Red brush and borovoy uterus


The red brush and the uterus are the real gift of nature for women. The combined use of them effectively cures even the most complex diseases of the fair sex. How to drink these herbs to improve women's health and do no harm?

Red brush: general characteristics

Red brush

The red brush is also called rhodiola. The plant can not only eliminate the symptoms of diseases of the female genital organs, but also to cure them. The avant-garde active ingredient of the red brush is phytohormones. They are able to have a positive effect on the body of a woman.

If you drink a red brush, you can:

  • suspend the growth of tumors;
  • rejuvenate the body cells;
  • to fight diseases of bacterial and viral origin;
  • to improve the work of the nervous system.

The most valuable property of this plant is that it increases the energy potential and enhances the action of the immune system. It can be used for cell regeneration and rejuvenation, enhancing potency.

Red brush

Red brush can affect a wide range of diseases:

  • hormonal imbalance and its effects (increases estrogen levels);
  • diseases of the thyroid and adrenal glands;
  • neurological diseases;
  • inflammation of the urogenital system;
  • diseases related to the condition of the blood;
  • tumors;
  • cysts and polyps;
  • erosion of the uterine cervix;
  • polycystic and others.

The composition of this herb is rich in:

  • flavonoids;
  • protein compounds;
  • organic acids;
  • minerals (copper, zinc, silver, manganese, chromium, etc.);
  • tannins;
  • fats.

One of the leading active ingredients in the composition of the red brush is the glycoside salidrozide, able to resist inflammation and fight the development of tumors.

The use of the red brush and boron uterus "in duet" can enhance these healing qualities.

What is a boron uterus capable of?

boron womb

Borovaya uterus, or ortilia, is popularly known as one of the most effective plants in the treatment of infertility and diseases of the female genital organs. She helps to push the menopause and conceive the long-awaited child.

Borovy uterus can be used for treatment in case of diseases not only in women, but also in representatives of the strong half of humanity. The best known therapeutic effects of this gift of nature are as follows:

  • immunostimulating;
  • antitumor;
  • anti-infective;
  • bactericidal;
  • absorbable;
  • diuretic.

As part of the uterine pine forest are present:

  • resins of organic origin;
  • flavonoids;
  • coumarins;
  • manganese, zinc, copper compounds;
  • vitamin C;
  • arbutin.

boron womb

Ortilia helps with many diseases of the female reproductive and other systems:

  • tumors;
  • polyps;
  • polycystic;
  • cysts;
  • obstruction of the pipe;
  • erosion of the uterine cervix;
  • menstruation, characterized by soreness, cycle instability;
  • infertility;
  • mastopathy;
  • diabetes.

In the stronger sex, the uterus of the uterus makes spermatozoa more valuable in terms of quality and prevents the development of inflammation of the prostate gland.

The main distinctive feature of ortilia is its ability to normalize the hormonal balance due to phytohormones. The plant increases the production of progesterone - a hormone that contributes to the conception and attachment of the embryo to the wall of the uterus. At the same time, the uterus of the uterus reduces the level of estrogen and increases the ovulatory cycle.

Red brush and boron uterus: combined use

Red brush and boron uterus: combined use

Reception of boron uterus is often prescribed in alternation with a red brush. There are disagreements about the joint use of these herbs: it is believed that their combination enhances the action of these herbs. But there is an opposite version: it is preferable to alternate the intake of these infusions.

Consider how to take together the red brush and boron uterus.

Tonic infusion

To strengthen the body and achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, you can follow this scheme:

  • drink for 2 weeks;
  • between the courses to pause a couple of weeks;
  • repeat the two week course 4 times.

To prepare the infusion is enough to brew 1 tbsp. l dried herbs a cup of boiling water. Herbs are also sold together in special tea bags.

Drink this infusion is necessary an hour before meals three times a day. Since the red brush gives a tonic effect, you should not delay the use: after 7 o'clock in the evening the healing drink is no longer permissible.

After a 2-week course, you can take tests and observe the results. If residual effects persist, the course is worth repeating.

Treatment of endocrine diseases

Red Brush and Borovoy uterus

If problems with conception are associated with the endocrine system, the infusion is recommended from the 5th to the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. You can use the infusion of both herbs or alternate their reception on the courses.

If there is a low level of estrogen, the following scheme is used for diseases of the female genital organs:

  • Course 1: reception of sage infusion (1 tsp. Sage leaves infused in boiling water for a quarter of an hour) 1/3 tbsp. half an hour before meals;
  • 1 course of uterine boron: according to the above scheme.

With menopause

In case of hormonal disturbance during menopause, the intake of tincture is recommended, since it has a more pronounced therapeutic effect.

0.5 tsp. tincture diluted in water and drink twice a day for half an hour before meals. Take the tincture as well - 2 courses for 2 weeks.

Other gynecological diseases

For endometriosis, myoma, ovarian cysts and other diseases, it is recommended to alternate the use of these herbs for 2 weeks, taking a break between courses. Treatment should be carried out within 6-12 months to achieve a result.


This method of treatment is used both for the treatment of infertility and for the treatment of gynecological diseases. Make the infusion is very simple:

  • 2 tbsp. l herbs;
  • 200 ml of boiling water.

Insist for 3 hours and strain. Douching do thrice a day.

Red Brush and Borovoy uterus


Despite the fact that the red brush and boron uterus - just herbs, reviews show that not all of them can be suitable. When using them, it is better to consult a doctor and take into account contraindications. It:

  • hypertension;
  • hormonal drugs;
  • complete obstruction of the tubes (ectopic pregnancy may occur);
  • pregnancy.

According to reviews, the use of red brushes and boron uterus gives good results only with prolonged use. However, some patients complained of significant deterioration. If there is a disease of the digestive tract or liver, these herbs should be taken carefully. It is better to combine the reception of infusions of plants with the infusion of milk Thistle, which will protect the liver.

Combined use of the red brush and boron uterus can be very effective and help in getting rid of even such complex and "fatal" problems as infertility. However, do not self-medicate. Having decided to undergo a course of herbal therapy, be sure to consult with your doctor.