Red dots on the body


As a rule, the appearance of red spots on the body (they are often called moles) is a symbol of the body about the presence of a disease. But do not immediately panic.

Small red dots may appear on the body for various reasons.and after some time disappear. At the same time, nothing bothers a person - there is no itching, pain. The only problem is the discomfort that one has to experience. Without knowing the cause of their occurrence, it is impossible to prescribe treatment, therefore hurry to the dermatologist.

Red dots on the bodyRed dots on the body

Red spots on the body: allergies or irritation?

First of all,rashes of red spots on different parts of the body can be caused by allergies. Anything can serve this: air, dust, drugs, plants, food. Also red spots may occur due to a lack of vitamins in the body, most often it occurs during vitamin deficiency - in the spring.

The most common problem is red dots appear at the site of skin damage. You, probably, paid attention that after an epilation or shaving on a place of removed hairs such points appear. This is a microtrauma of the skin. Usually they pass quickly, but when the procedure is repeated they appear again.

Red dots appear on the body: hemangioma

Small red dots can be hemangioma (also called angioma) - this benign vascular tumors in diameter from a few millimeters to a centimeter. Do not be alarmed by such a terrible medical term, these moles have nothing to do with “cancer” and do not pose any danger to life.

Typically, these spots are rare and appear most often on the face. They are removed in different ways: with a coagulator, surgically or with a laser. Sometimes a small scar remains on the site of a tumor on the skin. In parallel, appoint a course of hormonal therapy.

Red dots - a sign of diseases of the liver and pancreas

Red dots on the body

The appearance of red spots on the body is often caused by diseases of the liver and pancreas. Hepatic asterisks, ruby ​​moles - in the people they are called differently. They may be crimson, maroon or red in a rounded or arachnoid shape.

Most often, such small red points appear in great abundance and are grouped on the arms and shoulders, i.e. upper body. How to treat them? Here, various ointments and creams will not help, as the surgeon’s scalpel. Important - find the cause of red birthmarks and start getting rid of it. Therefore, the most effective way will be to contact the specialists of the relevant profile: the therapist, gastroenterologist. When you overcome your disease, the red dots will gradually begin to decrease and disappear.

Rheumatic diseases and red spots on the body

Lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, rheumatoid arthritis, Schönlein-Genoch disease - such A number of rheumatic diseases can also cause small red spots on the body.. This group of diseases includes autoimmune processes, that is, conditions in which immunity treats the cells of your body as alien objects. To protect it, he gives the command to form antibodies and other active substances that can attack the enemy. But the tissues of the kidneys, joints, blood vessels, skin, and heart are also “hit”. Hence the red dots on the body, whilethe nature of the rash is different: dotted rashes or "specks" along with bruises, papules, blemishes and even blisters.

First of all, you need to cope with a rheumatic disease, then the side symptoms themselves will pass. To startundergo an abdominal ultrasound and make a biochemical blood test. Patients are also prescribed a diet that reduces the load on the organs and normalizes their work: fermented milk products, vegetables, fruits.

Small red dots and circulatory system

Red dots on the body

Red dots may appear in case of blood clotting.. In this case, they occur suddenly, in addition to this, nose and gum bleeding may become more frequent. Consult a hematologist for a consultation.

Can the small red spots on the body be harbingers of cancer? There is such an opinion among the people. With malignant tumors, rashes of a different type may appear, but this happens very rarely;there is no clear relationship between cancer and the appearance of points on the skin.

In this way, red dots may appear on the body for various reasons. Sometimes these are really signs of dangerous diseases. But do not forget that only a doctor can determine the exact cause after laboratory testing. Do not let everything go by itself and do not make independent conclusions. It is important to timely seek medical help. Take care of your health!