The benefits of cycling

It is a warm time, and, therefore, it is time to leave. What we will do on vacation, and throughout the summer months - we decide. But I do not want this time to pass in joy and pleasure for us, and for our body it is not too good. All this leads to the fact that it is important (especially in summer) to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is in summer that we must begin to practice sports. In this article, the benefits of cycling for our health will be demonstrated.

Bicycle with benefits for the body

Cycling is extremely helpful..

  • During a walk on a bicycle, the muscles of the legs are strengthened in the first place, their endurance increases, and the activity of the heart and its blood vessels and respiratory organs also improves.
  • Our lungs work in full force during sports. Including during the cycling.
  • Very useful for cycling smoking people. During the intensive work of the lungs, these organs are freed from the harmful substances that smokers receive by inhalation of tobacco smoke.

  • In addition to all this, cycling walks are an excellent way of hardening and strengthening immunity.
  • Cycling improves our well-being, mood, have a positive emotional impact on us.
  • Bicycle will help to cope with stress and stay in good physical shape, be slim and fit.

Bicycle from varicose veins

Useful cycling for people suffering from varicose veins and vegetative-vascular dystonia. During the ride, our legs make rotational movements, the blood in the veins accelerates its run, therefore, the stagnation in the vessels under high blood pressure decreases. But do not part with varicose veins. This may not affect your legs very well. Everything is useful in moderation. It is better to ride twice a week.

Bicycle - an assistant in the prevention of vegetative-vascular dystonia. During the ride, the vestibular apparatus is trained, the blood supply to the small pelvis is improved. Therefore, many scientists advise young women to engage in this sport, because they still have to give birth.

Bicycle and overweight

Cycling is very useful for those who wish to lose those extra pounds.. When moving with legs, arms and even with the whole torso, a large amount of fat is burned, especially in the thigh area. If you want to get rid of extra pounds, you should make regular cycling.

The duration of the bike ride is individual. It depends on your free time and desire. But usually it is at least forty-five minutes.

What you need to know for walking on a bike

As well as, and to run (read the article "What is useful run") to cycling, you need to get used gradually. Unaccustomed to you, your legs and arms may hurt. You can not immediately ride long distances and at high speed.

  • Remember that in sports, as in school, everything goes sequentially, step by step, incrementally. It is impossible both in school and in sports to achieve success without doing it regularly, without making proper efforts.
  • As in any sport after a bike ride should not eat right away. It is better to wait for an hour or one and a half. Also, do not go cycling immediately after a meal. It should take at least forty minutes.
  • If you are going to ride for a long time, take a bottle of water with you. During small stops, you can take a couple of sips to quench your thirst and give new strength.

Cycling is very useful for us women. It strengthens our nervous system, relieves stress, gives excellent mood and energy for the rest of the day. Riding a bike is even good for the eyes. Because, considering the terrain, on which and where we go, we train the muscles of the eyes. This reduces the risk of myopia.

And also, advise your lovely old men to ride bicycles to the country. Believe me, they will (with time, of course) feel much better than when riding in a stuffy crowded bus.

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