Principles of separate feeding


Sheldon split power systemThere is already quite a long time. There is a lot of controversy about the correctness and necessity of such a theory. Helping one, does it harm the other? Let's try to figure it out.

The theory, first of all, is based on the fact that all products in nature consist of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. And that they must be take separately. That one with the other, eaten at the same time, is not digested. Therefore, it leads to the deposition of fat and problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

The theory of separate powerthere are certain principles on which the whole theory is based. Here they are:

1. Eating should be only if when you really feel hungry. Not when it was lunch time and you were called to the table, but only when your body demanded food.

2. If you, at the present time, have a stomach ache, then the meal should be abandoned for a while. Otherwise products just won't digest, which will lead to even more pains in the gastrointestinal tract.

3. If you are doing or planning to do physical work right now, food intake will have to cancel. From eating to physical exertion should take at least an hour!

four. You should never drink while eating! Do not drink food is not juice, or tea, not ordinary water.

5. All food must be properly chewed. In the stomach, it should fall into the already very crushed form.

6 It is impossible, in no case, suffer hunger more than twenty minutes. This has a very adverse effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

7 Absolutely incompatible- two kinds of protein. At the same time they can not be eaten. For example, it may be bacon and eggs.

8. Proteins should not be used in conjunction with sour fruits and vegetables. (For example, meat and tomato)

9. Proteins and carbohydrates - absolutely incompatible with vegetables.

10. Protein food should not be consumed with starchy foods.

11. Throughout the week can not eat the same kind of product more than 2-3 times.

12. The food you are about to take should be your body temperature. Not hot and not cold. Otherwise, its digestion in the stomach will begin only when the food reaches this temperature.

13. Meat products, fish and poultry - you should eat only lean. If any fat is present, remove it immediately. These foods are worth consuming. only with green non-starchy vegetables. Strictly contraindicated use of protein products in conjunction with alcohol.

14. Bean products recommended to be used together with fats, with green vegetables and greens.

15. Butter. Most importantly, when buying butter, you need to pay attention to the fact that it meets the requirements of GOST. Because, like everything else, butter is not. It should not be stored for long, so you should not buy oil for future use, and always in a darkened place. Sheldon recommends not to get involved use butter. But a little - you can.

16. Sour cream - use is possible, but, also, in limited quantities.

17. Vegetable oil - must be necessarily unrefined. AND you can use it, but preferably raw. That is, use as a fill for vegetable salads.

18. Sugar, confectionery. Strictly prohibited. In no way. Since sugar is an incredibly harmful product for the body that causes fermentation in the stomach. The only sweetness that is allowed is honey. Even though it is very sweet, there is no pure sugar in it. In addition, honey is incredibly useful.

19. Grain products, cereals, potatoes - very difficult to digest by our body. Eating meat with products containing starch is strictly prohibited. Bread is harmful. The exceptions are bakery products made from whole grains. Eating this bread acceptable with vegetable salads.

20. Fruits and dried fruits it is possible to use, but in a small amount. Joint use is possible with milk and nuts. But the intake of such food is possible no less than twenty minutes before the main meal.

21. Eating green vegetablesin no way forbidden.

22 Vegetables that have starch in their composition, such as zucchini, beets, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, are unacceptable, in any case, to be used together with sugar. This combination causes a strong fermentation in the body.

23. Milk is a very useful product, rich in vitamins. But best of all eat it, as a separate product. Not combining with anything. And without washing them anything.

24. Cottage cheese - combination possible with a group of dairy products. This may be, for example, sour cream or cheese. It is best to eat homemade cheese. It is most useful. It is better to limit the consumption of processed cheese to the maximum. Because, they have been processed, and are no longer considered as useful as ordinary cheese.

25 Eggs are best consumed withvegetables that do not contain starch. And even better if the vegetables are green.

26. Nuts - a very useful product, rich in vitamins and minerals. But it is better not to combine their use with other products. Use nuts for, for example, a second breakfast.

27. Well, and, finally, melons and watermelons. Although they are both tasty and healthy, these products are absolutely not compatible with anything! Therefore, their use, it is best, three hours before or after meals.

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In this part of the article, we looked at all the principles and rules of the Sheldon theory of separate feeding. The advantages and disadvantages of such a power system are discussed in the article Separate Power System: Pros and Cons.