Oregano grass has a wonderful aroma. When it begins to bloom, the most curative substances appear in it. The maximum amount of essential oils and tannins in its composition makes oregano one of the medicinal herbs, which has found wide application in traditional medicine.

The effect of oregano can be compared with the action of some antibiotics., it is capable of destroying various harmful microbes resistant to drugs. And at the same time remains useful both in a dry, and in a fresh look.

Useful properties of oregano

Useful properties of oregano are recognized not only in traditional medicine, but also in official medicine.

  • Doctors prescribe this herb for acute bronchitis, tuberculosis, whooping cough, cough, sore throat and other respiratory illnesses.
  • It can improve appetite, digestion, if there is not enough gastric juice.
  • Oregano helps to settle the menstrual cycle, strengthen the tone, lactation, reduce sexual excitability, calm the headache and relieve pain in rheumatism.
  • Oregano has sedative, diuretic, sedative, analgesic, antidepressant, wound-healing and antiseptic properties.
  • It is useful in gallbladder and liver diseases, rheumatism, toothache, seizures, and skin diseases.

  • In case of indigestion, insomnia, nervous tension, bronchitis, colds and edema, decoction or infusion of oregano will help.
  • As a diaphoretic and choleretic, oregano will help in the treatment of colitis, rheumatism, epilepsy, and enterocolitis.
  • For the treatment of insect bites, on the skin of inflammatory processes and diseases it is recommended to take baths with oregano.
  • Decoction and infusion of oregano will help with hypertension.
  • It is also used in intestinal diseases due to the carminative and analgesic properties.
  • Oregano enhances the work of the digestive glands. It will be indispensable for stress, intestinal atony, to regulate the work of the sweat glands.
  • Taking oregano helps with pains in the intestines and stomach, acute bronchitis.
  • With the help of oregano, gynecological diseases are treated.
  • It will help with abdominal pain, cramps, scrofula and rickets in children.
  • Outwardly in folk medicine, oregano is used to treat boils, boils, eczema, washing wounds.

The use of oregano in traditional medicine

Decoction and infusion of oregano can be used in the form of lotions and compresses, helping in the treatment of small wounds, inflammations from bites and cuts.

To prepare infusion of oregano, take 4 tbsp. l oregano, chop it and pour in a thermos. Pour boiling water into a thermos and leave it for 2 hours. Then, strain, wring out. Infusion should be taken at 0.5 st. before meals for half an hour 4 times.

For cooking decoction of oregano, you will need 4 tbsp. l dry pre-chopped oregano, 0.5 liters of boiling water. Pour grass into the pot and pour boiling water over it. Then put in a water bath for 25 minutes. Strain the broth, and add water to it. Take it on the day 4 p. 0.5 st.

Oregano can also be made healing tea. To do this, you can purchase special filter bags or dry grass at the pharmacy. In the glass brew 1 packet or 2 tsp. dry oregano, drink this tea with sugar or honey. If you drink it for a year, you can forget about laryngitis, insomnia, nervous tension and chronic bronchitis.

Oregano bath It is made in the proportion of 100 g of grass per 1.5 liters of water. Dushitsu need to pour boiling water and leave for 2 hours. After that, pour it into warm water and add to the bath. Bath time should be 20 minutes.

To treat a headache after taking such a bath, tie a head with a handkerchief.

With the help of oregano, you can make a lotion to strengthen the hair. You will need 3 tbsp. l dry oregano, 20 g of burdock root, 0.5 liters of ethyl alcohol or vodka. Rinse burdock root under running water and chop. Then mix with oregano and fill with vodka. Place the resulting tincture in a dark glass bowl and close tightly with a lid. Remove the tincture in a cold place for 10 days. Before you wash your hair, for 1 hour, dilute the tincture with boiled water 1 to 1 and rub into the hair roots. Then tie a head scarf. Repeat this procedure every 10 days.

Oregano in the fight against nicotine

Oregano can help you quickly clear your lungs of tar and nicotine when you start to quit smoking. It can be drunk as an infusion, tea or herbal tea. For herb collection, take in equal proportions licorice root, oregano, Altea medicinal, fruits of anise, thyme, coltsfoot, black elderberry flowers. Also, you can clean the lungs with an infusion of 10 g of oregano per cup of boiling water. Fill the grass with boiling water and strain after 30 minutes. Take it 5 times a day, 2 tbsp. l

Oregano Herb: Contraindications

Oregano should not be taken during pregnancybecause of its ability to cause uterine contractions. In people who have a tendency to allergies, oregano can provoke its occurrence. No other contraindications to receiving oregano were found.

Oregano is one of the herbs that is recognized by both folk and official medicine. It helps in the treatment of various diseases. It is used to make decoctions, infusions, healing tea, which help with asphyxiation, bronchitis, inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity. A bath with oregano will help to cope with irritability and neurosis. Oregano has many remarkable properties, but it should be remembered that the healing effect is achieved while observing the rules for brewing and using oregano.

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