How to wash fukortsin from the skin

When abrasions, wounds, erosions, cracks, fungal and pustular diseases, a solution of Fucorcin is often prescribed, because it has antifungal and antiseptic effects. But there is one drawback - it contains magenta, and it can stain the skin for a long time, but this can be corrected.

The drug is not recommended to be applied on large areas of the skin; subsequently, toxic effects such as weakness and dizziness may appear. If these symptoms appear, the patient must be given immediate access to fresh air and the necessary treatment should be carried out.

During pregnancy, women can not use the drug, as during breastfeeding a baby. The side effects of the drug include a specific odor, a red, persistent color that can stain things and skin, less often - burning and pain at the site of application, but they go away without the need to discontinue use of the drug.

Fukortsin: instructions - how to wash?

How to wash Fukortsin from the skin?

  • In order to clear the skin of this drug, you can use hydrogen peroxide or calendula tincture. There you can still add finely chopped laundry soap, mix everything up to a slurry and rub it with a soft brush over the skin.
  • How to wash Fukortsin from the face? You can buy vitamin C in the pharmacy (2.5 g of powder), dissolve it in boiling water and use the resulting remedy to wash the skin of the product using a sponge.
  • With the help of alcohol only, this tool will not be washed from the skin, but if you add salicylic acid solution to alcohol, you can achieve not bad results!
  • If traces of the solution are left on the skin of the child, then you can try to wash them with a warm solution of soap. This should be done throughout the day with a rag soaped with baby soap, and then rinsed with warm water. But traces of the remedy from baby’s skin will come off pretty quickly!
  • You can also just go to the bath or sauna, because there the skin will be renewed, and there will be no traces of money on it.
  • At home, you can prepare a solution with which you can wash Fucorzin from the skin. To do this, mix ammonia and 3% hydrogen peroxide (1 tsp alcohol is taken at 2 tsp hydrogen peroxide). There you can still pour ¼ t.l. baby shampoo to kill the smell of alcohol and soften the solution.
  • After it is necessary to take a cotton pad, dip into the mixture, squeeze and wipe the skin area that is subject to staining for 2-3 minutes. If the skin is sensitive, it may cause burning and tingling. In this case, the area should be cleaned for no more than 1.5 minutes, and then be sure to rinse the skin with warm water.
  • Often it turns out that this tool, in addition to the skin, can remain on different surfaces. On white tissues, a stain of this kind can be removed with a solution of bleach, sodium sulphate solution can also be used, only these substances can corrode the fabric, so it must be immediately afterwards fixed. Light things can be soaked in a solution "Vanisha" for several days. And if the bath with an acrylic surface is colored, then it can be cleaned with acetone or with the liquid in which it is included.

How to wash Fukortsin after chickenpox?

How to wash Fukortsin after chickenpox?

Since this drug has a very persistent color, it is often used in medicine, particularly in surgery, for marking the skin, as well as for chickenpox, for purposes in which brilliant green solution is used for the same disease.

After the illness passes, an unpleasant effect can remain - traces on the skin, as well as from green stuff. You can try to scrub them with a fat baby cream or baby lotion, which also has a fat constitution. One of these means needs to be squeezed out onto the skin, and then rubbed using a sponge or cotton pad. The skin can not be rubbed strongly, otherwise irritation may occur, and later you will have to fight with it.

How to clean Fukorcin without harming the skin? Fuchsin contains fuchsin, it is he who is responsible for its color, and it becomes discolored when using sodium sulfite, so you can buy this product in a pharmacy and try to wipe the stains off the skin.

If the drug is needed to treat a child, then it is worth remembering that phenol is part of Fucorcin, and it in turn is well absorbed into the blood. Therefore, the use of funds recommended only on the affected areas of the skin, in this case, the drug is harmless for both the child and for an adult patient. Most often, doctors do not recommend this remedy for the treatment of small children and infants, it will be better to replace it with another drug prescribed by a pediatrician.

When stomatitis Fukortsin is also effective, although it is believed that this tool is only suitable for external use and only sores are lubricated.

Nowadays in pharmacies you can often see Fukortsin colorless, it differs in its composition from the usual. It does not contain fuchsin, and it is this substance that gives the drug antifungal action. Because of this, this tool is less effective than the usual when used in the fight against disease.

Fukortsin is an excellent antiseptic, and it also fights a fungus well, but you should be extremely careful when using it to avoid the color of clothes, leather and furniture.

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