Therapeutic fasting in the post


Post itself is a unique phenomenon. The essence of this ritual is to abstain from certain types of products, and not to throw off a few extra pounds, as many people think today. Fasting is a sacred ordinance, and the refusal of food here has a sacred meaning. Believers are starving to cleanse spiritually. Fasting is an exercise and a test for the spirit. After all, if you remember the Bible, Jesus went into the desert for 40 days to spend them in fasting and prayer. It is the analysis of all their actions that constitutes the meaning of the Great Orthodox Fast, and starvation simply contributes to this.

At the time of fasting, a person is removed from evil, trying to curb his sins and lusts. Without the spiritual component, fasting becomes a regular diet.Two concepts should not be confused - religious fasting and medical fasting, these are two different things.. Medical fasting, or unloading-diet therapy, aims to improve, improve the physical and mental functions of the body, while the post, as mentioned above, is on the way to purify the spirit.

In medicine, the concept of "therapeutic fasting" has long been used. Stories are known such experiments that Pythagoras, Socrates, Hippocrates and Avicenna decided on.

In our country, the method was developed in the middle of the XVII century. The beginning of the 20th century was the time of the works of Professor B, B, Pashutin, the founder of this very method.

There are several types of medical fasting: full or "wet", partial and absolute. Absolute or "dry starvation" should be held less often and be strictly limited in time, because it passes without drinking water. With full fasting, you can drink only non-carbonated mineral water or herbal tea. But during partial fasting, fruit or green juices (herbal) and vegetable juices are allowed.

Basic rules and principles of fasting

Medical fasting, like any diet, should have strict lines and boundaries. It is necessary to get used to hunger gradually, you need to start one day a week. Accordingly, it is also necessary to carefully exit it.

The loss of body weight during the procedure should not be more than 25%, the term of therapeutic fasting is similar to the term of Lent - 40 days, not more. But they can be divided into short-term fasting (up to 7 days) and long. The age of the starving is also limited - 17 - 60 years.

It is recommended in the morning to do an enema, just do not hesitate to massage, walks and breathing exercises. Water is the best friend when dropping extra pounds, so 2 liters is your daily dose.

If you are prone to chronic respiratory diseases, caress the throat with broth hips, in order to avoid exacerbations.

Before going to bed, ventilate the room well, wrap up warmly and fall asleep.

There are contraindications to the procedure, therefore it is unacceptable to recklessly refuse food. Remember, with such things do not joke, an individual approach is very important. Before you begin, you need to thoroughly examine the method and consult with a dietitian.

Contraindications and restrictions

People who have:

  • Malignant neoplasms and hemoblastosis (hematopoietic and lymphatic tumors)
  • Acute and Chronic Hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Endocrine problems
  • Chronic liver and kidney failure
  • Inflammation of the respiratory and abdominal organs
  • Heart rhythm disorder
  • Lack of body weight
  • Circulatory failure
  • Thrombophlebitis and thrombosis
  • Organ transplanted
  • Unclear diagnosis of the disease
  • Infectious and parasitic diseases
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers.

Pluses of medical fasting

It is used for both prevention and treatment of diseases.

As it should be, if you give up the usual fatty and carcinogenic food, a person gets rid of toxins during fasting, increases efficiency, and the body gradually rejuvenates. The secret of this method is that when fasting, the body includes a "reserve" and completely directs them to the restoration of metabolism, and the removal of all slags. The first to leave salt deposits and cellulite. When the body leaves the harmful substances, it switches to internal nutrition due to the destruction of its own fats, carbohydrates and proteins. There is an update at the cellular level, the body becomes cleaner and more efficient, and younger.

The most important is the reasons for your medical refusal to write There should not be photos of fashion models and fashion fragility. In the first and only line of medical fasting you should be motivated by a sensible and creative love for yourself.

Good luck!

Especially for - Anna