Soda in traditional medicine

Almost everyone has baking soda in the kitchen. In chemical language, it is called "sodium bicarbonate". Someone uses it for baking, someone for washing dishes and removing unpleasant odors, but not everyone knows about the use of soda for medicinal purposes.

The use of soda in traditional medicine

  • In folk medicine, food soda is often used as a means of combating heartburn.In the process of soda getting into our body, the elimination reaction of hydrochloric acid begins to occur in it, which accumulates in the stomach, as a result of which heartburn quickly passes. But there is a downside to the positive effect - with the frequent use of baking soda for treating heartburn, its excess spreads through the blood by suction, because of this there is a violation of the acid-base balance - the alkali content in the blood begins to rise sharply. therefore it is recommended to use soda only as a means of "quick fix" in proportions: 1 tsp to 1/3 cup of water.

  • Soda rinsing. Soda is often used to eliminate throat diseases, while treatment of infectious and colds, as an expectorant.It is very simple to make such a “medicine”: ½ teaspoon of soda should be dissolved in a glass of water and you should rinse your mouth and throat with this solution every 3 hours. Soda neutralizes the action of acids, which are formed in the throat with infectious diseases, as a result, pain and inflammation disappear.
  • Baking soda against cold.When cold is widespread soda inhalation. To prepare a remedy for a cold you need to boil a glass of water in a teapot, add 1 teaspoon of soda, take a thick paper tube, put one end of the teat on the teapot nose, and insert the second one into each nostril. The duration of such procedures is 15 minutes.
  • Solutions with the use of baking soda common in alternative medicine as a cure for a cold: 2 teaspoons of water mixed with soda at the tip of a knife, this tool must be instilled in a string a day.

  • Soda solution is used internally as a means against sputum.. To do this, you need to drink on an empty stomach a solution of half a glass of water with a pinch of salt and ½ teaspoon of soda, but a long course of treatment is contraindicated.
  • Another mixture of 1 teaspoon of soda dissolved in boiling milk helps eliminate strong cough. Drink this solution should be slightly cooled and immediately before bedtime.
  • Baking soda can help treat thrush..But this method has both positive and negative sides. The main advantage is that it is the cheapest and safest way compared to other types of treatment. The disadvantages are that soda helps only in 50 percent of cases, besides douching must be carried out regularly. Some experts say that only 2 one-time procedures per day are enough (1 teaspoon of soda dissolves in 1 liter), while other doctors on the contrary say that douching should be done every hour for 2 weeks, otherwise the treatment of thrush with baking soda and you can not start.
  • Soda perfectly helps against insect bites.If you are bitten by a mosquito or midge, it is enough to apply a small piece of gauze, inside which is a slurry of soda, onto the affected place. Redness will begin to fade, and the itching will quickly stop.

  • Soda Anti Acne.Of the many recipes that exist in traditional medicine, you can try the following: 1 tsp of soda and 1 tsp of sugar dissolve in a glass of boiling water; Then you should wash your face with water using household soap, and lubricate the previously treated areas with butter. An hour later, you need to wash again, but without the use of soap and other means. You can also use the recipe, in which soda is immediately applied along with laundry soap. To do this, rub the soap on a grater, after the face you need a good steam, for example, you can cover your head with a towel and hold it over a basin of hot water. Next, the skin should be wiped with a cotton pad, pouring soap and soda on it, then wash with warm water. This procedure is sufficient to carry out once a week. On days when this tool is not used, you can wipe your face with ice cubes with lemon juice.
  • Soda is an excellent tool in the fight against swelling of the feet. To do this, prepare a foot bath of 5 liters of warm water, which is added 200 ml of sage broth with mint. This bath should be taken 20 minutes.
  • Soda for rheumatism.With rheumatism, the use of baths and compresses with baking soda and herbs is effective. To prepare the bath, take 1 sheet of boiling water, make herbs (1 tablespoon) - chamomile, sage, oregano, and leave for an hour. Then the infusion must be filtered and add 400 g of baking soda. The resulting solution is poured into a bath, the water temperature in which should not exceed 40 ° C, you can also add a few drops of essential oil. Take this bath lasting no more than 20 minutes should be before bedtime. After taking it, you should immediately go to bed, wrapping the diseased areas of the body with a woolen scarf.

Although baking soda is quite effective in combating a number of diseases, it should be applied by contacting a specialist.

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