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The main motivation of Andrew in the transition to vegetarianism, and then to raw food has become a sport. He has an iron character, he is able to set himself up and achieve his goals, and because of this he did not have any disruptions, and the transition was painless.



How did you find out about the new food?

Andrew:In general, even vegetarianism, that is, the rejection of meat in my diet, I, like many, all my life was negative. The installation “A man must eat meat” and so on was fixed very tightly in my head. So it was, until I once again became interested in sports training. Only if it used to be martial arts, then I began to develop strength and endurance. At a certain point in time, it turned out that for such training it is necessary to add something to the normal diet, otherwise it is impossible to recover. And recovery is the main thing in sports. I tried to add amino acids to the diet, but they were enough for six months. The results have grown. I then trained for 3 days in a row and did one day of rest, and so on in a circle. Experienced athletes have already recommended more serious drugs. But my main principle was to remain a pure athlete. Well, it was interesting to know their potential. About that time there was an economic crisis in our country. I have been a private entrepreneur since 2008, I organized my company. Activity almost went to zero.

There was free time. Began to read the Internet, interested. At that time, very much began to lean on the curd mass. He ate her a kilo a day with bananas. And I noticed that the usual one, very popular with me at that time, and indeed all my life, the baked chicken stopped crawling into my throat. Although earlier I could master the whole and still wanted to. From the curd greatly improved athletic performance. They have become impressive already. I then read about vegetarianism with a less biased look at this type of food, because I did not want to eat chicken. The Internet said that vegetarianism can significantly improve athletic performance. The usual meat and fish in our family were rarely eaten, they did not bother me at all. But I loved the bird, honestly. I read about the composition of cottage cheese, it turned out to be more rich in all compared to meat. There is still carried away by self-development. Attended the forum "Slavic-Aryan culture." It turned out that since ancient times vegetarianism was considered the basis of strength. Plus, the words in the Bible have already looked differently, but rather at the commandment "Thou shalt not kill!" It turned out that they meant animals. So I decided to try to give up meat, fish and eggs. I didn’t even think about any kind of raw foods, I just read on this forum about the existence of this type of food. But looking at the adepts of this diet and how they look, I decided that it was not for me. Fat, thin, I was not ready to be. Even very critical opposed being a vegetarian.

HWhat contributed to the decision to move?

Andrew:Sport. Yes, the transition was difficult. It turned out that there is a strong craving for meat. But I immediately felt an increase in sports indicators, and incredible, in my opinion, then. And already refuse vegetarianism was not ready. The most difficult were the first 2 weeks for me. Then a couple of times in a dream meat dreamed. And after six months, I began to feel the real smell of boiled meat, and I realized that I could never eat it. Later he refused tea, coffee, any carbonated drinks and salt. The latter caused my skin disease, which was not treated with any drugs. True, I did not know the reason, but I do not go to the doctors on principle. I have been a vegetarian for over a year. And I really liked the fact that I refused meat. But by this time I chose the potential of vegetarianism from a sports point of view, and I had to do something further. Four months of unsuccessful struggle with the skin problem made me start to look closely at raw food.

After all, miraculous healing properties of this type of food were described. First switched to veganism. In two months, the skin was healed. Plus got a huge breakthrough in sports. It was hard to give up cheese. Even harder than from meat. But after two weeks, the craving for cheese was gone. Well, it was very interesting raw foods. Although I really didn't want to lose weight. And horror stories about breakdowns and toxicosis were not very pleasant. But it seemed to me that raw foods in general in terms of sports unmatched nutrition. Yes, and I have already read that there are a lot of sportsmen who are raw foodists, who are very physically developed. The main thing is to train. And on May 27, 2011, I decided to switch to raw foods.

How did you make the transition (how long did it take, immediately abruptly or gradually)?

Andrew : The transition to raw foods, as well as vegetarianism and veganism, carried out in one day. Although I already had a huge base in 1.5 years without meat, which cleaned me very much. Maybe that's why it was easier for me. But I decided to try raw foods just to eat like this. And if anything go. But after eating like this one day, the other I saw that my skin started to clean from acne. And acne has always been my sore subject since the age of 15. And then they suddenly began to disappear. But as I was promised that the transition to raw foods is not so simple, it happened. Along with the positive moments there were also negative ones.

How long have you been on a new kind of food?

Andrew :I have been on this diet for 8 months. And I'm not going to stop :)

Were there "breakdowns"when you returned to the previous steps or once you allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

Andrew :For myself, I initially decided that I would not break. Prior to that, did not break either vegetarianism or veganism. Because I can adjust myself very psychologically. But to be honest, two weeks after the start of syroedeny, before this, by the smell of smell, a long time ago, the meat suddenly became very attractive by smell. The smell of cooked food drove my mind crazy. I could only think of food at the time. So it lasted 2 months, and then this call of boiled food seemed to subside.

Were there any side effects?

