Longitudinal stripes on the nails of the hands


On the correct or incorrect operation of our body says a lot of indicators: from irregularities of the skin of the face and ending with the nail plates. Thus, the longitudinal stripes on the nails of the hands may have causes associated with failures in the endocrine system. But first things first.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and the nail is the body

Causes of cross stripes on the nails of the hands

All beloved and revered poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was not only the mind of our time, but also a famous mod. His phrase "You can be a practical person and think about the beauty of the nails" from the novel "Eugene Onegin" to some extent reflects the very essence of the writer. From the descriptions of the life of the poet, it was known that with special care Pushkin followed his nails. Especially a long fingernail on his little finger, he even wrapped it in a special case, going to bed.

However, in those days, doctors cared little about the condition of the patient's nails, but today this is receiving close attention. Of course, to make an accurate diagnosis, relying only on these signs, doctors do not dare, but you can suspect a malfunction in the body yourself.

Speakers lines may appear as a result of improper nutrition or nail care, as well as for other reasons. In turn, depending on the reasons and appearance, the protrusions on the nails can be divided into vertical and longitudinal:

  • Causes of transverse stripes on the nails of the hands most often have a generalized character. Mostly such grooves are caused by injuries of the plate or the base of the nail bed. Some of them may be a person from birth and clearly manifest itself only in extreme old age.
  • The vertical stripes on the nails of the hands have deeper causes. A similar symptom can signal nail psoriasis, fungal infections, malfunctions of the lungs, small intestines, and other medical conditions. But this is not always the case, and more often even the presence of vertical stripes is quite normal.

White lines or specks on nails

Of course, all these judgments are relative, but if the furrows are clearly visible and disturb you with their appearance, you will not be in contact with a dermatologist. But to reconsider your lifestyle and diet is, if you notice other symptoms along with the longitudinal stripes on the nails:

  • Nails are brittle and fragile - this means that there is not enough vitamin A, iron, fatty acids, protein or calcium.
  • White lines or specks on the nails - a symptom that indicates a deficiency of vitamin B6 and zinc, as well as problems with the small intestine and spleen.
  • A lack of vitamin B12 can lead to dry nails and cuticles.
  • A low level of gastric juice leads to delamination of the nail plate.
  • Slow nail growth implies a deficiency of retinol and folic acid.
  • Blue oblong stripes under the nail indicate heart problems, and brown - a chronic alcoholism.
  • White and brown furrows - disorders of the kidneys.
  • Long-term illness, excessive smoking, stress and allergies lead to discoloration of the nail.

With the right interaction of the internal organs and systems, the nails will be pinkish, durable and fairly smooth. Good value for external beauty and health of a nail have a good nutrition, sound sleep, active recreation and walks in the fresh air.

Beauty from the tips of the nails

causes of longitudinal grooves on the nails of the hands

Maintain the health and strength of nails can be a variety of ways, but, above all, you need to revise your diet. For example, to eliminate the causes of the longitudinal grooves on the nails of the hands can, if you eat the following products:

  • Onions, roots, cucumbers, oats and barley, green leafy vegetables and cereals are foods that are rich in silicon.
  • You need to refill food with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or add a leaf of bitter lettuce to help the body better absorb the minerals.
  • Essential fatty acids can be found in fish oils, nuts and seeds, avocados, sunflower oil, and seaweed.
  • Vitamin B, silica and folic acid in sufficient quantities are found in green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cabbage.
  • Care must be taken to consume enough protein, which is part of chicken, eggs, banana, seafood, legumes and milk.

In addition, it is useful to ask a dermatologist about the possibility of taking an additional complex of vitamins from the pharmacy.

Take note of tips on how to properly care for nails and skin of hands:

how to properly care for nails and skin

  • Protect your hands every time when working with household chemicals or messing with the ground.
  • Make a habit of using moisturizing and protective hand cream after each wash. This will help protect the skin and nails from drying out.
  • To maintain the health of nails and cuticles can be applied to the fingertips to apply peach, castor or jojoba oil.
  • If the nails are weak, it is better to abandon the mechanical and trimmed manicure. Prefer European types of procedures.
  • Before applying a decorative varnish on the nail, paint it with a special protective coating. This will prevent exposure to harmful chemicals that make up the majority of dyes.

If the appearance of the nail gets completely abnormal features or other additional symptoms appear, indicating the onset of infection or a disease of internal organs, you do not need to self-medicate - consult a doctor.

In general, the longitudinal, transverse and vertical lines on the nails - this is quite normal. It does not conceal a hidden threat, if there are no additional signs, such as discoloration of the nail and soreness. You can correct this cosmetic defect yourself if you enrich your diet with useful trace elements, vitamins and at the same time observe the elementary rules of hand skin care.