How to remove a wart on a finger


Warts - skin formations caused by the human papilloma virus. They can appear in people of any age. Usually formed on the legs, arms and armpits. Formations look different, but usually they are nodules with a rough surface.

Warts on the fingers: causes

  • The main cause of the formation of formations is the human papillomavirus, which can be transmitted through various objects and upon contact with infected people. The incubation period of the infection can last several months.
  • Papilloma viruses are intensively progressing on human skin, expanding on the upper layers.

Wart on a finger: reasons

  • Sometimes the formation of formations contribute to injury of the skin. It should appear one wart, as they can spread throughout the body.
  • Also, these formations can develop in people with reduced immunity, which is clearly observed in residents of large cities. Warts can form due to constant stress and anxiety.
  • On the fingers, they usually appear in contact with an infected person during a handshake.

Wart on a finger: treatment

  • Radio wave surgery, which is carried out by high-frequency waves, evaporating diseased cells. The operation is completely painless, since radio waves do not affect the nerve endings. Traces after radio wave surgery does not remain.

In addition to professional removal of warts, there are also traditional methods of treatment. These tools have been tested for centuries and provide effective results.

  • Celandine. It is recommended to lubricate the affected areas of the body with the juice of celandine 3 times a day until the wart completely disappears;
  • Garlic. Every day, rub garlic with a new growth. In a few days, you can completely get rid of the growth;
  • Vinegar. Every day, before going to bed, drip 1 drop of vinegar on the wart. Soon after such a procedure, the neoplasm will begin to descend;
  • Dry ice. Attach dry ice to the build-up and hold it as much as possible. After 3 h, repeat the procedure. As a rule, 4 procedures are enough to warts completely gone;
  • Onion juice. Daily lubricate the skin growth with onion juice. Repeat the procedure until the wart disappears;
  • Ointment. Mix in equal proportions garlic juice and butter. Make compresses with the prepared ointment;
  • Raw Potatoes Every day, make compresses from grated raw potatoes, leaving them overnight;
  • Honey. Mix honey and hemp oil in a ratio of 1: 4. With the prepared mixture, rub the warts 4 times a day;
  • Corn oil. Every day, lubricate the affected areas with warm corn oil. Also, skin growth can be smeared with ammonia.
  • Clay ointment. Mix in equal proportions of sea salt, clay and onion gruel. Blind out a mixture of plates and attach them to the wart, changing 2 times a day.

Choose the one that suits you best. But in any case, before practicing home treatment, consult a dermatologist.

Wart on a finger: photo

Wart on a finger: photo

Wart on a finger: photo

Wart on a finger: photo

Warts - growths on the skin, the removal of which can take a lot of time. To completely get rid of the formations, it is recommended to use modern methods of removal, rather than engage in self-treatment. This is especially true when most of the skin is affected. To prevent infection by the human papillomavirus, carefully follow personal hygiene.