Pear weak or strengthens baby’s and adult’s stool


This healthy fruit with juicy flesh and a pleasant sweet-sour taste is very popular. For a long time there were disputes on the topic, the pear is weak or strong, and as a result, the doctors came to the conclusion that due to the high content of tannins this fruit still contributes to the consolidation of the chair. But is everything so clear?

Can children eat pears?

Is it possible to eat pears for children

The only disadvantage of this sweet and fragrant fruit, according to the moms of young children, is its bonding effect. Therefore, the question is, the pear is weak or strengthens the child’s chair, for them it is very relevant. That is why pediatricians think about it.

  • Proper cooked pear puree in small quantities is perfect for feeding a child from 6 months, provided that some other fruit has been introduced into the diet. In this case, the pear has already undergone heat treatment, and tannins in it practically do not contain. So, the fruit will not have a significant impact on the consistency of feces.
  • Fresh pears are advised to enter into the diet of children from 1 year. In this case, you need to choose only sweet and ripe varieties, which include "Duchess" and "Williams".
  • The juice from these sweet fruits is also very useful, but it is better not to give it to children - again, from the point of view of the question, the pear is strong or weak, is it useful for the child’s digestion in this form or not. When you use this drink in the body gets too many tannins, which are the cause of constipation. What to do? Cook compote of fragrant fruit! This will allow you to get a drink rich in vitamins, and to avoid problems with the chair.
  • There is another way to enjoy these fruits with impunity. Doctors say that if you remove the peel from pears, the harmful substances that cause constipation will remain in it. Then the fruit can be given even to small children - not forgetting, of course, prudence.

Who better to give up these gifts of nature?

Beneficial features

In addition, the pear is very tasty, it is a whole complex of useful properties, enclosed in a fruit shell. Here are just a few points that you definitely need to know about her:

  • Vitamins A, C, D and groups B contained in it allow pear lovers to eat several pieces a day and thereby receive the charge of the substances necessary for the body;
  • The composition of the useful components of this fruit include pectins, acids, phytoncides, antioxidants. Thanks to them, the pear is perfectly absorbed by a healthy body and strengthens the immune system;
  • eating pears significantly reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. Patients with atherosclerosis should enter the fruit in their daily diet.

As with everything, in the use of pears there are both sides of the coin. Sometimes its bonding properties can even be useful, because people have to solve the opposite problems with the chair. In any case, do not forget that, as with other fruits, with pears, you must comply with the measure. Then problems with constipation and other digestive disorders will be bypassed.