The whole truth about strength training for women


Any woman wants to have a slim, taut figure without the slightest hint of cellulite. But not all women decide to engage in strength training, as many myths are associated with them. One of them is that after such regular workouts a woman will lose her graceful outlines and will look like something remotely resembling a woman. But this is nothing more than a myth invented by women prone to justify their laziness so as not to go to the gym.

A properly developed set of workouts can perform many functions, such as helping to lose weight and make the forms more delineated.

Myth one - women become "jocks"

Those women whom we see on TV at bodybuilding competitions or on the Internet take hormones during workouts to get pumped up in a similar way. The female body, unlike the male, is not programmed to a large increase in muscle mass, due to the low level of the male hormone testosterone. Therefore, no matter how active a woman is not trained, without a certain nutrition and food supplements, she simply will not be able to get very pumped up.

On the contrary strength exercises will help a woman to lose weight, because they actively burn calories and not as much as men have an effect on weight gain.

But still you can often hear scary stories that a woman just starting to go to the gym noticed that her weight had increased. This may be due to the fact that muscle tissue just swelled due to an increase in the amount of lactic acid, not accustomed to heavy loads. Or on that part of the body, which you think is too high, accumulated too much fat, which simply thickened. Edema is common in the first few weeks of classes. Muscles get microtrauma, which is why they slightly increase in volume.

But a month later, the edema subsides, the body fully adapts to the load: the excess volume goes away, and the figure takes on feminine forms. Those who do not know this effect of swelling of the muscles, frightened, throw trainings. The effect of body fat is also easily explained when women irrationally approach their diet and go out after the gym to eat more than usual, although after exercise you can eat, but only protein foods or fruits.

The second myth - to build muscle, you should do a little repetition for a lot of weight, and when losing weight, a lot of repetition with less weight

The first statement is true here. Doing strength exercises for more weight increases muscle strength, decreases body fat and increases muscle mass. If your main task is to lose weight, then you should definitely include in your workout aerobic exercise, as strength exercises focus on the development of the muscular system.

At all, Women's strength exercises have their own specifics. Their main task is to adjust the shape. Strength training should be lightweight, this can be attributed, and exercises on its own weight - pull-ups, push-ups, as well as exercises on simulators and dumbbells. Exercises for training should be selected very individually. For example, if a woman wants to improve the outlines of the buttocks, then her squat with a barbell should be included in her program, if you improve the shape of your chest, then this is necessarily a bench press.

The third myth - to achieve the result takes a lot of time

The goal of strength training is to replace the fat layer with muscles. But the muscles are still heavier than fat, and therefore such a transformation requires enough time, and immediately make the figure perfect will not work, and the very first results will be noticeable after the first week of training: the volumes will start to leave, and muscle tone will increase.

Strength training is only one component of the entire arsenal of fitness. For complex work on a figure, aerobic, strength training and proper nutrition are required.

Advantages of strength training:

Improves metabolism and increases muscle mass.

If a person does not engage in strength training, then every ten years his body loses 2 to 3 kg of muscle mass. Muscle tissue is very important for metabolism, and, therefore, loss of muscle mass is accompanied by a low level of metabolism. With the addition of muscle mass per 1 kg, our metabolism increases by 7%.

Fat Reduction

Regular strength exercises will help get rid of 1.8 kg of fat mass in 3 months, despite the fact that a person can start to consume 15% more calories per day.

Bones are strengthened

Strength training has its effect on both muscle and bone tissue. There is an increase in the synthesis of muscle proteins, bone proteins, as well as the effect of mineralization.

Diabetes prevention

After several months of strength training, glucose is more actively processed in the body, and its metabolism increases to 25%. It does not develop diabetes.

Improving bowel performance

After three months of practicing strength training, food begins to pass better through the digestive tract and digest faster.

Blood pressure decreases

Combining aerobic workouts with strength training is an excellent tool for lowering blood pressure. There was evidence that during 2 months of mixed workouts the systolic pressure drop drops by 5 mm, and diastolic mark by 3 mm.

Reduces the risk of back and lumbar injuries

Properly selected set of strength exercises strengthens the lower back, due to which the lower back becomes less susceptible to injury. Also, those who suffered from back pain, noted that after 2 months of training, pain was significantly reduced.

Reduced joint pain

Strength training within its reasonable limits reduces pain in arthritis and osteoarthritis.

This is not all the reasons why it is necessary to do strength training. Strength training is, above all, the ability to feel better and look better, which of course is very important for women who are watching their figure. Strength training is a way to deal with your laziness and passivity.. We wish you success and victories!

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