Sore nose does not pass for a long time


There are diseases that are not serious, but there are plenty of problems from them! For example, painful formations in the nasal passages. They bring great discomfort and spoil the look. If the sore nose does not pass for a long time, there is no time for laughter - urgent measures should be taken. How can you cure such an abscess or an ulcer and should you consult with a specialist?

To see beyond your nose: why wounds and boils form in your nostrils?

sore nose does not pass for a long time

The nose is not only responsible for breathing: it performs the function of the primary protective barrier, that is, it does not allow infection in the body. An “unequal fight” with viruses can lead to all sorts of sores. So, herpes often settles on the nasal mucosa.

Bad habits also contribute to the fact that the nose is constantly formed sores. Some people (and this applies not only to children, but also adults) are constantly picking their nose. As a result, wounds and crusts appear in it.

One of the main reasons causing such problems is a runny nose and dry mucous membrane. If rhinitis occurs, frequent blowing of the nose and strong discharge results in mucous lesions. The use of vasoconstrictor drops only aggravates the problem.

Pain and inflammation in the nose can also cause a boil.

If the sore does not go away, then, quite possibly, it was caused by more dangerous ailments: erysipelas, syphilis, polyps, tumors. Non-healing wounds are one of the symptoms of diabetes. And no matter how much you are then treated with ointments and folk remedies, you will not be able to get rid of them in such ways. There should already be connected to antibiotics and other serious drugs.

Ulcers, ulcers and other troubles: how to cure the mucous?

When a sore nose does not go away by itself, treatment should begin with measures to strengthen the immune system. This will help Echinacea tincture and drugs that stimulate the defense system: Anaferon, Immunoplus, Amiksin, Imudon. We need to reconsider our regime - move more, harden the body. It is useful to moisten the nasal passages with saline solutions.

Treatment of pathological formations in the nasal cavity can be performed (depending on the cause that provoked them) with such pharmaceutical and folk remedies:

  • If the underlying factor is herpes, then this treatment will help:

sore nose does not go away by itself

  1. pharmacy sulfur. It should treat herpetic eruptions three times a day;
  2. ointment - Acyclovir, Zovirax, Gerpevir;
  3. self-made potion that is prepared like this: take a piece of white paper, put it on a plate and burn it. To throw away the ashes, and with a yellow bloom to lubricate the lesion center 3 p. in a day;
  4. spirit of camphor. To carry out the treatment of the nose 2 p. per day;
  5. boil an egg, remove a white film from it and attach it to the sore spot.
  • in the formation of a boil on the nasal mucosa:
  1. for painful pain, take painkillers. The doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic from the group of macrolides, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones;
  2. lubrication of the inflamed area with Triderm, Vishnevsky ointment, Celestoderm;
  3. anti-inflammatory drugs - Olfen, Diclofenac;
  4. Putting on the nose of a compress from a towel dipped in hot water. Keep a compress for up to 15 minutes;
  5. putting garlic juice on a boil, putting a raw potato or aloe leaf on it;
  6. use of soap ointment. Adjust the soap, mix with milk (take these components in the ratio of 1 to 2). Compound boil over low heat for about an hour and a half, stirring all the time. It should make an ointment creamy consistency. It imposes on the boil once a day.

  • if sores are the result of allergies, then it is advisable to use hydrocortisone ointment, Sinoflan.
  • with a long and copious runny nose, the appearance of wounds is inevitable. You can cure them with such pharmaceuticals and home remedies:
  1. ready ointments for lubrication of ulcers - oxolinic, ichthyol, Viferon, Evamenol, Levomekol, Doctor Mom;
  2. homemade mix, which includes vegetable oil, yolk, beeswax;
  3. ointment of olive oil and garlic (100 ml + 100 g).

It is not worth making any recommendations on how to treat hard chancre in the nose (manifestation of syphilis), erysipelas or ulcers provoked by tuberculosis, as it is impossible to get rid of such dangerous diseases.

Treatment of crusts in the nose without leaving home

Treatment of crusts in the nose without leaving home

Another problem that small and large patients often face is a nose crust. The causes and treatment of such sores are closely interrelated. If they are formed due to dryness of the mucous membrane or atrophic rhinitis, then it is advisable to use such means:

  • ointments - Traumel, Fleming, Lifeguard;
  • salt preparations - Aqua Maris, Marimer, Salin, Humer spray, Panestin gel;
  • inhalation with calendula and chamomile decoction;
  • herbal decoctions for washing. For them, you will need 1 tbsp. l sage, chamomile, plantain and 400 ml of water. The ingredients are combined and kept in a water bath for 20 minutes, after which the composition is drawn for 30 minutes. For washing use a warm infusion.

For the healing of blood crusts suitable sea buckthorn or sunflower oil. Cotton swabs are impregnated with these agents and kept for half an hour in the nasal passages. Tea tree has excellent regeneration potential. It perfectly heals microcracks and larger wounds in the nose. It can be used in pure form or mixed with baby cream. Very good effect gives rosehip oil.

If blood crusts are formed due to congenital vascular weakness or high blood pressure, the treatment should include preparations for strengthening the vessels (Ascorutin) and antihypertensive drugs. If the cause of the crusts was chronic tonsillitis or caries, then we must deal with these ailments.

Important note: if a runny nose (and its consequences, including crusts) has acquired a protracted course, then it is necessary to change medicines, as addiction can develop.

Any formations and wounds in the nose are far from harmless. This is a symptom that should lead you to Laura. Only a doctor will answer the questions about why there are sores in the nose, what it is and how to treat such a nuisance in each particular case. It is possible to solve a similar problem, the main thing is to choose the right ways and means, and for this you need to know which enemy you are dealing with.