Preparations for the restoration of intestinal microflora


People tend to worry about their appearance, while not thinking what is happening inside the body in the digestive system. But it is she who is responsible for the absorption of food and the removal of waste. Intestinal microflora in this process plays a vital role. Consider drugs to restore the intestinal microflora and eliminate dysbiosis.

How to restore intestinal flora?

How to restore intestinal flora

Intestinal microflora can be damaged as a result of stress, chronic digestive problems, poor diet, excessive exercise, or antibiotics. The internal environment of our intestines is inhabited by billions of bacteria. With such a cluster of them, there are bacteria, both beneficial to us and harmful.

Harmful bacteria are represented by pathogenic microorganisms that can cause allergies, fungal infections, mycoses, candidiasis, and other diseases. Excessive increase in the number of such bacteria causes a violation of immunity, which opens the door to diseases. Beneficial bacteria have a positive effect on our health and life. They are called so - probiotics, which means "for the sake of life." The health of the digestive system depends on the balance of millions of beneficial and harmful bacteria.

Probiotics affect our bodies in this way:

  • stimulate the immune system;
  • reduce allergic reactions;
  • soothe intestinal inflammation, preventing the production of toxins that overload the liver;
  • improve intestinal transit;
  • reduce flatulence;
  • prevent constipation, diarrhea.

To preserve or restore the intestinal flora, the following measures should be taken:

  • Cut down on eating sweet foods. All sweet foods contribute to the spread of fungal flora, weakening the immune system and increasing the risk of developing diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems and all types of cancer.
  • Products such as meat, cheese and fats should be consumed in moderation if you do not want to acquire a bunch of civilization diseases, which include pathologies of the cardiovascular system, the digestive and nervous system, metabolic disorders, etc.
  • In culinary preferences, give preference to fruits, vegetables, whole grains, berries, walnuts, almonds and oily fish. These products are rich in valuable nutrients: collagens, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

For the survival of probiotics in the body there are a number of obstacles: the acidity of the stomach, bile secretion and tough competition for living space with other intestinal bacteria. Helping them to survive in such conditions indigestible food components - soluble fiber or fiber. These food components are called prebiotics. To replenish their balance, you must eat foods rich in fiber:

  • legumes: beans, beans, peas, lentils, soybeans;
  • cruciferous: cabbage, turnip, radish, arugula;
  • fruits;
  • cereals with low gluten content: rice, millet, buckwheat;
  • garlic, onions, bananas, asparagus, artichokes, leeks.

Probiotics restore intestinal flora. The main probiotics are lactic acid bacteria or milk ferments. Prebiotics, meanwhile, serve as food for probiotics. This principle of interaction is based on the restoration of the intestinal microflora with probiotic and prebiotic drugs, which are designed to help a person along with the diet to eliminate dysbacteriosis.

Overview of popular drugs

best preparations to restore the intestinal microflora

Consider the most popular drugs for the restoration of intestinal microflora. Let's start with the pharmacological agents of probiotic action, containing live cultures of bacteria:

  • Powder "Bifidumbakterin". It contains a dry microbial mass of live bacteria that are part of the normal intestinal microflora. The drug inhibits the activity of pathogens, levels the bacterial imbalance, helps normalize digestion and strengthen the body's defenses.
  • Capsules "Floramax". In their composition, they contain a group of vitamins B and three types of lactobacilli. This is one of the best drugs to restore the intestinal microflora after antibiotics. Perhaps its use during pregnancy and during lactation.
  • Capsules "Acipol". They are based on the action of acidophilic lactobacilli and kefir fungi. The drug is an antagonist against pathogenic microorganisms, corrects the balance of microflora, strengthens the immune system.

We list the best drugs for the restoration of intestinal microflora of prebiotic action:

  • Syrup "Duphalac" containing the active substance lactulose. It works as a laxative, has a stimulating effect on the intestinal perilstatic, has a low absorption. It is indicated for dysbacteriosis.
  • Drops "Hilak forte" containing biosynthetic lactic acid and waste products of lactobacilli. They help to normalize the secretion of the stomach, improving digestion, and also block the spread of pathogenic cultures.

What medicines can be given to children?

How to restore the intestinal microflora

Children's bacteriosis most often occurs due to the long-term use of antibacterial agents. At the same time, doctors who are breastfed babies do not recommend giving drugs to maintain intestinal microflora, since it is believed that mother's milk is the best remedy for all illnesses in an infant. Older children are offered these drugs:

  • Dietary supplement "Linex" in powder form. It is indicated for use from the moment of birth and is designed for long-term use - for a month, but only if the prescribed dosage is observed.
  • Supplements "Primadofilus" in children's performance is a powder. This tool is based on bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which can be added to infant formula, drinking and taking with food.

The restoration of microflora is essential for maintaining good health and strengthening immunity. Take care and be healthy!