Nordic walking

Walking is an effective and easy way to strengthen muscles and lose those extra pounds. The lungs are saturated with oxygen, there is a general improvement of the body and the active burning of calories. There are many types of walking, among which distinguish Scandinavian.

Technique of nordic walking

Nordic walking is a newfound passion for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. It appeared about 70 years ago in Finland thanks to the skier JuheMieto. It was he who guessed the inclusion in the walking sticks without skis. Since then, Nordic walking has become popular all over the world. Classes are easy, they train endurance, strength, mobility and coordination.

Nordic walking: rules

Anyone who wishes can do Nordic walking, regardless of age, weight, gender and health problems. This sport is ideal for older people, because the load on the organs is minimal.

Nordic walking has its own rules:

  • During class, keep your back straight, trying not to lean forward;
  • Movement while walking is like skiing. The right hand and left foot move simultaneously, the same happens with opposite limbs;
  • Optionally, you can alternate the main step with additional movements. For example, alternate walking with jumps and running, walking in long strides, etc.
  • Squeeze your hands when you go forward. Unclench when moving backwards;
  • It is recommended to first put the foot on the heel, then on the toe;
  • Walk at a measured pace, you do not have to choke;
  • The first classes should not exceed 25 minutes. Every day, increase the duration of classes by 5 minutes;
  • To keep fit enough to do 3 times a week to lose weight, it is recommended to do it daily;
  • Sticks must be held confidently, without tension;
  • While moving your arms, send the stick back behind the torso line. Due to this, the palm opens slightly, the elbow straightens, and the upper part follows the hand;
  • Hand movement should start from the shoulder, not from the elbow;
  • Manage sticks, do not drag them behind you and push off from the ground. Due to the thrust force depends on the load received.

Before practicing Scandinavian walking, consult your doctor. Among the contraindications emit infectious diseases, exacerbation of diseases of internal organs and severe heart disease.

Nordic walking: rules

For Nordic walking, special poles are used, which are somewhat shorter than ski ones. Sticks of irregular lengths can cause severe strain on the knees, ankles and back.

A distinctive feature of walking sticks are fixed straps in handles that resemble fingerless gloves. This helps push off without squeezing the stick handle. The sticks come with a replaceable rubber tip, which is used on a hard surface.

Sticks for Scandinavian walking, as a rule, are made from lightweight materials - aluminum, carbon fiber, composite materials. For classes you can buy yourself special shoes or confine yourself to classic sneakers.

What is the use of such activities?

  1. Rapidly burns calories;
  2. Trains and maintains muscle tone of the body;
  3. The pressure on the spine and knees decreases;
  4. Improves the work of the heart, lungs and musculoskeletal system;
  5. Stimulates posture correction, solves shoulder and neck problems;
  6. Suitable for the prevention of osteochondrosis;
  7. Improves coordination and vestibular apparatus;
  8. Trains endurance and the cardiovascular system;
  9. Classes are held on the street, not indoors, so that the lungs are actively saturated with oxygen;
  10. Thanks to the sticks, you can move quickly without much effort and stress on the musculoskeletal system.

Nordic walking: rules

Nordic walking is a great way to lose weight without tormenting your body with starvation diets. The result is achieved naturally by rhythmic movements and deep breathing in the fresh air.

Nordic walking: reviews

  • Galina: I started doing Nordic walking because of problems with my legs. She could not walk at all, it was especially difficult to climb the stairs. I read about this sport, bought sticks and started walking in the evening around the house. At first it was strange, people turned around, but over time they got used to it. Now I feel great, my legs are running, and my body has begun to work better.
  • Vasily: With the help of Nordic walking, I improved my posture and no longer suffer from osteochondrosis. It was surprising that walking with sticks can get a good load on the shoulders, arms and generally the upper shoulder girdle. In general, I really liked the Nordic walking, I advise everyone, especially those who have back problems.
  • Alexander: The first time I saw a man with sticks a few years ago. At first, I did not understand what the matter was. It became interesting, looked on the Internet and came across information about Scandinavian walking. I decided to try it too, I liked it. Legs, shoulders were strengthened, and health, in general, recovered.
  • Daria: My job is sit-down, plus I move by car. In general, my state of health worsened, problems with the intestines and spine began to bother me. On the Internet I found information about Nordic walking. I decided to try, helped. The state of health has improved, the state returned to normal!

Nordic walking is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. Most people who have tried this exercise can no longer imagine themselves without it. This walk perfectly eliminates many ailments, strengthens the musculoskeletal system and normalizes the work of all organs. Classes can be held outdoors at any time of the year: in the yard, on the streets, in the park, in the woods, etc.

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