Among the variety of plants there are those that combine an attractive appearance, healing properties, as well as a pleasant taste. One of them is the mulberry or, as it is also called, the mulberry tree.

Mulberry growth

Mulberry is found in several species. Some of them are low, and others sometimes reach a height of 15 meters! Red and black mulberries are so called because of the color of their fruits. But the fruits of the white mulberry tree can be both pink and cream flowers. It is named so because the color of the bark itself is very light.

This tree loves heat, but at the same time it is frost-resistant. It is distributed in North America, Asia and Africa. In Russia, the mulberry grows in particular in the south of Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and in the central black earth zone. It can also take root in regions where a temperate continental climate prevails.

Mulberry: useful properties

Some gardeners successfully grow mulberries in their summer cottages. If you multiply the mulberry tree cuttings, then it is more likely to take root, and begin to bear fruit much faster. The lifetime of this plant is long - from 200 to 300 years!

Useful properties of mulberry

  • The plant is a universal remedy for almost all ailments. Its fruits contain a huge amount of vitamins that are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. It is worth noting that 100 g of berries contain about 40 calories. This makes mulberry a great addition to the diet.
  • Tincture of these berries helps to fight colds, strengthens the immune system and improves overall health. Mulberry sap is not only good for drinking, it is possible to rinse your nose and throat during the cold season. Tinctures from the bark and roots clean the bronchi and upper respiratory tract. For these purposes, black mulberry is best suited.
  • People suffering from hypertension, use such funds should be cautious, because they increase the pressure. But hypotensive, on the contrary - they are able to replace the effect of coffee. The fruits of black mulberry have a good effect on the cardiovascular system of the body.
  • From the sap of the tree, you can prepare ointments that relieve pain in case of bruises, injuries and other injuries.
  • You can relieve toothache with the help of any kind of mulberry root extract. A good antiseptic will turn out, it will prevent the development of caries and disinfect the oral cavity.
  • Overweight people are advised to eat the fruits of the mulberry tree on an empty stomach, before taking the main meal. These berries will reduce appetite and reduce the level of insulin in the blood.
  • The extract of this plant is used for the manufacture of homeopathic remedies, its useful properties have been proven by research.

Folk omens and beliefs

In the people about the mulberry tree, there are many signs and beliefs. Whether they are true or not - judge you. For example, it is believed that if shoots appeared on a tree trunk, then the next year will be warm.

The Chinese even brought this tree to the dream book - if the mulberry grew in the yard, it means sadness in the coming days. This plant should grow in the forest, in extreme cases - in the garden.

But in the dream book of a housewife, on the contrary, if a person planted a mulberry tree, then he is respected by his colleagues. If he breaks off the fruits from him - this is to profit from the business that has been started. Unripe fruits - to sadness and restlessness, but ripe, on the contrary, to the cheerful company, jokes, joy. If you dreamed of a mulberry tree, on which a lot of fruits, then this is a sign that we can expect a quick marriage! Rotten fruits in a dream foreshadow health problems or frustration.

Growing mulberries at home

Mulberry: useful properties

  1. The soil where it is planned to plant the plant must be clean from weeds. Otherwise they will interfere with the roots, restrain their growth and development. If you plan to plant several trees, then between them you need to leave a sufficiently large distance.
  2. The mulberry needs fertilizer and top dressing, it is necessary to carry out the first in the spring. It is at this time of year that the buds swell, so the future harvest depends on the amount of nutrients that come to the plant. It is better to carry out the following feeding in early June, but the mulberry does not need watering in the summer. Only during dry seasons does the mulberry need to be watered regularly, and in the summer it receives moisture from the rains.
  3. If the tree has grown tall, then it must be periodically pruned to reduce the crown. Then it will grow in breadth, not in height, and will become similar to a shrub.
  4. Independently, you can grow both black and white mulberry. But the red plant species takes root in our country much less.

Mulberry with diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a complex disease that needs proper treatment. People suffering from this disease need to monitor their diet, sit on special diets, exercise to reduce the symptoms of the disease. But the best way to lower blood sugar is foods that are included in the daily diet. One of these products is mulberry, especially white, but this type of mulberry doesn’t help everyone, but only those with type 2 diabetes. From the bark, roots and fruits of the plant, you can prepare special tools to help combat the symptoms of diabetes.

For harvesting a plant for the future, leaves, buds and bark are dried. As such, they can be stored for up to 3 years. From fruits, you can prepare teas and compotes at the rate of - 0.5 tbsp. Mulberry on 2 liters of boiling water. This tea is infused for at least 6 hours. If desired, it can be sweetened with a sugar substitute or fructose. But dried leaves and buds are better to use as an additive to food. You can grind them and sprinkle on top of the finished dish. The bark of this tree is most often used in the preparation of ointments that heal the wounds of patients with diabetes. To do this, grind the dried bark into flour and mix with vegetable oil to the consistency of ointment.

Mulberry is indeed a unique plant! It can be eaten, used for the preparation of medicines. Valuable berry helps even with diabetes! The advantage of the mulberry tree is that it is possible to grow most of its varieties at the dacha. In this case, a spectacular plant will also perform a decorative function - decorate your garden!