Jumping rope - women's health benefits


Do you want to lose weight, have beautiful legs and tighten muscles?Meanswithout jumping rope younot enough. But besides female beauty, theythey help to our to the body become tougher and stronger, warn lots of different diseases, strengthen the immune system.

The benefits of jumping rope

Jumping Rope will help you make vessels stronger, a heart, respiratory system. You will become stronger, get rid of extra pounds, strengthen your leg muscles, help your figure become slimmer and more attractive. Jumping rope will have stimulating effect on blood circulation.

Benefits of Jumping Rope

For jumping you except for the rope nothing and do not. Easier and more accessible classes are hard to find. 10 minutes every day, and you can get the whole that favor, which give you exercise. In the process of losing weight jumping rope will surpass swimming, tennis and bicycle and will comparable in its effect with a run.

What are the effects of jumping rope?

Jumping Ropedevelop posture,flexibility, coordination of movements andsense of balance. You are more efficientyou will work the calves, arm muscles,shoulders andabdominals, improve your figure. Will rise common muscle tone. Thanks jumps In one hour you spend more 650 calories.

Jumping rope for weight loss

For those,who wants to lose weight, jumping ropecan replace in this processany physical activity.Jumps canperform in different ways. To begin with, do two-foot jumps, then jump, landing alternately on one or on the other leg. Do 10 jumps on the right foot, then on the left. Repeat 3 times. After resting for 1 minute, jump backwards. When you get stronger, try the next jump. Jump as high as possible, cross your arms at once, and jump over the rope, trying to group. To do jumping follows40 minutes 5 days in Week.

For training the inside and outside of the hips perform the following exercise. With two feet, take a jump, then spread your legs to the sides, as if you were on a horse. Take these jumps, alternating with each other.

Recommendations for jumping rope

While jumpingload must beevenly distributed. For thisget started jumpslow,speeding up gradually. Do 2 minutesbreaks, tomuscles rested, andbreathing was restored. Try harddon't jump toointense is highlyhuge pressure for the body. To maintain the body simplyIn the form of enough 3 lessons per week by 20 minutes.After jumping do stretching and breathing exercises.

Who big weight or problems with heart don't overwork. Whenever possible pay rope, at least 10 minutes daily. You can jump everywhere, but try jump on the street, so as not to disturb the neighbors from below and at the same time breathe fresh air.

Rules for Jumping Rope

Cord jump ropesshould not reach beforesurrounding objects.

Legs hold together, elbows pressed against to the body, back necessarily straight. Do a little warm-up. Jump rope rotate hands.Pick up suitable jump clothes, OK breast support bra. It is better use instead of sneakers tennis or basketball shoes. They have to have springy and thick the sole, which must be extinguished while jumping blows. Jumps do 3 minutes. If a are tired, rest for 2 minutes, no longer desirable. Try hard bounce no more than on 2 cm, on pads stop land softer. Wherein heels do not touch the floor.


Unfortunately, jumping ropewill fit long awaynot all. Who hasjoint problems andintervertebral cartilage, sufferscardiovascular diseases, engage jumpscan't. Withtoo much weight lose weight by jumpingNot recommended.

Choose a rope

When choosing a ropefocus on your growth. We take the rope by the handles, stretch our arms forward, if the lower part touches the floor, then the choice is made correctly. The diameter of the rope should be 0.9 cm. With growth up to 152 cm, you better get a rope up to 210 cm, height from 152-168 cm - 250, from 168 - 185 - 280 cm, from 185 - 310.

For more information about choosing a rope, see the article How to choose a rope?

Simple Jumping Rope

You can jump in different ways.

  • We put the right leg a little ahead of the left. After 3-5-9 jumps we change legs.
  • Bend the left leg in the knee, do jumps on the right foot. Without stopping, we change legs. Legs can be changed after 7 jumps, then after 4 jumps, and at the end 3.
  • Raise the right leg about 45 degrees, do 3 jumps. Now raise the left leg. To complicate the jump try not just to keep your foot on the weight, but to throw it forward while jumping. Do not bend the leg at the knee.
  • Jumps forward and back, train your hips. Per minute, it is desirable to make 60 jumps, with time, increasing the pace to 70.
  • We cross our arms, our legs are shoulder-width apart. We jump, we join our legs in the air, we return to the starting position.
  • We push our knees forward and jump. An acceptable pace in this exercise is 70 jumps per minute.

Difficult jumping rope

  • We carry out with a rope for 1 time twice under the feet. It will be enough to 1 or 3 jumps, it depends on your strength. If you like, jumping as usual, you can make such a jump over 10 ordinary ones.
  • Keep your elbows at waist level, bent, jump rope held over his head, immediately we cross our arms and jump into the resulting loop. Do these jumps only when you feel strong and accustomed to light loads.

Jumping rope known to us from childhood, and many of us enthusiastically engaged in them on the street. Their benefits for women's health are undoubtedly in the matter of health promotion, in the matter of improving their figure, and in losing weight. That is why with the help of jumping with a rope, we can not only return to our childhood, but also improve our health.

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