How to run


In our age of the Internet and the global dominance of television, we are less and less thinking about the threat to us and our loved ones carries a lack of physical activity. We spend time at work, at home in front of the screens of computers, televisions, our children and loved ones do the same. We have forgotten how to spend time with health benefits. But this forgetfulness does not pass without a trace, and we pay with diseases and ailments for our lifestyle.

To counter this, we want to tell you about the benefits of regular jogging. Running is one of the most simple, requiring no special preparations sports.

Running and heart

For purposeful training of your heart, running has been and remains one of the most useful ways. Jogging helps to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system, increases the metabolism of the heart muscle, prevents sclerotic blockage of blood vessels and the occurrence of a heart attack. If you are systematically jogging - it will help reduce your heart rate, making an impact and during rest, and during any physical exertion. This will contribute to the normalization of blood pressure and the prevention of hypertension. But do not overdo it, the heart does not like overvoltage.

If you improve your health, run measured. To achieve the highest training of the heart muscle, 40-50 minutes is enough to run.

Benefits of running

Running as a sport is the most democratic. He does not make any special requirements for your sports equipment, to the place of employment and the weather. The only thing to pay attention to is, of course, heart health, this is especially important with age. In order for your heart to remain healthy, it needs training, as well as all the muscles in the body. To strengthen the heart, you have enough running. The health benefits of running are that you need only small regular loads., rather than winning the Olympics. To get only benefits from running, you need to know some rules of running and stick to them.

Running rules

Running should bring you pleasure and joy. The main indicator is that you are on the right path - the feeling of pleasure that you get during a run.

  • Be sure to have the right shoes.. For jogging you need shoes for cross-country jogging. The foot should be softly absorbed in the shoes after contact with the ground. This will save your spine from shock vibrations. Sneakers with elastic and thick soles are perfect for this.
  • clothing for jogging is no less important. For the hot season, be sure to dress lightly, but in cold weather and in winter, better wear a few T-shirts or T-shirts. Avoid wearing warm clothes, otherwise you will feel too hot and uncomfortable while running.
  • In order to enable your ligamentous apparatus to rest from the load that it undergoes during the run, better not to run every day, take a break for one day in your classes. This will not affect the achievement of a result in weight loss, nor in the promotion of health, nor in the workout of the heart, but will help the body to recover.
  • Surface selection is also important when running. In order to reduce the impact on the knee joints, try not to run over elevations, going up first, and then going down. The elevation changes carry an extra load on your knees and your heart. Avoid running in the sand.
  • Keep your body relaxed while running -also a prerequisite for proper running. While running, you need to forcefully relax your neck, chest, shoulders and back. If you run too fast, you will not succeed, so reduce your pace and relax.

In the case of a small injury, discomfort in the bundles, the threat of stretching the tendons, it is better not to jog. Otherwise, you can cause yourself even more harm. Running is too intense a load for the body, so pain is an obstacle for practicing it.

Systematic jogging can work wonders, it is they who are beneficial to human health. The weather should not become an obstacle for you. Running and rain - just harden your body. While running for two weeks, you will feel a positive change in your well-being. Positive changes will be there.

Do not forget, if you have not been involved in sports for a long time or didn’t do it at all, the load should be increased gradually, after consulting and diagnosing the organism with a specialist.

How to start running?

You will reach a positive effect for your health after you start your classes by running after a distance of 5 km in one week. This distance is better to run, not forgetting about a one-day break between classes. Such a load is optimal for training the heart, and even if you want to run more, you should not. To prepare the body for running in the best way, it is better to start with walking for 30 minutes and gradually bring it up to 50, then go on walking, alternating it with running for short distances. This will help your body to prepare for the start of classes by running, and you can safely overcome this distance by running after 2 weeks.

Never forget: the constant absence of movement not only does not bring us benefits, but on the contrary causes tremendous harm and damage to our health. If we want to keep it to old age, to avoid many problems with our health in the future, and even now to get rid of or reduce the negative consequences, we just you need to find time in your busy schedule for jogging and not to deviate from our plan to preserve our health. To learn how to do this, read the article How to start running?

Good luck to you in this endeavor.

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