How to remove barley from the eye


Barley appears unexpectedly and causes quite painful sensations. With a favorable course of the disease for 8 days, it should disappear by itself. But if this does not happen and the barley delivers too unpleasant feelings? There are many ways to remove it from the eye.

First aid for barley

First aid here is the cautery process. Take a cotton swab and brilliant green, iodine or alcohol solution. Cauterizing, be careful not to get into the eye, close it. Then for 5 minutes, attach to the eyelid lotion from the decoction of chamomile or tea. It will be enough 5 times a day. Instead of a compress you can use dry heat. Also, the eyelid can be smeared with something warming, lay under the eyelid erythromycin or tetracycline ointment. You can even apply to both eyes at once. It is better to refrain from applying makeup at this time. Let your sore eyelid rest. To enhance the therapeutic effect, drip eye drops.

Remove barley from the eye

For the treatment of barley on the 2nd day, use drugs with antibacterial properties. This may be albumin, erythromycin, gentamicin, eye drops - ciprofloxacin. All of these drugs you must appoint an ophthalmologist. Under no circumstances should barley be squeezed out.

How to remove barley folk remedies?

One of the folk remedies to remove barley is the use of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in a clean cloth. It must be applied to the sore spot and hold until it cools. You need to repeat the procedure 3 times a day after 3 hours. You can also boil potatoes, knead and make a compress out of it, which is attached to the barley. A lotion made with the use of boric acid or pharmaceutical chamomile solution will also help in the treatment of barley. If you have flax seeds at home, they can also be heated in a frying pan and put in a handkerchief to a sore spot.

Do I need to see a doctor when barley appears?

You need to be especially careful if along with the appearance of barley, your body temperature rises. Barley appears too often and the tumor does not pass, but begins to grow, interfering with vision. All these symptoms are quite alarming and require immediate visits to the doctor. Also, all warming compresses can help only at the very beginning of the disease, then they can have a negative impact on the course of the disease. Therefore, do not warm the barley on the 3rd day, but rather consult a doctor. This will save you from negative consequences for the body. It is categorically contraindicated to warm barley for children, it is better to go to a doctor right away.

Barley Treatment with Herbs

Before treating barley with herbs, one should remember that sterility is necessary during the preparation of decoctions, otherwise microbes can get into the eye. The tank, which will be used for the manufacture of broths, you need to boil, the grass itself pour boiling water cool. Cooked broths, filtering through sterile gauze in 3 layers, you need to cool to a temperature of 36.6 C. Compress attach to the barley itself on a sterile cotton wool swab.

It is possible to remove barley from the eye with the help of herbs, either by applying compresses and making baths, either by digging it into the eyes or taking it inside.

  • To remove the barley, tansy is taken 6 times a day. To do this, 7 small fresh flowers need to eat and drink water. The treatment time is 7 days, until the inflammation has passed.
  • In order to remove the barley, you can use bay leaf. Bay 5 leaves of bay leaf 50 ml with boiling water, wait until the broth cools, and drink it. Drink 2 times a day until barley disappears.
  • Aloe leaves will also help remove barley from the eye. Take a fresh leaf, squeeze the juice out of it, dilute with boiled water, a ratio of 1 to 10. You can make compresses and apply to the eye.

How to remove barley from the eye just before its appearance?

You will need a ring of gold that you have worn for a long time. Once in front of the mirror, take it and catch the sunbeam with it. Then direct to the place where you feel, barley may appear, and try to move as if with a brush. According to popular wisdom, barley should not appear.

How to remove the barley from the eyes of the grandmother's method?

First you need to find a place where there was a mote. It can be a wooden cutting board or just a plank. Take it with you, you'll need it. Then put your thumb and ring finger together, and make a circle around the barley in a clockwise direction, while at the end you should click on the barley with your fingers. Swipe the same circle around the knot with the same connected fingers and be sure to click on it. First an eye, then a knot, and so only 3 circles. On the 3rd time, outlining the knot, you need to spit on him 3 times. All treatment is over.

Barley prevention

To avoid the appearance of barley, try to follow personal hygiene measures.

  1. Do not rub your eyes if dirt or dust gets in there, and never touch your eyes with dirty hands.
  2. Make-up wash off very carefully, do not allow anyone to use your makeup and do not use someone else.
  3. Do not use dirty or foreign towels.
  4. You will also be helped in the prevention of barley vitamins C and A. Try to eat them daily, increasing the number of products containing them in large quantities.
  5. A diet that consists only of living foods can help here. Time from 2 to 6 days. The amount of food is not limited.

Barley - inflammation of the eye, which can occur due to dirt, and because of a cold, and even as a symptom of the disease of the body. If he doesn’t pass for a long time, then specialist help will be needed here, but in most other cases, traditional methods of its treatment and simple prevention will help. If you eat right, play sports, you forget about the barley, but if it still appeared, then you can find a lot of methods on how to remove it and regain a healthy and flourishing look.

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