The child often blinks his eyes

Why do we blink? This is a normal reflex that protects the eyes from dryness, bright light, foreign objects. In the process of blinking a tear cleans and nourishes the surface of the eye. Newborns blink only 2 times per minute, adolescents and adults - about 14-17 times. What does it mean if a child blinks often? The causes and consequences of this phenomenon we consider.

Why does a child blink frequently?

Why a child often blinks

There may be situations when parents notice a peculiarity in their child related to frequent blinking. It is necessary to try to help the child and find out if he is experiencing any discomfort, as well as to find out the reasons for such a manifestation.

There are quite a few factors leading to the appearance of increased blinking. Here are some of them:

  • change of temperature and humidity in the room;
  • hitting a foreign object in the eye;
  • pain response;
  • harsh light;
  • even during simple conversation such manifestations are observed.

Overwhelmingly, the problem can be resolved with simple medical procedures. However, if there is no improvement in the situation, it is possible that there is a drug treatment. Consider the main causes of excessive blinking in children.


These are fast, single-type movements. They are involuntary and uncontrollable. Some children experience facial cramps, which may include excessive blinking of the eyes. This condition is more common in childhood, and characteristic physiological factors include anxiety or fear, side effects of medications. Need to get advice from a specialist in solving the problem.


In this case, children can only see objects that are nearby. It was noted that they complain of tearing, headaches, blurring of vision, including excessive blinking. A thorough eye examination is always recommended under such circumstances for the timely commencement of appropriate therapy.


Another reason for frequent blinking is blepharitis - an infection caused by bacteria and covering a large group of diseases. Its main manifestations are edema, eyelid itching in addition to irritation and redness. It is necessary to wash face more often, and a warm compress will help with early treatment of blepharitis, but pharmacological treatment is not excluded.

Eye strain

A child often blinks his eyes: causes, treatment

Eye strain is the most common cause of excessive blinking. TV, computer and other gadgets in the child's life can cause such a condition. Other problems that usually come with eye strain are redness, tearing, headache, and in severe cases even blurred vision. It is important that parents control their children, take steps to prevent visual stress.

Dry eyes

Children living in areas or regions that are dry or arid may suffer from excessive blinking. In this case, you need to moisturize the surface of the eyes. Drops are simply necessary in this situation, and humidifiers in the room help to avoid dry eyes.

Allergy and Tourette syndrome

An allergic reaction may also contribute to excessive blinking. In most of these cases, blinking is accompanied by irritation, itching and redness of the eyelids.

One of the causes of excessive blinking can be Tourette syndrome, which usually manifests itself in children from 3 to 10 years. In most cases, it proceeds in a mild form and does not require drug therapy. But examination and consultation of the expert are necessary.

When do you need a doctor?

It is always necessary to consult a doctor if the child often blinks, to determine the causes of such eye behavior and to prescribe the necessary treatment. Perhaps this is not a serious disease, but an ophthalmologist will suggest ways to solve eye problems.

Cases when the child often blinks his eyes and blinks are considered to be cause for concern. If you observe something of this kind, then you should immediately consult a doctor. This can be serious and require long-term treatment.

Pediatrician Komarovsky Tips

what to do if the baby blinks often and blinks

Quite a famous pediatrician Komarovsky E.O. to the question of what to do if the baby blinks often and blinks at the same time, he gives advice to turn first to a children's neuropathologist. He himself describes the phenomenon as a consequence of emotional overload or overstrain of view. At the same time, Komarovsky does not exclude the violation of metabolic processes of calcium and vitamin D.

The doctor recommends several methods that will help in solving the problem:

  • The child should receive proper rest.
  • The baby should not be stressed by mental or physical stress.
  • A child needs to be confident in himself and his actions, and for this he needs to be praised and encouraged.
  • Do not pay attention when the child experiences facial cramps. Try not to show him that it is noticeable, do not make comments about this. This will only worsen the situation. It is very important that brothers and sisters, teachers, relatives and other people be in solidarity and not focus on this.
  • Try not to talk about the inherent problem in the presence of the child and do not let others do it. If the child himself raises this topic, always say something positive and encouraging.

Of course, first of all you need to determine the cause that led to frequent blinking. And only a doctor can do this. Health to you and your children!

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