Noise in the head

In the modern world we are surrounded by many sounds. But what to do if the noise in the head appears in a quiet atmosphere for no reason at all?

First of all, it is necessary to identify the cause of noise in the head.

Causes of noise in the head

  • Ear problems.Some people confuse noise in the head with noise in the ears. Indeed, it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. But if you plug your ears and listen to the power of the noise, you can recognize what is bothering you. Noise in the head usually does not get louder or quieter from plugging the ear canals.If the cause of tinnitus, then do not hesitate - consult your ENT doctor. He will examine you. Perhaps you have a slight injury or infection in the inner ear. But even if the noise in the head is not connected with the ears, go to Laura anyway, check. Perhaps this is his part.

  • Initial stage of neurosis.If you have a very busy schedule, if you always take on a lot of work, all the time you are in a rush and hassle, then you are not immune from the development of neurosis. And the noise in the head is the first bell that you need to relax or unwind, if it is not too late. It is better to consult a doctor, sit at home on sick leave.In the initial stage of neurosis, noise in the head is accompanied by other symptoms - irritability, fatigue, diffuse attention and a sinking look for a long time on one empty point.
  • Overwork.This cause of noise in the head can turn into the previous one, if you do not pay attention to the noise in your head and do not take care of your health. Moreover, overwork can be not only physically, but also morally.

  • Increased blood pressure.Noise in your head is a clear sign that your blood pressure has increased. Especially great attention should be paid to it by those who suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure), because they have tinnitus can talk about the possibility of a hypertensive crisis. And hypertensive patients are not always the elderly. There is no way to do without a doctor.
  • Neuralgia.Noise in the head (sometimes with a headache) may indicate a pinched nerve. Often tinnitus occurs in those who suffer from osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.Watch for correct posture and ensure that your neck or shoulders do not get numb.

Finding the cause of noise in the head, you can begin to eliminate it.

How to treat noise in the head?

  • In isolated, very rare cases of noise in the head, it is not necessary to consult a doctor unless you feel bad at all.Usually it is enough to lie down, distract from the existing problems and drink a cup of strong tea with mint.

  • If tinnitus appears regularly (once, twice a week or more often), then you should consult a doctor.First go to the reception to the therapist, he will examine you and, most likely, refer you to the otolaryngologist. If the reason is not in the ears, then they will look for it, examining you.
  • With internal ear disease The doctor will prescribe special medications that you should not refuse.
  • With elevated blood pressure you must be transferred to a more benign form of work. Without medication, you also can not do.
  • When detecting osteochondrosis or neuralgia you are more likely to be prescribed physiotherapy, physical therapy and massage. If necessary, the doctor will advise you to take special medicines.

  • At the initial stage of neurosis or overwork you need rest. The doctor will put you on a sick-list and will write out fortifying drugs and vitamins.

remember, that recurring tinnitus is a cause for concern! Therefore, be more careful about your health! Do not postpone visiting doctors for examination of the body. It is better to eliminate the developing disease than to treat already deeply neglected!

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