Roundworm in children

Ascaris - worms belonging to one of the most common types of intestinal parasites. The disease caused by them is called ascariasis, and young children most often suffer from it. This is due, primarily, to the non-observance of the simplest rules of hygiene. Although infestation with parasites is quite dangerous and can have serious consequences, it is quite treatable.

Ascaris: main symptoms

Ascaris: main symptoms

The life cycle of Ascaris is specific. The eggs of the parasite enter the human body, passing into the intestines, they develop there to the state of a larva. The larvae are so microscopic that they easily penetrate the blood vessels through the mucous membrane. Then they fall into all organs (liver, heart, lungs), as a result of their way they find themselves with cough or sputum in the throat. After that the cycle repeats.

During the migration of ascaris, a child may have signs of a cold: dry cough, runny nose, pain in the chest, weakness, general malaise and fever. In addition, itching and rashes may occur. The child does not sleep well and grinds his teeth in a dream. When donating blood for analysis, it reveals an increased number of eosinophils, low hemoglobin and accelerated ESR.

In the future, ascariasis can occur without any symptoms, but there is a decrease or increase in appetite, diarrhea or constipation, abdominal discomfort, headaches. Sometimes ascariasis is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Also signs of ascaris in children are reduced immunity, vitamin deficiency and sudden weight loss.

When there are a lot of parasites in the child’s body, intestinal obstruction occurs. The kid suffers from severe pain, he vomits, the symptoms do not stop for a long time. If timely assistance is not provided, it will lead to peritonitis. Worms that have settled in the bile ducts, can provoke jaundice, reaching the appendix - will cause inflammation, and parasites in the vomit can cause suffocation.

Ascaris: diagnosis and drug treatment

Ascaris: diagnosis and drug treatment

In the feces of a child, roundworms are visually practically invisible, as they live in the upper intestines. To diagnose parasites, feces are examined under a microscope. In some cases, an x-ray of the abdomen and endoscopy may be required. When ascaris is found, children are prescribed anthelmintic drugs that destroy most of the parasites in just 1 day. Medications such as medamin, decaris, combactrin, thiabendazole, pyrantel, and vermox are often used.


Drug therapy is carried out in dosages corresponding to the weight of the child. It is necessary to accurately calculate the dose of the drug to prevent overdose. When the body has a large number of parasites, you can increase the amount of medication. After treatment, it is necessary to pass a reanalysis of feces to determine the effectiveness of therapy. Also, the doctor may prescribe anti-allergic drugs to the child, as drugs and worms can cause allergies.

So that the child again does not become infected with ascariasis, watch out for its hygiene. Teach him to wash his hands after a walk, do not bring dirty toys and objects to his mouth, do not touch or kiss homeless animals. Always wash vegetables, fruits and berries thoroughly before giving them to your baby.

Roundworm in children: folk remedies treatment

Roundworm in children: folk remedies treatment

There are several effective folk remedies that will help bring roundworm out of the body. But they are not advised to use, as the main methods, but only as additional. Pumpkin seeds are the safest folk remedy. Clean them so that the thin skin covering the seeds remains intact. Taking into account the age, children can be given from 50 to 150 g on an empty stomach.

In addition to pumpkin seeds babies recommend onion tincture. Crush 1 onion and fill it with 1 tbsp. boiling water. Leave the remedy for 12 hours, after which give the child onion infusion for 4 days.

Roundworm - parasitic worms, which most often appear in children. They enter the body through unwashed hands, vegetables and fruits, dirty toys, from stray animals. According to statistics, approximately 80% of babies suffer from ascariasis. Since ascaris is quite difficult to diagnose at home, at the first symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor, and take the necessary tests.

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