We used to think that peanuts are nuts. However really Peanut is an oilseed crop, which is a herbaceous plant of the legume family. Peanuts are very different from other members of the legume family. It has a different flower arrangement, and its fruit is formed differently than that of peas, beans, or soy. Fruitpeanuts mature under the ground, which is why one can often hear how it is called "peanut". Peanut seeds can have different shapes and colors. For example, they can be pink, purple, light or dark red, sometimes there are variegated seeds.

Peanut application

Peanuts are used very widely. The main part of its crop is processed into oil. With the help of cold pressing get the highest grade peanut oils. This oil has neither color nor odor, but it has a very pleasant taste, which allowed it to become an excellent food product, which in its properties is not inferior to olive oil. Basically, peanut The oil is used in the production of high-quality canned fish, chocolate, bakery products, margarine, as well as in pharmacology. Lower grade oil is used in soap making. From it get the Marseilles soap, which is famous for its high quality. Production wastes, such as cake and meal, are an excellent source of protein that is used for feeding birds and cattle. Also in agriculture both the tops of the plant and hay from it are used as feed.

Peanut application

From the protein contained in peanuts, get vegetable wool, which is called ardil. In addition, proteins are used in the manufacture of glue, plastics and other products.

And of course, peanuts are eaten. Everyone knows that its fruits are tasty by themselves, for example, in fried form. They can be a little salt or sweeten and eat whole. Shreddedpeanut used in confectionery, mixed in coffee, halvah, various pastes and creams.

The benefits of peanuts

  • Let's start the listing of the beneficial properties of this bean, perhaps, with the fact that in small quantities it is useful for people with various forms of diabetes. This can be explained by the fact that eating peanuts allows you to maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Peanut is also useful for its content of magnesium compounds, which, of course, has a positive effect on the state of metabolic processes in the body and on blood pressure indicators. As it became known through various studies, eating peanuts reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Peanuts should be consumed within reasonable limits. The effect on the cardiovascular system is due to the content in it of natural monounsaturated fats.
  • It is also important the impact of peanuts on the human immune system. Use peanuts strengthens it, and also assists the body in fighting infections and weakening the body, which can be caused by everyday stresses. Besides, peanuts can help You and in the fight against depression. This effect can be a legume culture due to the content of tritofan, a special amino acid from which the hormone is synthesized, uplifting and struggling with phobias and depressions. Very often it is a high concentration of serotonin (of this very hormone) that can help a person cope with severe depression and resistant forms of phobia.
  • Also peanut is able to ensure the normal functioning of the brain thanks to vitamin b3. This vitamin increases the ability to concentrate and also improves memory. In this way, regular use of peanuts helps a person to cope with everyday difficulties much better.
  • Peanuts and products based on it can slow down the growth of malignant tumors or even stop them. This process is made possible by the presence of phytosterols in peanuts.
  • Eating peanutsIt can also be one of the stages of treatment and prevention of gallstone disease, help to improve the digestive process as a whole and, thanks to the same antioxidants, remove harmful substances from the body. Lots of peanuts and iron, which helps to increase the number of red blood cells in the blood than helps to improve blood quality.

The benefits of peanuts

  • Peanuts possessamazing ability to establish the right balance in human hormones. Many experts believe that eating peanuts can help in the treatment of infertility, both male and female.
  • One of the main riches of the peanut is Availability folic acid, which helps reduce the likelihood of pathologies of pregnancy and fetal development.

Peanut Harm

Of course, the peanut has many useful properties, but it is worth remembering that sometimes it can also have a negative effect on the body. So, for example, eating raw peanuts can cause severe digestion problems. Also note that the peel of the peanut kernel has strong allergenic properties. To such an effect did not occur, the peanuts should be subjected to heat treatment. Roasting peanuts contributes to the fact that the skin from it is better separated. Peanut has a negative effect on the joints, therefore, it is not recommended for people suffering from gout, arthritis and arthrosis.

Of course, using peanuts, need to remember about its proper storage. Proper storage of peanuts assumes the presence of low humidity, it is better if it is zero. If storage conditions are not followed, a poisonous mold can form on the surface of peanut kernels.

Before you try on all the useful properties of peanuts, do not forget to consult with your doctor. If you do not find contraindications, you can eat these legumes, with excellent taste, and absorb all their rich supply of nutrients.

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