Structured water at home

Human life is inconceivable without water. Life itself originated in it, and its important role is known to all. Every day we drink different water: passed through a filter, boiled or distilled. But according to recent studies, the most useful is structured water, which is able to increase vitality and cope with fatigue.

Structured water at home

Liquid from the tap, even if passed through a filter, does not contain nutrients and is poorly absorbed by the body. But do not be upset because useful structured water can be made at home.

Use of structured water

Its benefit is due to the fact that the molecules are connected, and its structure is as close as possible to the fluids present in the human body, such as blood plasma.

Structured water is formed from ice. It is considered rejuvenating and healing and is very useful for those who suffer from gastritis, headaches, overweight, colitis and gastritis. Structured water facilitates the functioning of internal organs., improves blood composition, normalizes the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It reduces fatigue, gives extra energy, increases resistance to any diseases. To refresh the face and improve the condition of the skin, you can wash it.

Structured water: beneficial properties

The first glass should be drunk an hour before breakfast upon waking. After that, you need to drink it for 1 hour before eating a glass. It is advisable to drink up to 2 liters per day. Its regular use at home will improve the overall condition of the body.

How to make structured water at home?

  • To make it at home, prepare a porcelain container, a plastic container, a knife. Suitable ordinary raw water, which is desirable to pre-clean with a filter. If it is bottled, then it does not need to be cleaned. Fill it with a plastic container and put it in the freezer. After 12 h. Get it.
  • Then, without opening the lid on the container, put it under hot water for a few seconds. This makes it easy to separate the formed ice from the container walls. Whatever purified water is used, to get immediately clear ice will not work. Therefore, using a knife pierce the ice bar. If there is an unfrozen part inside it, let it drain, it is where the salts of heavy metals and harmful impurities have gathered. If it is all frozen, then you can melt the opaque piece with hot water. Place the remaining pieces of ice in a porcelain bowl, and let it melt naturally. No need to heat or put in the microwave.

Structured water: how to cook?

  • The easiest way to make structured water is to get melted.. Make it simple enough. Ordinary tap water should be poured into any dish and left to infuse for several hours. After that, boil, cool, pour into a plastic food container and put in the freezer. After that, the resulting ice just melt. In order to get clear ice faster, the water needs to be frozen exactly to the moment when the center of the bar is still not frozen. This will make it easier to drain all harmful impurities remaining in the water. It is impossible to freeze it anymore, and also to boil and store for too long.
  • Another way to make structured water is to add silicon. It can be purchased at any pharmacy. On 3 liters of water, you must put 5 stones of black silicon, cover the container with gauze and leave to infuse for 2 days. After that, pour the liquid into another pan, leaving 3 cm at the bottom, where all the harmful substances collected by silicon collected. Water will be obtained not only purified, but also saturated with silicon, which is very important for metabolic processes in the body. After that, it can be frozen to make it even more useful. It is better to freeze water in a glass shockproof or plastic container. After the ice has melted, structured water will turn out, but it should not be stored for more than 8 hours.
  • Another way to make structured water is to skip ordinary water through magnet. To do this, you must purchase a special magnetic nozzle on a crane or funnel. Sometimes a magnet is added to the filter; this must be indicated on its label. This water has the strongest bactericidal properties, improves metabolism, cleans blood vessels from cholesterol and foreign proteins, strengthens the immune system, because it has a special permeability through cell membranes, delivering beneficial substances to all organs. Her healing properties persist for 24 hours.

Structured water at home

Scientists have proved from research that the most useful water is structured. Its main advantages include the presence of a crystalline structure that helps remove toxins and slags from the body, cleansing cells and high penetrating properties.

People who often drink it are much less likely to get sick, their blood pressure is normalized, their vitality rises. You can also get structured water at home; all you need is to use any of the methods described.

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