Peeling skin on elbows


Sometimes there is such a thing as peeling skin on elbows. In addition, the scaly elbows do not add aesthetics, they also delivermany unpleasant feelings.

In any case, this condition of the elbows indicates violations in the body. Therefore, do not need to engage in self-treatment, but rather seek the help of a dermatologist. Only a doctor will be able to determine the exact the cause of the peeling of the skin on the elbows, and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Peeling elbows: causes

Peeling skin on elbows

  • TO the main reasons that can cause peeling of the skin on the elbows, concerns psoriasis. It can affect the skin of the elbows, which causes them to peel off. In addition, psoriasis is manifested by a whole set of other symptoms, so the dermatologist will be able to accurately diagnose. When confirming the diagnosis "psoriasis"treatment is prescribed - it is quite specific and long-lasting, but it is impossible to cure psoriasis at the present time. It is possible only to reduce its manifestations to a minimum. Read about psoriasis in the article Psoriasis on the head: symptoms, treatment
  • Another reason for peeling elbows can be a lack of vitamins. A and E, especially during the spring avitaminosis. In this case, the skin on the elbows is not only flaky, but it also cracks. To fix the problem, you should start taking multivitamin complexes, which include vitamins A, E andD. Simple preparations are very effective, for example, "Undevit", therefore it is not necessary to take expensive vitamins. With a lack of vitamins is very easy to handle, it is enough to adjust the diet. A variety of greens can be included in the daily menu. onion, butter and vegetable oil.
  • Also peeling of the skin on the elbows can be caused endocrine disruption. Similarly, the state in any case becomes a cause of destabilization in the hormonal background. And it causes peeling of the skin on the elbows. If a dermatologist does not determine the cause for his part, he may prescribe treatment from an endocrinologist metabolism. The doctor will send a blood test to determine the content of hormones. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment.

Peel off elbows: what to do?

Not only because of health problems, elbows can flake, very often the problem is associated with inadequate care for them. The solution is simple elbow care, it does not require large material costs and a lot of time.

Peeling skin on elbows

When elbows begin to peel off, take a hot soda bath. To create a bath 5 tbsp. l Baking soda needs to be diluted in 1 L of water. The water should be so hot that the skin can withstand it. Place your elbows in a container for 30 minutes, adding water as it cools. After elbows, it is better to treat with scrub.

Elbow skin can also be softened. To do this, after taking a shower or bath, you should clean the skin. Then you need to lubricate your elbows with special moisturizers or other home remedies that nourish the skin. After a bath, the skin becomes most susceptible to any useful means.

Instead of creams, you can use animal fats, mustard, sunflower or olive oil. The selected product should be applied with a thick layer on the skin at the elbows. Then you need to put a bandage made of soft fabric, on top of the plastic film and fix all this with a bandage or a bandage. Compress is best left for the whole night.

How to whiten the skin on the elbows when peeling?

During the peeling of the elbows darkening and keratinization of the skin occurs., the cause of which is the lack of the right amount of sebaceous glands that protect the skin from the effects of any external factors. But you can solve this problem by bleaching your elbows. Vitamins A and E, sunflower and olive oil, sauerkraut, dry skin care products, cucumber juice, lemon or grapefruit, bearberry extract will help you.

To cope with the darkening of the skin on the elbows using a compress made from bearberry extract, sauerkraut and lemon juice. You can also use and cucumber juice. To soften the skin on the elbows should prepare the bath of sunflower or olive oil. In the bath elbows need to be maintained for 15 minutes. To the skin on the elbows become softer, softer and lighter, you can add lemon or grapefruit in the bath, having previously mashed their flesh.

Peeling skin on elbows

It is better to refuse soap, since it dries the skin on the elbows. It is best to use soft skins created for dry sensitive skin, gel for face may be suitable. To select a special tool, it is best to purchase specialized cosmetic preparations for the skin of the face.

With strong immunity problems with peeling elbows should not arise. Therefore, be sure to follow enough sleep, walks in the fresh air, pay attention to sports and nutrition.

To cope with the peeling of the skin on the elbows, you must adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Also, the skin on the elbows should be treated using a variety of creams or ordinary oil. Butif the elbows begin to peel off, and with the help of creams you cannot cope with this, you should definitely seek medical help..

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