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Today, the fashionable theme of various talk shows where they talk about health is protein food. The list of foods that contain protein is used to make the menu for those who want to lose weight or get an athlete's figure. How useful is the fascination with protein foods? Is it possible to carry a health threat based on their diet?

Proteins: properties and importance for the body

Proteins: properties and importance for the body

From school, everyone is well aware that proteins are the basis of human life. Even the ancient Greeks knew about the importance of these elements. They called proteins proteins, which in Greek means "first." It is these substances that are responsible for the normal growth and development of systems and organs, are involved in the repair of cells and are essential for ensuring all the functions of the body.

Proteins are an organic compound consisting of 22 amino acids. They serve as a unique building material of the human body. These are the building blocks of which bones, muscles, cell walls, blood cells and hormones are made. Without them, antibody cells that fight against dangerous microbes and viruses attacking the body will not be able to form.

But protein is not only necessary for internal organs. The lack of this food component is reflected in the "facade". Along with protein, amino acids enter the body, which contribute to the restoration of cells, provide strength to the nails and a beautiful look - hair and face skin. The muscular figure is also partly the result of the action of amino acids.

How much protein is needed per day?

The amount of protein needed by a person, according to WHO standards, is 0.75 g per kg of body weight. Doctors warn that exceeding these norms (up to 3 g per kg of weight) threatens a person with problems - impaired liver and kidney function.

In fact, the daily protein requirement is an indicator that must be calculated individually. How much protein is required by the body depends on gender, age and activity. We give the average figures.

How much protein is needed per day?

  • For men. For those representatives of the stronger sex who lead a sedentary lifestyle, 1 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight is sufficient per day. This will allow their body to work normally. Those who are engaged in mental or physical activity need 1.3-1.5 g. For those who want to keep themselves in shape and at least once a week do jogging or exercise, this rate should be increased to 1.6-1. , 8 g. If a man dreams of a Schwarzenegger figure and intensively builds muscle mass, his need for protein will be much more - from 2 to 2.4 g.
  • For women. In order for the body to function normally, between 0.7 and 0.8 g of protein per kg of weight must be supplied per day. Pregnant women are especially needed protein, so they are recommended to use up to 1.5 g. Lactating mothers should increase the amount of protein to 1.8 g kilo weight.

Sources of animal and vegetable protein: what the menu of amino acids looks like

Proteins can be of plant and animal origin. What foods are rich in animal protein? The leaders in the amount of protein are eggs, meat, poultry, fish and seafood. Other foods contain such proteins only as ingredients. We are talking about milk, whey, cottage cheese and cheese.

Since almost all the essential amino acids are present in animal proteins, they are called complete. They must be included in the diet of children, as well as people who are experiencing significant physical and mental stress.

Today, many are from meat in favor of vegetables and fruits. But how does a much needed protein get into the body of vegetarians? In fact, people can get it by eating grains, nuts, cereals, vegetables, soybeans and other plant products. But in plant foods there are so-called defective proteins that do not contain all amino acids.

Both animal and vegetable proteins are beneficial, therefore both should be present in the diet.

"By eye" to determine how much protein is contained in a particular product, it is impossible. To obtain such information, it is enough to study a special table of protein products. It will help to create a balanced diet for an ordinary family, as well as for those who have decided to lose weight or prefer a healthy nutritional model. So, protein food - a list of products.

Protein food: the list of products in the table

To create a healthy and complete diet, you can independently calculate the required amount of protein per day. This will help the above list of products. Protein food - and this must be taken into account - is especially necessary for athletes and people who have to work hard and hard. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle require much less calories.

Lose weight and not feel hunger - is it really possible?

The problem of overweight worries many, but in order to lose weight, you need to show remarkable restraint. The rejection of high-calorie foods and a decrease in the amount of food consumed lead to the fact that a person experiences a constant feeling of hunger. The question arises: is there such a diet, in which you can eat what you like, and lose pounds?

Such a diet exists, its basis - protein food. What are these products? From the list of food components containing protein, choose those that supply the least amount of calories.

The action of the protein diet is that through a specially selected menu in the body artificially creates a deficit of carbohydrates. This causes the body to break down fats vigorously to produce the necessary energy. But a high level of protein does not allow it to use muscle tissue for this. A man not only loses weight, it acquires a beautiful muscular body.

The rules of the protein diet: protein - "yes!", Carbohydrates - "no!"

Protein Diet Rules

With the help of a protein diet you can achieve amazing results. In just 2 weeks it is possible to lose from 3 to 8 kg. The main rule - the amount of carbohydrates consumed per day should be no more than 20-40 g and 1 serving of food should contain from 25 to 30 g of protein.

Those who decide to go on a protein diet should dramatically change the usual diet. Now they will have to eat at least 7-8 times a day. Moreover, the first breakfast should be 30 minutes after lifting, and the last meal - 3 hours before bedtime. Before breakfast, lunch or dinner, you should drink a glass of water at room temperature.

What foods does a protein diet consist of?

People who do not represent life without meat dishes in order to acquire a slim figure can consume protein products. The list for weight loss looks like this:

  • nonfat kefir (from 0% to 1.5%);
  • low-fat cottage cheese (0% -2%);
  • river lean fish (pike, zander, crucian carp, carp), pollock;
  • boiled chicken eggs;
  • low-fat steamed or boiled meat: chicken (skin should be removed from it), turkey, rabbit meat, veal, beef;
  • low-fat milk;
  • non-starchy vegetables;
  • low-fat cheese.

The term from the dictionary of bodybuilders: "protein mixture" - what is it?

protein mixture

Protein can be supplied to the body, not only by eating foods. For this purpose, it is also allowed to use special protein mixtures, for example, shakes for weight loss:

  • composed of plant ingredients - cereals and grains;
  • cooked at home from kefir and berries, from kefir and honey;
  • containing protein, carbohydrates and pectin. This mixture replaces 1-2 meals;
  • in the case of enhanced training - cocktails with L-carnitine.

On the shelves of sports nutrition stores you can see a lot of protein mixtures. They are intended for those who train to form a pumped body. These compounds include 95% protein, which is easily absorbed by the body. They are made from products containing a large amount of this substance: soy, eggs, whey. Proteins are specially treated to get concentrated protein.

To use such mixtures is possible only after consulting with a nutritionist. They are strictly forbidden to take people suffering from kidney disease.

The diet, which includes only protein foods, also has its disadvantages, and the list to reduce weight is made up of food with a minimum of carbohydrates and fats. How can this turn out for the body?

Protein diet deprives the body of calcium - this makes bones fragile, and hair and nails become dry and brittle. Insomnia and chronic fatigue may occur.

Excessive intake of protein causes the kidneys and liver to work with increased load. The protein diet also helps to increase blood clotting and can cause blood clots.

The protein diet is gaining more and more fans. Many consider it the most healthy and effective. To lose weight with its help is easy and pleasant, since a person does not feel hunger. But before you go to this type of food, you should consult with a nutritionist. It must be remembered that any diet - a temporary measure to normalize weight. Eating one protein all the time means irreparable harm to your health!

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