Remedies for a hangover at home


The hangover is so often featured in humorous scenes and anecdotes, that today it can be mistaken to be an extremely happy state - at least for a casual observer. While in practice it often leads to disastrous consequences, of which hard drinking is far from the worst outcome. Why does the body react to alcohol in this way, and who is most often hung over? Is it possible to fight him at home?

What to fight?

hangover remedies

Before urgently sorting out all possible means of a hangover, it is necessary to understand how they will act, what to expect from them, and why did the body even feel bad in the morning after a surplus of alcohol?

  • A hangover is a condition following alcohol intoxication. The term "intoxication" does not always mean poisoning in its classical sense: you may not have problems with the digestive tract, but a hangover will still occur.
  • The classic symptoms are headache, nausea, dry mouth, fever in waves, causing sweat, both throughout the body and in the areas most prone to it: on the palms and back. Those. where the reaction of the nervous system is noticeable.

The reasons that cause such a condition have not yet been precisely established: the greatest probability is ethanol poisoning, which contributes to the removal of fluid from the body, which leads to frequent urination and dehydration. From here comes weakness, headache, dry mouth, nausea.

But in addition, one can not fail to pay attention to the negative reaction of the liver, where the decomposition product is formed - acetic acid, of which acetaldehyde is the primitive. When it is accumulated (which happens when the liver does not have time to completely convert ethanol), severe intoxication occurs, because acetaldehyde is 30 times more toxic than ethanol. Here, there is a decrease in the level of glucose, which is dangerous for brain activity and leads to hypoglycemia. It is these reasons that become the prerequisites for weakness, tremor, sweating, diffuse concentration.

  • It must be said that the hangover from vodka (qualitative, of course) is much weaker than from other alcoholic beverages, having in its composition a large amount of fusel oils, metal salts, and sugars. The higher their level, the worse the condition after drinking such alcohol: whiskey, beer, tequila, sweet cocktails.
  • The situation can be worsened by the simultaneous introduction of nicotine into the body, as well as the initial magnesium deficiency, which is exacerbated by drinking large amounts of alcohol. Often, the severity of the hangover syndrome is determined by genetic prerequisites, most of which are due to racial predisposition, as well as age.

Each organism is unique, so it is impossible to say exactly who will feel bad already from 1 glass of low-alcohol beverage, and who will calmly survive 1-2 liters, and in the morning they hardly notice a slight headache. However, doctors advise to take care of their condition in advance, and take some preventive measures. Before taking alcohol, make sure that the stomach is not empty (it is not necessary to eat enough, but the feeling of hunger should not be very acute), while carbohydrates should prevail in the food eaten, which will slow down the absorption of alcohol into the blood. If the meal is dense, it is better that it took 1-1.5 hours before.

Folk remedies to improve well-being

Folk remedies for a hangover at home

The main task for a person who is in this state is to remove toxic elements from the body, as well as to restore the water-salt balance. What kind of measures will be taken for this purpose - does not play a role: the desired result can be achieved both by folk remedies and medicines. At the same time, it is impossible to forget that during the hangover there is an accumulation of fluid, i.e. swelling, from which you also need to get rid of, but with the help of diuretics.

  • First you need to detoxify the body, and the most mild will be biochemical: i.e. through neutralization. Among safe means for such a procedure, kvass (not pasteurized), cucumber or cabbage pickle, citric acid and even honey have long been used. A less pronounced effect has a sour juice: orange, grapefruit, etc. As for sour milk drinks, kumys, airan, and whey are preferable here. In the worst case, you can resort to kefir. But these liquids are consumed in a volume of up to 600 ml.
  • Speaking of brine, it is impossible not to say that the marinade, which is sometimes confused with salty liquids, cannot be used: instead of treatment, you risk aggravating the problem.

What you can - and need - to drink without restrictions in case of a hangover is water. Doctors note its value even at the moment of the prevention of such an unpleasant condition: diluting portions of alcohol with water, you will feel much better the next morning. But if it happened to cross the border, the next day, you need to actively and continuously stimulate the work of the kidneys, removing toxins, as well as to compensate for the liquid deficit: the daily share of pure unboiled water increases to 2.5-3 liters or more.