Andrew :The transition to vegetarianism was marked by weight gain. The transition to veganism was marked by a slight loss of fat, because he got rid of cottage cheese in the diet. Then weighed 88 kilograms. In a 4-month syroedenie, I lost 10 kilograms, including muscles. That was sad for me. It looked horrible by my current standards then. Very decreased libido. I would even say completely gone. Fell endurance. In veganism, I started to train every day and I had enough strength. Sports results were growing. And I made a huge leap in power performance in the legs. He began to squat on one leg with an additional weight of 54 kilograms. What in terms of the usual squatting with a barbell gave a weight of 196 kilograms, which for my weight of 88 kilograms was a very good indicator. That is, on the master of sports in powerlifting, I was pulling with this indicator.

On syroedeniya, as hormones fell, then I forgot about the legs. Although I continued to train through my teeth every day, because sport cleans the body very well. And toxication was terrible at first. Why continued? Because along with a negative effect, let's say one day, on another day, the state of health was so unreal good as never before. And there was hope that it will always be so soon. Especially after two months, it became easier. And by four months of raw food, I had a craving for cooked food completely gone.

What good things have happened in your life in connection with the transition?

Andrew :There was even more confidence that I was on the right track. Since I am a businessman, albeit a small one, various interesting ideas began to occur to me. Again, in the sport I liked everything. I got rid of acne. I learned that a person can not smell a foul smell. I kept my sports blog, and saw that his popularity was growing, because my experience as a sportsman-raw foodist turned out to be very useful and different.

How did you fight public opinion?

Andrew :In the transition to vegetarianism - parents said their decisive "not"! I'm stubborn - said my decisive "Yes". As it turned out, the meat in the family was bought for me. So his purchases naturally decreased. My parents, seeing my progress in training, and I trained at home, began to realize that the direction was right. So they themselves gradually abandoned the meat. Now my parents are vegetarians, too, which is very welcome. Very added to getting rid of all sorts of ills. My father has already dropped 25 kg since then, now weighs 100 kg. Runs with me on skis. And he began to press on the uneven bars, which he could not do for a very long time. For two years doing gymnastics "Eye of rebirth." Criticism was the transition to veganism. But quickly passed. But when switching to raw foods, my parents wanted to ring the alarm bells, because I looked really bad. Then I didn’t understand it so much, but now, when I have restored my hormonal balance, I have significantly increased my strength and muscle mass compared to the moment before raw food, I train a lot, every day for 2-3 hours, I understand this very much.

How much more do you plan to eat like this?

Andrew :Let's just say I'm not going to plan. Because the traversed path tells me that it will be even better. True, after four months I had to drastically change the approach to nutrition to raw foods. Add sprouted grains to your diet. Then learn to cook them so that they do not roam in the intestines. And come up with a method of cooking from oats dry lively porridge. That's when the joyful days began. Weight went up. Strength has begun to grow and is growing to this day. The lost muscles began to return.

What advise the most important in your opinion, those who want to become a vegetarian or raw foodist?

Andrew :Those who want to become a vegetarian - refuse meat and fish without thinking. This is an over-toxic food that is absolutely not necessary for a person. Plus, now all the meat is stuffed with hormones, and an elementary look at relatives and older parents says the following: my parents have grown younger and have lost kilograms in two years without meat and fish, and relatives are growing like broilers.

Deciding to become a fruitarian - I advise you to come to your senses on time. I myself ate 4 months with some fruit. I guarantee you that you will completely kill your hormones, emaciated and, in general, apart from sick thoughts in your head about the perfection of fruits as food, you will not get anything. Go to the transition to syromonoedie go meaningfully with the understanding that you will lose weight, and the restructuring will not be easy. If you have any diseases like pancreatic disease or something else serious, the effect can be very destructive for you. There are deaths in the transition. But if you are healthy, then go do not be afraid. If you break, it is also not scary.

In the transition to veganism, as well as raw food, I would advise to worry about vitamin D in winter and vitamin B12. Many are beginning to say that the latter is produced by itself. But my analysis of raw foodists and vegans showed that the lack of something in the body in the long term is very old body. That is, people who eat toxic food, but engaged in sports, at 70 years old look better than people on healthy and healthy food would seem. You can say no to raw foodists, although the fact of longevity on vegetarianism is proven. Need to know about it. For myself, I decided this problem by the fact that when I feel a decrease in brain activity, and on fruit I had a B12 drop, this is a clear sign, its deficiency - my head starts to work badly, so I decided to drink fresh homemade milk, either goat or cow milk. It is especially useful in the spring when young grass rises. In the fall, he drank raw food for about a week until he was full. Milk, if it is from under the cow, and not pasteurized, meets all signs of raw food. And very helpful. No wonder this is the first food product with which we come into the world. So I chose for myself the milk at the request of the body.

And I advise you to look at people who do not just give advice, but also show something that they have achieved. TOnly real cases can be evidence of the correctness of the path.. If you follow the path of weak, thin, bad-looking people, who even after a year or two speak about some cleanings on raw food, and that the muscles will grow, the weight will increase and so on, although they themselves do not have it, do not listen to them. Look for healthy full-fledged sports syroyedov. See how they eat. Ask them for advice and everything will be fine. For example, I always give advice on social networks and on my forum.

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