Sour milk

Sour milk is a product long known to most people. Get it from milk. For to get yogurt, ferment is added to milk. What is useful sour milk?

The use of sour milk

  • Sour milk is dietary product. Besides, yogurt is easily absorbed by the body person
  • Sour milk has laxative effect to a small extent.

  • This product assists in various diseases of the stomach and liver. Also he is capable get rid of colitis.
  • Sour milk provides feasible assistance to those people who suffer from obesity and gastritis. For people with metabolic disorders, yogurt helps to regulate it.
  • Sour milk can overcome the perennial feminine problem - cellulite.
  • Sour milk is shown for regular use to those people who suffer from heart disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure. In addition, it helps people rehabilitate after heart attacks faster.
  • With constant eating yogurt in the intestine are minimized, and then completely stop the putrefactive processes.
  • If you enter into your diet of yogurt, you have pretty quickly the work of the gastrointestinal tract will be improved.
  • Regular use of this wonderful fermented milk product is capable slow down the aging process, happening in the body.
  • Sour milk is great hangover remedy. Just ten minutes after taking it, a person suffering from hangover will feel much better.
  • Sour milk is helpfulnot only when you use it inside. She widely established herself in cosmetology.

The use of sour milk in cosmetology

  • If you wash the face of fresh yogurt, it is great removes fatigue from skin.
  • With regular washing yogurt much improves complexion.
  • When using sour milk very quickly, the sebaceous glands normalize.

  • If do masks with the use of sour milk, pigment spots can be removed from the skin.
  • In addition to various facial masks using yogurt, can do hair masks body, line shape correction. In addition, yogurt can be used for various types of massage and wraps.
  • With the help of sour milk you can cook nourishing hair mask. Sour yogurt should be applied to the roots of the hair for fifteen minutes, and then washed off.
  • Sour milk can partially lighten freckles on face.

How to cook sour milk by yourself?

Not necessary buy yogurt in the store, where it may not be the first freshness. It is possible to cook it yourself.

For the preparation of yogurtYou will need about 3 liters of milk (preferably homemade milk, which you are sure of as), ferment (you can use any dairy product, such as sour cream) and sugar to taste.

Pour the milk into the pan, put it on the stove, bring to the boil, boil for one minute. Set the pan aside from the heat, cool the milk to body temperature. When the milk is cold, pour the fermented milk product into it at the rate of half a liter of fermented milk product per liter of milk. Immediately wrap the pot with liquid and leave it on all night. In the morning you can try ready, fresh yogurt! ABOUT homemade yogurt, Its composition and method of preparation can be read here.

How to use sour milk?

To be obvious the effect of the use of sour milk, Do I need to use it in its pure form? Or you can add something to taste it?

  • You can add vanilla to sour milk or other flavorings, if you think so tastier. The use of sour milk will not suffer from it.
  • You can not just drink yogurt. You can make from it a variety of drinks and soups. And what a tasty get? pancakes on sour milk! You can even make soup with yogurt!
  • Very tasty yogurt combined with sugar and rye bread. It was in this form that they used it in Ancient Russia!

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Appreciate such a product as sour milk.And she will be a frequent guest on your table, bringing great benefits to the body!

Be healthy!

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