Instant coffee

Coffee is one of many people's favorite drinks. With a cup of this flavored drink, we begin our morning. By consuming coffee in the morning, a person gets rid of sleepiness and receives a portion of energy for a fruitful working day. Currently, the popularity of instant coffee is growing, although it is significantly inferior in taste to natural. And in the society there are hot discussions on the topic: "Instant coffee: the benefits and harm to human health."

Here we talk about it.

About the dangers and benefits of instant coffee

Instant coffee: the benefits and harm for men and women

Before finding out all the pros and cons of drinking a drink, we will take a tour into the past and learn about the history of creating a soluble alternative to organic coffee.

Instant coffee owes its birth to scientists from different countries. The foundation was laid by the Japanese in the early years of the twentieth century. The main impetus to the development of the coffee industry gave the crisis in the 30s of the last century. Due to the rise in prices, the consumption of natural coffee coffee was significantly reduced, and in order to reduce their losses and preserve surplus goods, in 1938 the Swiss had modernized their coffee production. Since then, instant coffee has become the kind that we know and drink today.

There are several types of this hot flavored drink:

  • The most affordable price is a powder product. It is produced by roasting coffee beans and grinding to a state of powder. Then, the raw material is treated with high temperature water under high pressure. Next, proceed to filtering and spraying the resulting extract in a special chamber designed for rolling and drying the powder mass.
  • Granulated coffee is obtained similarly to a powdered beverage, with the only difference that the coffee powder mass is pressed under the action of hot steam into granules. Odor and aroma saturation is achieved by adding coffee essential oil and natural flavors to the product.
  • The sublimated type of coffee is considered elite and more expensive, it looks like crystals. This product is obtained by freezing the coffee mixture, followed by crushing. Taste, color and aromatic properties of this coffee are not inferior to natural.

The benefits of moderate use of instant coffee (2-3 cups per day):

  • promotes the expansion of blood vessels;
  • is an antioxidant;
  • improves ingenuity;
  • contributes to the thinking process;
  • is a prophylactic agent of diabetes, low blood pressure;
  • adds energy to sports;
  • prevents tumor tumors in the liver and colon.

Harmful properties of instant coffee:

  • the product is made from low-quality coffee beans, which undergo a variety of treatments, losing useful substances at each stage;
  • the addition of dyes and flavors only minus our health;
  • contains a lot of caffeine, which contributes to the leaching of calcium from the body;
  • enhances oxidative reactions in the body, thereby irritating the gastric mucosa and contributes to ulcers and gastritis;
  • high-calorie product (94 kilocalories per 100 g), promotes the formation of cellulite;
  • causes addictive body;
  • contraindicated in hypertension.

What can be said about the sublimated product?

Sublimated instant coffee: the benefits and harm

Scientists and manufacturers of instant instant coffee do not agree on how this drink affects the human body. Manufacturers say that it is not harmful, since in the process of obtaining from grains it practically does not lose its natural qualities. Scientists have the opposite opinion:

  • After drinking a portion of freeze-dried drink at the bottom of the cup remains thick, containing astringent components, provoking diseases of the stomach and liver.
  • A cup of coffee, drunk on an empty stomach, contributes to the production of hydrochloric acid and leads to heartburn. And if it became a habit, then diseases of the food system are provided.
  • The use of freeze-dried coffee can cause osteoporosis.
  • Coffee increases appetite, so it should be excluded from the diet diet.
  • Promotes dehydration.

How does the drink on the body of men?

Consider the effect of instant coffee on the male body:

  • when consumed more than 2 cups of coffee per day, the level of the male hormone testosterone decreases, which leads to a decrease in sexual desire and potency;
  • a large amount of caffeine dehydrates the body and washes away the Fe, Ca, K, Mg, Zn needed for the male body, which support sexual function;
  • the rhythm of heartbeat and respiration increases, which leads to the excitation and increase of sugar in the blood, increase in blood pressure and brain activity;
  • As a result of industrial coffee production, substances that increase its acidity are formed, which contribute to the production of female hormones in the male body;
  • promotes adrenaline rush.

As you can see, the conclusion suggests itself - in order to preserve men's health, only natural coffee from real grains is needed.

Instant coffee with milk: the pros and cons

Instant coffee with milk: the benefits and harm

Many people like to add milk to coffee. Here's how coffee with milk affects the body:

  • when you add milk to coffee, you make your drink softer and more tasty, but at the same time you increase its caloric content, which is not suitable for people who want to lose weight;
  • milk added to coffee reduces the effect of caffeine, and it does not adversely affect the nervous system and blood pressure;
  • this drink is not recommended for people with lactose deficiency and the elderly, because in old age milk is poorly absorbed by the body.

Coffee with milk has pros and cons, so when using this drink, consider the characteristics of your body. A healthy man a cup of coffee with milk does not harm.

For a modern person, time saving is important, and you want to be in time for everything, including enjoying a cup of tasty and aromatic coffee. For this ideal instant drink, just do not overdo it with its quantity. And if you have free time, treat yourself to freshly brewed natural coffee.

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