Respiratory gymnastics strelnikova. fundamental rules

Strelnikova respiratory gymnastics is not a medical wellness method. It was created in the 30-40s. last century to restore the singing voice. The author of gymnastics is Alexandra Strelnikova - a famous singer, who at the peak of her popularity lost her voice. This event prompted her to develop breathing exercises. Copyrights to the Strelnikova method were obtained only in 1972. At present, many artists and ordinary people use its exercises.

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova: basic rules

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova

  • The main element of gymnastics is breath. It should be sharp, brief and energetic through the nasopharynx.
  • Exhalation should be smooth and slow through the mouth. Dynamic exhalation is the main mistake of many, as it violates breathing and can lead to hyperventilation of the lungs.
  • Rhythmic counting is a mandatory rule. It helps to clearly perform all the elements of breathing exercises.
  • For best results, use the rhythm of march steps. It is important to keep a constant pace. Any of the elements of the exercises is performed in less than 1 second, which is achieved only by constant practice.
  • Breath and movement are considered as one. Between the execution of these elements there should be no pause and sequence.
  • Breathing exercises can be performed in any position, which is convenient for patients with severe illnesses.
  • The number of repetitions is always a multiple of 4th. As you master the technique and get used to it, you can increase the load by 2 times.
  • Breathing exercises are better done in a good mood, because this way your body will rather feel a surge of strength and vitality.

Indications for use:

  1. Bronchitis and pneumonia;
  2. Skin diseases;
  3. Bronchial asthma;
  4. Violations of the musculoskeletal system;
  5. Sinusitis and rhinitis;
  6. Disorders and defects of the urogenital system;
  7. Various neuroses;
  8. Stuttering;
  9. Diseases of the vocal apparatus.

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova


Despite its effectiveness in treating many diseases, breathing exercises have contraindications:

  1. Severe diseases of any systems and organs;
  2. During fever and high fever;
  3. Brain injuries and spinal injuries;
  4. Chronic osteochondrosis of the neck;
  5. Severe myopia and glaucoma;
  6. Acute thrombophlebitis;
  7. Kidney stones and gallbladder;
  8. Serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  9. High arterial, intracranial or ocular pressure;
  10. Various bleeding.

The specifics of performing gymnastics by children

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova

Respiratory gymnastics are recommended to practice for children from 3 - 4 years. This gymnastics will help strengthen the immune system, so it is useful for any child who often suffers from colds. In addition, gymnastics Strelnikova contributes to the development of plasticity. It helps eliminate postural disorders, improve the functioning of internal organs and, in general, optimize the work of a growing organism.

Before performing gymnastics, you should teach your child how to breathe correctly: inhale should be short and jerky through the nose. Exhalation should be smooth and slow through the mouth. Together with your baby, you can smell flowers, freshly cut grass, fruits and explain the rules of breathing with these examples. After that, you can start the basic exercises that you need to do in the rhythm of the pitch.

Complex exercises:

  • Alexandra Strelnikova’s respiratory gymnastics includes a lot of exercises, but the main ones are four - it’s “Chasers”, “Ladosha”, “Pump” and “Cat”. These exercises are present in all specialized complexes aimed at treating certain diseases.
  • Exercise "Chasers". Stand up straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders, arms should be at the waist level, and palms should be clenched into fists. While inhaling, you need to sharply lower your arms, open your fists and spread your fingers. At the time of spreading your fingers, try with maximum force to strain your shoulders and hands. Exercise is recommended to do 8 series of 8 times. If you feel bad, you can carry out the "chasers" sitting.
  • Exercise "Palm". Stand straight, bend your arms in your elbows, palm away from yourself. Squeeze the palms into fists, while making sharp and noisy breaths. After completing a series of 8 breaths, take a short break and repeat the exercise. All you need to do 20 series of 8 approaches.
  • Exercise "Pump". Stand straight, legs apart a little wider than shoulders. Inhale loudly and slowly bend down, then slowly return to the starting position. Exercise is performed 8 series 8 times.
  • Exercise "Cat". Stand up straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders, arms along body. While inhaling, crouch and simultaneously turn the body to the right. At the same time hands should be silently bent in elbows, and fingers in fists. Repeat the same steps to the left. Exit occurs between turns. Repeat 12 series of 8 sets of each. Many women noted that this exercise contributes to weight loss.

We breathe correctly: video tutorial

Alexander Strelnikova's respiratory gymnastics is an effective, but not medical, method of treating many diseases associated with the nasopharynx. The Strelnikova method is simple and accessible, so anyone can do it (if there are no contraindications). You can master it without even leaving your home, using a special video course or literature. Do gymnastics for the whole family and feel how your body is filled with strength and energy.

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