises that will help you maintain vitality, youth and health. Peter Calder told about it back in 1938 in his book The Ancient Secret of Tibetan Lamas. The ritual acts that make up the charge help to reverse the flow of internal time. It helps to restore your energy potential.

Tibetan charging rules

In the first week of class, repeat 3 times one exercise once a day. In each of the next week for 9 weeks, add another 2 times. At the end of week 9, you should do each exercise 21 times. Try to do the exercises in the morning. If you want, you can do it both in the morning and in the evening. In any case, the number of exercises should not be more than 21. If you can not complete the exercises, then try to do the exercises would be 3 times, skipping more than 1 day is undesirable. After charging, try to drink plenty of water.

Tibetan exercises: the first exercise

We are facing north. Keep your back straight. Arms are located at shoulder level to the side. We start the rotation from left to right around its axis in a clockwise direction. Rotate before you feel a little dizzy. In order not to feel it any longer, you can choose a fixed point and fix your eyes on it. But do not overdo it, as soon as you feel a slight dizziness, the rotation must be stopped.

Tibetan exercises: exercise two

We lay down on the back, head to the north, lay a warm carpet. We take a deep breath, stretch our arms along the body, press our palms to the floor, and our fingers are connected. Head up, firmly pressing the chin to the sternum. We continue to inhale and at the same time lift straight legs up vertically. Taz from the floor do not tear off. Try to raise the legs not just up, but lower them towards yourself, while you can, until the pelvis begins to come off the floor. In the knees, the legs should not bend, the lower part of the spine and the sacrum from the floor should not be torn off.

Hold this position for a while and strain yourself. Then slowly taking a deep breath, lower the legs and head to the floor, and again tighten the muscles of the whole body. Between the exercises, if you feel tired, take a short break.

Tibetan exercises: exercise three

We begin to perform it immediately after the first two. Kneel down. The knees are placed at a distance of the width of the pelvis from each other. Thighs should be placed vertically. Put the palms of the hands under the buttocks on the surface of the thigh muscles. Tilt your head forward, press your chin to the sternum. We take a deep breath and throw back and up the head, bend the spine back, and bulge the chest, you can lean on your hips a little with your hands. In this position, linger, and strain all the muscles of the body. Then take a deep breath, return to the starting position with your chin pressed to your chest, and again tighten your muscles for a while. Relax and return to the starting position.

Tibetan exercises: the fourth exercise

Sit on the floor. We have straight legs shoulder width. We straighten the spine and put our palms on the floor on both sides of the buttocks with closed fingers. Fingers direct forward. Head forward lower, press your chin to your chest. Head back up and back as far as possible, taking a deep breath, then lift the body to a horizontal position forward.

In the end, the torso and thighs should be in the same horizontal plane. Arms and legs are arranged vertically, similar to the legs of the table. Hold for 20 seconds, do not forget to strain all the muscles. After taking a deep breath, go back to the starting position, press your chin to your chest, tighten your muscles and relax.

Tibetan exercises: the fifth exercise

We occupy the starting position: the support is lying, stooping. The body should rest on the palms and pads of the toes. Knees and pelvis do not touch the floor. With closed fingers, hands are strictly directed forward. The distance between the feet and between the palms should be slightly wider than the shoulders. Throw your head back and up as far as possible. We move to a position where the body resembles an acute angle, while the top is directed upwards. Moving the neck, press the chin to the chest. The legs should be straight, and the body and straight arms should be in the same plane. The body will be in the hip joints folded in half. Then we return to the starting position.

Tibetan exercises: the sixth exercise

The sixth exercise of Tibetan exercises helps direct your sexual energy to improve the whole body and promote health. It is performed only 3 times, the maximum number is not more than 9 times. Doing it is not necessary, but only when you feel the need.

Starting position - we stand straight, take a deep breath. Then squeeze the sphincter of the bladder and anal, strain the muscles of the pelvis and the lower front wall of the abdomen. Then quickly bend down, leaning on the hips with your hands. At the same time intensively through the mouth exhale with the sound of "Ha." Try to remove all air from the lungs. Then we strongly force the stomach in and straighten, the brushes on the waist. Chin pressed to the recess of the jumbo. Hold your breath for as long as you can, then lift your head, relax the diaphragm and take a deep breath slowly.

About doing Tibetan charging

As you begin to do Tibetan exercises, you may feel unpleasant symptoms. Immediately consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of any disease. If this is not a disease, then your body has begun the process of cleansing and restructuring its energy balance. Over time, these symptoms will pass. If not, be sure to consult your doctor again.

Tibetan exercises are designed to help restore your body’s energy balance. After all, it affects your health and well-being. Information about this charge has been kept by Tibetan monks for over a thousand years, and now this knowledge is available to each of you.

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