How to remove the inner thigh

Seductive tight pants for many women remain only a dream: fat deposits on the hips - outside and from the side of the groin - make wearing such clothes impossible. And therefore, the beautiful half of humanity is tormented by the question of how to remove the inner part of the thigh. To do this due to certain anatomical features is not easy, but quite realistic.

This is an insidious place ...

Nature, creating a woman, cared, above all, about the continuation of the species. Therefore, to ensure the protection of the fetus, the lower body of women (buttocks, thighs, abdomen) is a kind of fat storage. It was there that accumulated two thirds of body fat of the female body. Therefore, any attempt to correct these areas of the body is a kind of struggle with nature. Especially hard to make more perfect the inner side of the thighs. This is a very difficult task, requiring regular training, a long time and additional health measures.

Exercises for inner thigh training

Exercises for inner thigh training

Many women come to the gym with a question about how to remove the inner thigh in a week. But the specialist will answer unequivocally: no way. In such a short period of time, this part of the body cannot be corrected. And yet there is a set of fairly effective exercises that allow you to improve the situation in a few weeks. How to remove fat from the inside of the thighs with their help?

Swing legs

  1. We expand the chair back to us. Hold on to her hands.
  2. While inhaling, swing straight with your right foot.
  3. On the exhale, we return to the starting position.
  4. We make 2 sets of 15 times each leg.

Wave legs bent at the knees (the order of execution as in the previous exercise, only bend the leg at the knee)


  1. Lie on your back, leaning on your elbows.
  2. Bend the legs at the knees and pull them up to the body.
  3. We spread bent legs as wide as possible.
  4. Return to the starting position.
  5. We do 20 times in 2 approaches.

Mahi lying

  1. We lay down on the right side.
  2. Left knee bend at the knee and set in front of the right foot.
  3. Raise the straight right leg from the floor, as far as the limitation of the left knee will allow.
  4. Change the side.
  5. We make 2 sets of 20 times on each side.

Plié squats

  1. Feet set shoulder width apart. Hands unfold and hooked behind the head.
  2. We do squats, turning the knees to the sides.
  3. For complication, you can stand on the socks.
  4. We do 25 times in 2 approaches.

Sumo squats (done as plie, only the body is tilted forward).

Gradually, the load can be increased by increasing the number of approaches and the use of weighting (dumbbells).

Additional measures to combat fat on the inside of the thighs

Additional measures to combat fat on the inside of the thighs

Thoroughly understanding how to remove fat from the inside of the thigh, we can not ignore the additional ways to improve the problem area of ​​the body. The fact is that physical exertion and stretching itself cannot get rid of fat deposits, so they come to the rescue:

  • proper nutrition and reducing the usual portion of food by half. It will take more protein foods - lean meat, dairy products, as well as cereals, vegetables and unsweetened fruits, the rejection of flour, sweet and quick snacks;
  • water. 2 liters of water per day will ensure muscle density and accelerate lymph and blood flow;
  • cosmetology: massages, wraps.

Massage technique of the problem area

The inner part of the hips - a very sensitive area in terms of massage, so you need to avoid a sharp, aggressive effect. It is recommended to make circular soft movements at a slow pace and only in the direction of the lymph movement - from the bottom up. You can also use lotions and creams for massage. Their action will not reduce the volume of fat deposits, but will give the skin elasticity and elasticity, since it is often flabby and sagging in this area.


How to do cellulite wraps?

How to do cellulite wraps?

Due to the fact that the amount of fat deposits on the hips decreases, cellulite can occur - changes in the structure of the subcutaneous fat layer. Then you can not do without wraps that help to activate the metabolic processes of tissues. One of the most effective is the honey overnight procedure.

  1. Apply honey on a steamed skin after a bath.
  2. Wrap your legs with cling film to enhance the effect.
  3. Wear leggings or tight pants.
  4. Wash off the honey mask in 6-8 hours.

As a variant of this wrapping, you can use honey mixed with dry mustard for it. But such a mixture can not be kept on the skin for more than 40 minutes, otherwise burns may occur.

Wrapping with algae, which removes toxins and toxins from the subcutaneous layer, also has a good effect on the problem area. A mixture of algae can be purchased at the pharmacy. Make a wrap better at night.

In fact, the question of how to remove the inside of the thigh is not as difficult to solve as it seems to the majority. Only time it will take quite a lot. The main thing is to remember that the impact on the problem area must be complex, that is, you need to combine physical exertion, balanced diet, massage and wraps.

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