Today Lactofiltrum is widely used to combat problem skin. Many would like to clean the body and improve the condition of the skin with the help of this dietary supplement, but its cost is not affordable for everyone. Therefore, the question arises whether it is possible to find an analogue of lactofiltrum, only cheaper. And is the effect of these drugs comparable?

Tortured acne? What will help Laktofiltrum?

analog lactofiltrum, only cheaper

Acne, allergic rashes and other skin defects are not always purely dermatological problems. Very often the organs of digestion are to blame for this. If the body is poisoned by toxic substances, and the liver is not able to neutralize them, if the intestinal microflora is disturbed and food stagnates in it, then all this inevitably affects the skin: it loses its luster and healthy appearance, it becomes covered with acne. Thus, in order to make the skin clean and beautiful, it is necessary to treat precisely the cause, that is, not to rely on creams, but to establish the work of the GIT organs.

This task is designed to solve Laktofiltrum. If applied in accordance with the instructions (children from 8 years and adults - 1-2 tablets daily for 20 days), then it will release the body from harmful substances that adversely affect the work of the internal secretion organs. This is a real first aid for the intestines, as it promotes the excretion of viral and bacterial toxins, salts of heavy metals, cholesterol, alcohol, bilirubin. In addition, Laktofiltrum strengthens the immune system.

What is part of the dietary supplement?

Before looking for analogues Laktofiltruma (only cheaper), it is necessary to deal with its composition. The supplement contains only two main components. The first component is lignin. This is a sorbent, it absorbs all the harmful substances, and then is eliminated from the body naturally during the day. The second is lactulose. It normalizes the intestinal microflora and does not allow pathogenic bacteria to multiply.

Due to this action, the body absorbs vitamins better, faster processes food. The exchange processes begin to occur in normal mode, and this is a guarantee of clean skin.

Analogs or twins? Can inexpensive drugs compete with Laktofiltrum?

Laktofiltrum Cheap analogues for leather

Plant-based sorbent is produced by the domestic company AVVA RUS. Detoxing the body and restoring the balance of intestinal microflora is the main purpose of the supplement Lactofiltrum. Its cheap counterparts (Russia), if we compare the action, are Bifidumbacterin, Prelax, Probifor, Lactusan, and the Ukrainian drug Polysorb.

But do they really produce the same effect on the body as Lactofiltrum? Efficiency depends on the composition - let's see what each of these preparations is made of. Here are their "contents":

  • lactulose concentrate and an auxiliary component (citric acid) are present in Lactusan;
  • Prelax contains, in addition to lactulose, lactose and galactose. It is designed to eliminate constipation, salmonellosis and liver encephalopathy;
  • The probifor (regulates the balance of the intestinal microflora) is composed of bifidobacteria (on the sorbent - crushed activated carbon) and lactose;
  • Bifidumbaketrin prebiotic (a fairly popular remedy for dysbiosis, constipation and other problems in the gastrointestinal tract) includes dried bacteria and milky sugar gelatin medium;
  • Polysorb It is enterosorbing agent. The main active ingredient is colloidal silicon dioxide.

So, will the above drugs work in the same way as Lactofiltrum? Cheap skin analogues are less useful because almost all of them (except Probifor and Polysorb) contain only a substance that regulates the bowels, and there is no sorbent in them. In order to achieve the same effect that Lakofiltrum produces, it is necessary to additionally drink a sorbent.

As for Polysorb (or another well-known sorbent - activated carbon), the situation is reversed: there is a substance that binds toxins, but there is no component that improves the functioning of the digestive organs.

Probifor contains both bifidobacteria and a small amount of sorbent, which, however, is not enough to qualitatively cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances.

Price question: is it really profitable?

Cost of standard packaging Laktofiltrum

The cost of a standard package Laktofiltrum is about 200 rubles. The course is designed for 2-3 weeks. On the day should drink from 2 to 3 tablets in 3 doses. This means that one pack of 30 tablets is enough for 10-15 days, that is, one course will need from 2 to 3 packs of the supplement. Thus, the cost of treatment will be about 400-600 rubles.

But this is not all expenses. After a two-week course, you must take a break of 7 days and repeat the drug. It is easy to count that to obtain the desired result will have to fork out 800-1200 rubles.

One of the reasons why people refuse to take Laktofiltrum is price. Analogs are cheaper, but can you save? Calculate the cost of healing the body with their help:

  • Lactusan tablets (in a package of 3 blisters of 20 tabl.) cost from 150 rubles. Drink them should be 4-5 pieces. 2 p. per day for 10-15 days. The result is only 250-300 rubles.;
  • Probifor assigned 2 capsules 2 p. per day for 5-10 days. The price of this tool - from 391 rubles. (for a plastic jar with 30 capsules, it is enough for a course of treatment);
  • Bifidumbacterin is sold for about 220 rubles. for 30 capsules. It should be taken up to 10 days, 1-2 tables. So you can do with one jar;
  • Polysorb 10 bags for the preparation of drugs cost 250-269 rubles. The course of treatment is 10-14 days, that is, the package will last for 10 days.

Thus, there is savings, but the result of treatment may not be the same as you expected.

The analysis of the preparations showed that the domestic pharmaceutical market cannot offer inexpensive medicines that are completely identical in composition and action to Lactofiltrum. Its closest counterparts are the means that are able to clean the body, but they do not have a positive effect on the activity of the digestive system. Therefore, if you are faced with the task of improving the appearance of the skin, then consult with a specialist what means will help in solving this issue.

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