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Nastya has a rich experience - at first she was also a vegetarian, then a raw food eater, and even tried liquidationism. She believes that our bodies are a small copy of the Universe, and this Universe should be treated with care.



How did you find out about the new food?

Nastya:Before switching to raw foods, I was a lacto-ovo-vegetarian for 4 years. As my experience and awareness actually increased towards the reality surrounding me (it can be perceived as a mathematical matrix), the level of my perception and type of thinking began to change in me. This allowed us to release their bindings to the material, the illusory. At that time I tried to starve more than once, tracing my delicate sensations and sensations of my physical organism, as I felt the destructive power of the food taken. Whereas my thin bodies (for scientists, you can specify - electromagnetic field) felt free and easy, the physical body was exhausted and required to be fed with components of its nature.

What contributed to the fact that you made the decision to go to raw foods?

Nastya:I increasingly conducted experiments on myself. Removed something from a diet, added something and traced results. I refused to eat, in which chemical compounds, not natural for our nature, were mixed in every possible way. Later removed from the diet of sugar, salt and spices, even later eggs and milk. And then it happened quite anticipated: the food that I had left did not have any bright tastes, and during the heat treatment, it lost its flavor even more. I began to like raw food. And so, unbeknownst to myself, I switched to raw foods. After some time, I learned about the usefulness of such a diet on the Internet.

How did you make the transition?

Nastya:At the subconscious level, I knew that I was switching to eating only raw foods. Whereas my consciousness did not take it seriously. Therefore, my transition was completely harmonious, smooth and pleasant. I managed to follow all the changes in their bodies. I remember well how I felt an incredible rush of inspiration and desire to live. That period in my life, when I ate raw food by about 90%, lasted about 5 months. I repeat, I did not have a clear intention to switch to raw foods, like eating only raw food. I just ate food in the form in which I liked it, and just in the state in which I did not feel much damage to the body. What happened to me further, I can not give a reasonable logical explanation. I was more likely on an intuitive level than on a physiological one, drawn to more and more "light" food.

How long have you been on a new kind of food?

Nastya:If we take calculations from the time of my raw food diet, I have been eating raw food since the beginning of 2010, for the third year already. It would seem quite recently, but I have a feeling that I have eaten such food all my life ... After all, here it is, and there is Real Life.

Were there "breakdowns"when you returned to the previous steps or once you allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

Nastya:Of course, I ate only what I felt the need. In the five months of my transition, I could afford everything I want, except for products that are mixed with chemicals. compounds, eggs, milk, sugar, salt and spices. When, consciously for myself, I became a 100% raw food eater, I never returned to the old food. I had a certain, very stable, psychological barrier for this food. "Breakdowns" were only on fruitorialism, to which I switched after 4 months of raw food. I allowed myself to eat raw sunflower seed, the need for which was strongly felt. I remember, just as I once wanted to try onions and garlic, but it was a kind of cleaning. I had a serious breakdown only with the transition to liquidationism (liquid nutrition), which I was going to cultivate in my life, as a permanent lifestyle. I had been feeding on juices and water for 3 months, and after this time, I sharply felt severe insufficiency. Then I tried everything at once, but raw, and once even not raw. And this was a big shock for me. But in fact, all this does not matter. Breakdowns are a natural phenomenon, and there is nothing wrong with that. I advise everyone to listen carefully only yourself After all, each of us has individual body characteristics. At the genetic level, each has its own individual amount of muscle fibers, fat layer, etc. Someone portability and intolerance to a certain type of food. You can listen all your life, as someone beautifully talks about what is right and useful, but at the end to see a completely different result. And all just because everyone has their own way, not like anyone else.

Were there any side effects?

Nastya:With the cleansing processes of the body, which directly relate to raw food, side effects can always be observed. Depending on who suffers from what, then that also follows. For example, I have had intestinal problems since childhood. It has always been ugly on my skin. And so, as soon as I switched to 100% raw foods, my face was very sprinkled. It seemed that I had no living place. I have never seen anything like it. It was a lot of small, colorless pimples scattered across the face. I remember how I felt severe drowsiness, lethargy and weakness, which, by the way, undermined my attitude. But everything passed so quickly and unexpectedly that I don’t remember any more difficulties, and in fact they were. As I study at a university as a biologist, I am only now beginning to understand how incredible in scale my processes took on.

What good things happened in your life in connection with the transition?

Nastya:The key point is not what we eat, but as food, if we consider it from the point of view of physiology. But in terms of energy, to which I have become very sensitive, this is of no small importance. The most wonderful time for me was the transition to fruitorism. It was magical and fabulously beautiful. It was a long-awaited harmony between physical bodies (the first four, ending mental) and Soul. What I experience is infinite Love to All That Is. And it is beyond words. This love appeared suddenly. Nutrition with plant fruits supported me in this. And perhaps it was the reason ...

The thing is that everything around us has its own energy, electromagnetic field, with which we constantly contact, partially accept and choose for ourselves. But when this energy enters our Temple, our Body, the processes that occur at the same time, are very different from external contacts. After all, our body, like a cluster of stars, carrying an incredible force. I think that talking about eating the bodies of animals is meaningless, everything is clear. And the fruits that we eat carry information about the life of the very germ, the future sprout. Like maternal love, accompanying the future of his offspring, creates a plant fruit. Plants produce fruits like our placenta. This placenta carries a lot of nutrients in order to create that same germ, and that the germ would have the opportunity to refresh itself when it needs it. In addition, this placenta contains essential oils, which attract similar to us, so that we distribute future plants.

How did you fight public opinion?

Nastya:I do not try to extend my lifestyle at all. I never try to tell people how to live correctly, there have always been a lot of people who were interested in my lifestyle. I think because of this, I have never heard anything negative about myself. With my parents, it was harder, but if you consider yourself to be a strong and individual person who is confident in yourself and your abilities, I am convinced that you can explain why you chose this path. It was the same with me.

How much more do you plan to eat like this?

Nastya:I never know what awaits me around the bend. I do not want people to perceive my words as truth. I may reconsider everything two hundred times and change the decision. This is just an experiment, this is just a lesson, called life. I am here only to know Myself in God, God in Myself, and Myself God. We are all equally given the opportunity to work on ourselves. And we embodied in the physical world in order to learn how to conquer matter, and not to become disabled from its blows.

What advise the most important in your opinion, those who want to become a syroedom?

Nastya:All that I said is information based on my experience, and my personal opinion. Do not try to take it firmly. Look for yourself. And remember that health depends not on how clean the body is from toxins, but on the degree of resistance to them.

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