Raw food - julia


Julia is a food eater. Now she works in a special online store for syroedov, communicates with like-minded people and is happy with the changes that have occurred to her with the transition to a new diet.



How did you find out about raw food, when and why did you decide to go to it? Do you plan to continue eating like this?

I learned from friends who themselves went to raw foods. In April 2011. Why did you switch? She was ill, had no energy and wanted to change something. I plan, of course, to continue to eat like this!

How easy was the transition, how long did it go?

The transition is still going on, I did not go over abruptly and still allow myself tea or eat unleavened pita sometimes. I believe that gradualness is the key to success.

How did you fight public opinion?

There was no struggle with public opinion. I live separately from my parents, they don’t really care. Relatives categorically say no to their attempts to feed me their food. Began to feed live food. Friends are either vegetarians or raw foodists. I myself work in an online store for raw foodists and I constantly communicate with such people, so I have no problems with understanding.

Were there moments when you returned to the previous steps or did you allow yourself to eat something that you refused? Six months later there was a so-called breakdown, ate a lot of boiled, but pulled herself together. Then I met the raw foodists of my city, who are familiar with the living kitchen and it became happier to live - this is what is needed for those who go, I think.

Some side effects were: illness, a sharp weight loss, for example?

The side effects were the first two months - it was hard in the city not to go somewhere to eat, had to run into the shops and buy nuts and fruit on the go. Health is 100% improved, no sudden weight loss was observed.

How has your life changed: spiritually and physically, socially?

In the spiritual sense, many things that I did not understand before have become available, more energy, more pure consciousness. Physically, depressions, sleep disturbances are gone, the work of the intestines has improved, the digestive organs work fine, the skin condition has improved - she has become very delicate and beautiful, always in a good mood. No allergies. Good body. In social terms: many new acquaintances and friends have appeared: bright, kind, interesting people. Plus horizons and useful connections!

What do you advise those who want to become a raw foodist?

All beginners advise gradual and smooth replacement of some products by others. For those who like to do everything at once and forever, I recommend the living kitchen and the living seedlings. I advise you not to be afraid of disruptions, and if you want, then it is better to eat and suffer from feeling unwell than to not eat and suffer even more, forcing yourself. I am against fanaticism!

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