The developers explained


Like all effective innovations in the medical equipment market, Shuboshi devicesdue to the revolutionary principles and technology of exposure, there is a barrage of criticism from conservatives and people who are simply unfamiliar with the subject matter.


Also in the negative information campaign, manufacturers of currently morally and technically outdated medical devices, theoretically suitable for self-treatment at home, play a major role. They do not want to lose markets and therefore try to speculate on the novelty of Shubosha. For this reason, the developers of the device periodically publish an explanation in order to convey to the potential buyers the advantages of the devices.

First of all, the developer recalls that medical equipment, which is characterized by the same principles of operation that the device Shuboshi, has been around for more than fifty years. Another thing is that this equipment for electrostimulationand differs significant drawbacks, including low efficiency, bulkiness, the possibility of using only in hospital conditions in the presence of the attending physician. Well, Shuboshi is freedom, because such portable devices can be used at home, and even at work during a break.

Among other advantages of Shuboshi devices, the Convenient Doctor, developers note:

  • undeniable and rapidly advancing therapeutic effect;
  • the ability to independently select the optimal method of treatment, including its durationl, intensity and area of ​​impact;
  • A well thought-out system of electrodes that are convenient to use on any parts of the body
  • absolute simplicity of control of the device, the modes of which are switched by a single control button.

In addition, it is noted that the device is very light, compact, which makes it convenient to carry with you. Such a device can be easily taken with you on a trip, which makes it an ideal addition to a family first aid kit, which it can largely replace.

It is worth noting that the developers emphasize the increased safety of using the devices of the series: they are contraindicated only to people with a pacemakersam, whereas for all other user groups Shubosh are completely harmless.

Indeed, it is necessary to take into account the fact that over the years of the existence of Shuboshi, only good things are said about them, and if there are complaints, then in minimal amounts.