  • If the alcohol had a serious impact on the digestive tract, provoking vomiting, stomach pain or persistent nausea, make yourself a light chicken broth. Taking fatty meat is not worth it, because it will put a strain on the liver and pancreas, but chicken breast without skin as a base or even a simple bouillon cube is a great way to feel better and soothe the mucous membrane.

As for strong coffee or tea, which some sources advise, not everything is unambiguous with them: both drinks (especially coffee) provoke a decrease in the amount of fluid in the body, which in tandem with the already existing dehydration due to alcohol can give quite the result which you expect. If under the hangover there is only a headache (that is, the condition is not serious), you can make coffee, but be sure to put sugar in it.

How to quickly get rid of a hangover at home?

How to quickly get rid of a hangover at home

Sometimes it happens that the hangover was not just unexpected, but also extremely untimely. However, such a state can hardly be called desirable, but sometimes you need to get rid of it in a matter of hours. Can I do something at home?

  • The fastest hangover cure is physical detoxification with an enema. The procedure is certainly unpleasant, since 2-3 liters of water must be injected into the adult organism through the rectum, which is accompanied by painful sensations in the lower abdomen, as well as nausea. But on the other hand, the effectiveness of such a move does not cause any doubts: the main part of the “poison” really comes at lightning speed (within 30 minutes).

If it is very difficult to withstand 3 liters of liquid, enter this volume in portions of 1-1.5 liters. A smaller amount of water does not make sense, since it will not reach the desired areas, and as a result only the rectum will be cleaned. At the same time, it is possible to carry out a gastric lavage, but it is relevant only for recently (up to 4 o'clock) consumed food: the bulk of poisons still accumulate much lower. If desired, you can drink and mineral water, but in small quantities, because carbon dioxide levels the fact of taking the liquid.

  • During the day, drink water saturated with ascorbic acid: to do this, you can simply squeeze the juice of 1-2 lemons in clean water, or make yourself a glass of orange juice. Of course, the effect is not comparable with an emergency pill, but the recovery of the body will occur much faster. And all daytime "teas" replace with dogrose infusion or fruit drinks, adding a spoonful of honey to them.

Separately, I would like to mention the common "among the people" method of treating hangover with a new alcoholic drink. The only real effect of this action is anesthetic, but the proportion of toxins in the body increases, which leads to an even worse condition.

Pharmaceutical drugs for hangover: the advice of doctors

Pharmaceutical drugs for hangover: the advice of doctors

The most effective way to get rid of a hangover today is the injection of saline solution (not salt in boiled water, but a pharmaceutical preparation), which regulates the water-salt balance, restores metabolic processes, removes decomposition products. But not everyone can do it at home, so experts advise turning to other groups of drugs.

  • In this case, any sorbents are the most important medication, which allows to get rid of all the "poisons" in the body gently and reliably. The simplest option is activated carbon, which will have to drink 4-5 tablets at a time, and after 8-10 hours, repeat the procedure. But remember that the conclusion of all that "hooked" on these pills, will be realized no earlier than 48 hours. A similar, but more pronounced, effect can give "Enterosgel", "Smekta" and other drugs that work by lignin . The use of each of them is governed by individual instructions from the manufacturer.
  • As analgesics, doctors recommend succinic acid, Aspirin and Paracetamol. All of them work at the expense of completely different components, and at the same time it is impossible to say who exactly influences better, since everything depends on the perception of a particular organism. But at the same time, only succinic acid has an effect on detoxification, which also restores the acid-base balance, and Aspirin can eliminate swelling by removing some of the fluid from the tissues, but it does not affect the proportion of poisons in the body.
  • Magnesium preparations are needed to support the heart and nervous system: these are Asparkam, Magnesia, Magne-B6. You can use sedatives (sedatives), but they can only relieve some of the symptoms: restore coordination, eliminate tremor and sweating.

And yet the most effective remedy for a hangover is to enslave in advance about its absence: to understand one’s measure in alcoholic beverages, to take into account the peculiarities of one’s own organism, and not step over the internal boundaries. And if, however, such a nuisance happened, the methods described above would allow one to get out of it with minimal losses.