Krupa mash

Mash is the name of cereals, unknown to many, which is very popular in the East. Other names you could hear are golden beans, mung beans or dhal. This croup has many beneficial properties for the female body.

Appearance of mung bean

Mung Bean - These are small, oval-shaped green beans. They are smooth and have a glossy shine. Groats are very popular among supporters of vegetarian food.

Krupa Mash: Useful Properties

Composition Masha

Mache contains a lot of vegetable protein, magnesium and potassium, sodium and iron - minerals.

  • Fiber, which is part of cereals, will help improve digestion and clean the intestines.
  • B vitamins will have a stabilizing, calming effect on the body.
  • Phosphorus in Mache will improve memory, help resist stress, have a beneficial effect on vision, strengthen bone tissue and help the kidneys work.

Healing properties of cereal mash

Mung croup helps strengthen the development of intelligence in the treatment of asthma, allergies and arthritis. Frequent use of cereals will have a positive effect on the nervous system. It helps to improve the flexibility of the joints. You will feel how the body is filled with energy.

Krupa Mash: Useful Properties

The cardiovascular system of the body from the beneficial properties of cereals will only benefit. Regular consumption can strengthen the heart, make the blood vessels stronger and more elastic, and even reduce blood pressure. Mash will help clear vessels of cholesterol plaques. Mash has anti-toxic properties, is able to heal thermal burns.

The use of Masha in the treatment of diseases

  1. Mung bean can be used to remove harmful substances from the intestines. It will have a diuretic effect. Germinated beans Masha will have a beneficial effect on infectious and inflammatory diseases: tracheitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, rhinitis and sinusitis.
  2. When food poisoning: pesticides, heavy metals, fungi or poisonous plants - mung be very useful.
  3. With small wounds, dermatitis, acne rash gruel of mung will help to cope.
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Benefit Masha for female beauty

The bean powder has the ability to cleanse the skin, shrink the pores, and it will nourish and soften the skin. Maschsposoben smooth wrinkles, smooth and tighten the skin. The skin of the face will acquire a healthy color, tenderness and silkyness. The Nano-Enzyme, which is part of the cereal, helps to cope with the age-related changes of the skin, and is also an important component of protection against the influence of the external environment of cellular structures. Mash will strengthen the immune system of cells, protect them from the effects of free radicals. It perfectly moisturizes the skin, helps to get rid of its dullness.

Krupa Mash: Useful Properties

Mash: contraindications

People who have impaired digestion, the use of mung bean in too large quantities is undesirable. There are no other contraindications, except for individual intolerance.

We germinate

To germinate mung bean, take less than 2 years old. Next, take the tank in which the holes are made. At the bottom of the bed with the gauze. We put this tank in a larger tank with water. Beans also fill with water. Water should only cover the mash. We put the tank in a warm place, after 4 hours add fresh water, 2 times will be enough. The next day, the mash will begin to give the first shoots. After 3 days it can be eaten. Clean and rinse in water before eating. If you feel bitterness in sprouts, just pour them with boiling water.

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The golden rule of cooking masha

Before you start cooking mash beans, be sure to soak them. When the mash is young enough for 1 hour, if you do not know its age, then soak it overnight. Also soaking time depends on the type of future dishes. For stewing or quick soups, soak the mash for a long time. It will give it a delicate flavor. For dishes with cooking time of more than an hour, mash will be enough to rinse.

Masha recipes

From Masha, you can cook a side dish, sauces, soups, desserts and desserts. Mash beans are also stewed with meat and vegetables.

Krupa Mash: Useful Properties

To get the most complete benefits of mung bean, you can germinate it. Cook out of it is not difficult. Masha sprouts can be fried with ginger, chicken and mushrooms, add to salads.

To make an appetizer from the Korean-style mung bean sprouts, you will need sprouted mung bean sprout 2 cm long, 2 tomatoes, soy sauce, 0.5 onions and vegetable oil. Take sprouts and separate the grain from the husk. Peeled sprouts cover with soy sauce. Pre-fry the onion in vegetable oil to a light golden color. Slice 2 tomatoes. Add the onions and tomatoes to the sprouts with the sauce. Sprouts must be fully soy sauce. Then refrigerate for 14 hours. The snack is ready.

To make mash risotto, take 1 cup of mung bean cereal, 1 carrot, 0.5 onions, 200 g of minced meat, paprika to taste, 1/3 cup of rice and 0, 5 water. Pre-soak the mash somewhere in 3 hours. Fry the minced meat, add carrots, paprika, onion, and fill it with water. Then we throw there mint, cook until half cooked, add rice and cook until fully cooked. At the end add seasoning, salt and favorite seasonings.

Cooking glanders Turkmen "Mash-Ugra". We take 500 g of beef, 2 potatoes and onions, 1 cup of mung bean, 0.5 teaspoon of coriander, a handful of homemade noodles, 1 hour spoon of turmeric, salt and vegetable oil. Heat oil, fry onions, finely chopped meat. Add potatoes, carrots, simmer 5 minutes. Put mash and pour 3 liters of boiling water. Cook until done. At the end add salt, spices and noodles. In the finished dish - parsley and cilantro.

Groats mung bean is very useful for women's health. Thanks to beneficial substances, it is able to assist in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. With it, you can fight aging skin and body. Regular use of Masha will help preserve youth and beauty. Thanks to its useful properties, the cereal mung, popular in the East, is now available for your health.

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