Rubella in adults

Many people know, or at least heard of, a disease like rubella. True in our day they get sick less and less. Rubella is in its essence a childhood disease and it is thanks to intensive vaccination that fewer and fewer people are affected by this disease. But sometimes doctors have to diagnose rubella in adults.

Every 100th person infected with rubella is an adult. In this case, create the most panic. On the one hand, many are aware that rubella cannot harm human life, but the general condition of the body can be seriously affected, which, of course, cannot but cause concern.

Rubella is a disease caused by a virus that is very dangerous..

Rubella: symptoms in adults

Rubella in adults - symptoms

You may suspect that you have rubella if:

  • skin rashes appear, the most important of which is a red rash, which is very specific, an experienced specialist will immediately determine the cause of its occurrence. Such a rash is difficult to confuse with anything else. Red spots on the skin of adults are fused, forming very large areas of eruption, resembling erythema. Most often, the rash appears in the area of ​​the buttocks and back and lasts a long time - 5-7 days.
  • lymph nodes are inflamed. On the second day after infection in the body, the lymph nodes are enlarged. Moreover, both the lymph nodes of the inguinal region, and the axillary, and in some cases, those and others may be inflamed. Along with them, the lymph nodes of other groups may also become inflamed.
  • body temperature rises. In most cases, rubella in adults is accompanied by a very strong increase in body temperature - sometimes it rises to 40 degrees! To bring down such a temperature is very difficult.
  • migraine occurs. Virtually every case of rubella in adults includes severe and severe headaches, even migraines. Such pains almost completely knock a person out of order, they do not stop even after taking potent anti-aging medicines. It is better not to even try to use such drugs - you can only achieve additional stress on the kidneys and liver of the body.
  • acute pain in muscles and joints. The patient, in addition to the above symptoms, is experiencing severe discomfort in the joints and muscles. Usually such sensations can be compared with the condition that we experience with a flu or a cold. Moreover, such pain has no connection with fever.
  • symptoms accompanying acute respiratory disease. In adult patients who have contracted rubella, a number of symptoms appear: severe runny nose, sore throat, sore throat, and cough - sometimes even very strong. If there was no rash on the body, then rubella could be diagnosed first as a simple viral disease. However, treatment of rubella at the initial stage is not much different from the treatment of acute respiratory disease. The only exception is antiviral drugs - their use in this case is absolutely useless, since they have no effect on rubella.
  • photophobia and tearing of the eyes. These symptoms are very characteristic of rubella. Sometimes even simple daylight causes a lot of discomfort for the patient, not to mention artificial light. Therefore, experts recommend that patients throughout the course of treatment be in a room with curtains night-curtains.
  • conjunctivitis. In almost half of the rubella cases, the patient develops conjunctivitis. And it does not begin immediately - about 4 days of illness. It makes itself felt mainly in the dark, in the morning the patient simply cannot open his eyes because of the large amount of accumulated pus.
  • pain in the testicles. Some men who suffer from rubella, there is pain in the testicles. You should not be afraid of them - they will pass immediately after the patient is cured of rubella. This pain will not entail any consequences. And in order to alleviate the pain of this kind, just follow the bed rest.

it all symptoms of rubella in adults but sometimes the disease can occur and be accompanied by atypical symptoms, and new signs of the disease may appear. Do not be afraid - the doctor somehow finds a rubella in the patient, no matter how it appears.

Rubella in adults: complications of the disease

Adults usually suffer rubella., but despite this, the disease does not entail negative consequences. However, such an outcome of events can be only if you do not treat the disease carelessly and consult a doctor, because, in addition to the occurrence of consequences, the recovery itself will be very difficult.

Rubella in adults: treatment

The worst consequence of rubella is the inflammatory process in which the lining of the brain is involved.

Rubella, like any other disease, has its specific incubation period. Its period may vary, but, on average, it is 10 days. And even despite the fact that at this moment the patient does not experience any symptoms, the infection is already beginning to act in the body.

Rubella is most dangerous for pregnant women.But the rubella will not do more harm to the woman than any other person, but for the baby she is already a serious danger, to the extent that he risks being infected. In the body of a baby, various defects can develop, the hearing aid and visual system most often falls into the affected area. A little less rubella affects the nervous and bone systems of the body, brain and other organs. In rare cases, there may be a risk of fetal death.

Rubella is very dangerous for pregnant women - in many cases, doctors even recommend that women end their pregnancy. Often this happens in cases where the infection struck the female body during the first trimester - when all the major organs of the baby are laid. If a woman before pregnancy did not have rubella, then she should take care of the prevention of the disease, the best method of which is vaccination..

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Engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment of rubella is impossible, so as not to cause a number of complications. When the first symptoms appear, call a physician. After all, the most precious thing we have is our health!

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