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Zinaida switched to raw foods gradually, allowing the body to get used to the new food system. She considers this approach optimal and recommends it to anyone who decided to become a syroed.



How did you find out about raw food, when and why did you decide to go to it?

The fact that there are syroeda in the world, I learned from a friend of the mother, who, in fact, practiced this way of eating. The information came to me a little more than two and a half years ago, but only six months after carefully studying the topic on the Internet: on the relevant forums and websites, I got an idea and decided to try eating in a new way. To a greater degree the transition was facilitated by the possibility of spiritual development. By the time I received the first information about raw food eating, I had been studying it for several years. Eating only raw plant foods best fit the concept to which I arrived at that time. In theses, it can be depicted as: “cleanliness of the body is pure consciousness”, “deliverance in life from unnecessary, including drug addiction to unseen food,” “do not wish evil to others” and so on. Not the last role was played by the care of their own health and beauty.

Do you plan to continue eating like this?

I will not hide, the thought that the chosen path is wrong, sometimes visited me, but there were always arguments rehabilitating the raw food diet as the only true way of feeding for a person. Therefore, I plan to continue to move in the chosen way, correcting possible errors.

How easy was your transition (how long did it take)?

My transition to raw foods was peculiar. Having rejected thermally processed vegetables, fruits and cereals, I, nevertheless, continued to eat meat for about half a year! She put, say, a salad of fresh vegetables in a plate and took a piece of meat that I had loved so much before. At some point, I just did not want to eat it. Then the fish also "went away". So I consider my transition to raw foods to be gradual, stretched over a long period of time.

How to fight with public opinion: who supported, and who thought crazy?

As for relatives, I was lucky. We all respect the opinions of each other, guided by the principle: "Well, since you think that you would be better off ..." Naturally, some of my relatives and friends still continue to consider my choice a mistake. Well, at least they did not stop talking, and thanks for that. There is also a rather large category of acquaintances who know nothing either about syroedenie or that I eat this way.

Were there moments when you allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

I still consider my transition to raw foods to be incomplete, since from time to time I allow myself to eat something from food that should not be consumed by raw foodists. In winter, the desire to eat something that should be abandoned once and for all, increases.

What side effects accompanied your transition to raw food?

Approximately six months after I switched to raw foods, for the first time in my life I lost a lot of weight. And now from time to time I lose weight, then he, however, is restored again. Hypersensitivity to cold appeared; in winter, even in a warm room, I feel cold.

How has your life changed in connection with the transition (spiritually and physically, socially)?

There are much more positive moments. On the whole, my state of health has improved, for two years now I have not been sick of seasonal and catarrhal diseases. The skin has become better, headaches have disappeared, endurance has increased. Food gradually ceases to be perceived as pleasure, that is, dependence on it disappears. You want to eat only when you are really hungry, not for company or when you are in a bad mood. Thoughts became easier, the attitude to life is more positive. Of course, this positively affected my character, my relations with others.

What advise those who are only going to become raw foodists?

To move to a new type of food must be strong motivation. And this is not always the desire to improve health, get rid of diseases. Without a spiritual component to be firm in your intentions is not easy. Raw foods should become an indispensable component of your spiritual self-improvement. And yet ... I know there are supporters of a sharp transition to eating raw plant foods. I have no doubt that this option is suitable for someone. From my own experience I know that nothing good comes out of excessive volitional effort over oneself. Yes, and the body must get used to the new ratio of absorbed substances. Give him time to rebuild and then everything will be fine. Thank!

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