Pimples on the head in men

Every adult person knows about acne from adolescence. We have little concern when they appear on the nose or cheeks. But what to do if pimples jump on the head of men? Is this the norm or is it urgently necessary to consult a doctor? Let's sort out such a delicate matter together.

Pimples on the head in men: causes and possible diseases

Pimples on the head in men: causes and possible diseases

As a rule, pimples on the genitals or testicles appear during adolescence and are considered the absolute norm. But statistics asserts that small pimples on the head in men are often observed in older age. If such papillomas do not cause discomfort, then there is nothing to worry about, they will pass without medical assistance in a week or two.

Such skin defects are not contagious, are not sexually transmitted, and should not cause pain to their owner. In medicine, there are several types of acne on the genitals, which are considered the absolute norm:

  • Very small bumps in pearl-tone skin color are quite normal. They seem to ring the head and do not cause any discomfort to the man during urination or sexual intercourse. If there is an obvious cosmetic defect, pearly papules can be removed.
  • Every man has a significant amount of hairs growing around his penis. Human hair grows from a small tubercle called the follicle. It happens so, especially in men of the Caucasian race, that follicles can be quite noticeable. In this there is no reason for excitement and all the more reasons for treatment.
  • White pimples on the head in men that appear after intercourse are called lymphocele and are caused by a temporary blockage of the lymph nodes. Such pimples are quite normal and disappear in a few hours.

If the pimples on the genitals and testicles do not pass after 7-10 days, and in addition to everything new papules appear, you need to consult a doctor. And while you take all the necessary tests, undergo a complete examination of the body, you will have to abstain from any kind of sex for some time.

The following types are considered abnormal pimples on the head of the penis:

  • Bright red or brown ulcers. Often they cover the entire surface of the head and are translucent pimples filled with grayish or brown liquid. Genital ulcers can occur due to genital herpes, a viral infection. And in rare cases, they are the first signs of skin cancer.
  • Flat plaques of white or cream color with apex more than 1 centimeter in diameter are abnormalities. As a rule, they do not have a serious cause, but in rare cases they can be a symptom of genital infections, such as erythroplasia, lichen sclerosis, balanitis. Medical assistance in this case is necessary.
  • Pink and red pimples on the head of men require immediate medical examination. Such skin rashes are always caused by a viral infection and can be spiky papillomas, molluscum contagiosum, or a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease, such as syphilis.

If you find similar pimples on your genitals, you should seek medical help as early as possible, even in cases where they do not cause much discomfort.

Diagnosis and treatment

diagnosis of skin rashes on the head of the sexual organ in men is the key to successful treatment.

Proper and timely diagnosis of skin rashes on the head of the penis in men is the key to successful treatment. Of course, for most men, going to a dermatologist or urologist is a major psychological problem. But to overcome yourself and your fears in such a situation is extremely necessary.

The first thing the doctor will do is conduct a visual inspection of the sexual organ and take some tests. Special tests include:

  • blood and urine tests;
  • scraping and microscopic examination of the soft tissues of the penis;
  • smear on fungal infection.

If it is revealed that small pimples on the head are not caused by an infectious disease, then there is no need to treat and remove them. With age, papillomas will become less noticeable, and by the age of 40 will completely disappear.

In case of detection of pathologies, the treatment includes the following items:

  • antibiotics and antifungal drugs;
  • restoration of the immune system using multivitamin complexes and immunomodulators;
  • treatment of the affected genital area with antiseptic solutions and ointments.

In exceptional cases, chemical cauterization of papillomas or cutting of soft tissues may be necessary.

Never self-medicate! Moreover, do not try to squeeze the contents of pimples, because it can lead to the spread of infection and complications in the further treatment. All that can be done at home is to treat the head of the penis with special antiseptic solutions purchased on the advice of a doctor.

Preventive measures

the appearance of pimples on the head is much easier to prevent

Like any other disease, the appearance of acne on the head is much easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, every man must pay special attention to personal hygiene. The main preventive measures include the following points:

  1. Practice safe sex only.
  2. Do not forget about daily hygiene. Thoroughly rinse the head of the penis and testicles with soap every evening and after sexual contact.
  3. Do not wear synthetic and tightly fitting underwear.
  4. Food should be varied and rich in vitamins and trace elements.
  5. Avoid alcohol abuse and smoking.
  6. Take a routine inspection every six months.

Compliance with these simple rules will help to avoid many diseases of the genital organs and remain confident in themselves for many years. Be healthy!

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